The Topic Workbooks

Many of you have taken my workshops. Some of you haven’t been able to take them, for a variety of reasons, but are still interested in some of the material.

Since I’m cutting back my teaching schedule, I’m offering some of the most popular materials as Topic Workbooks. They don’t have the line-by-line interaction on your story that attending one of my workshops does (you get an extraordinary amount of individual attention there on your work), but it does give you lectures, ideas, and exercises you can work on at your own pace — whereas, in a workshop, you work at MY pace! 😉

Hope you enjoy them. Check back often, because I’ll be releasing a spate of these throughout the year.

Submissions Cover 6X9 PDF
How long does it take you to put together a submissions package on a finished book, story, or article? Hours? Days? It CAN take minutes, if you have an efficient system set up to enhance your productivity. Learn how to assemble the pieces of a submission package ahead of time. That way, when an opportunity lands on your desk, you put together the pieces and tweak them to the individual guidelines quickly and smoothly. Become the go-to writer, known for reliability AS WELL AS excellent storytelling.
$2.99 from Smashwords

Series Bible Cover 6x9 JPG
If you’re working on a series of novels or a series of linked stories, you need to keep track of the details: how does a character like his coffee? what color eyes does she have? Where is the house in relation to the town? These are things readers will catch, even if, working through multiple drafts, you miss something. The Series Bible helps you keep details consistent, so that deviations are choices driving plot and revealing character, rather than mistakes.
$2.99 from Smashwords

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