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You can find the short stories and novellas on this page.
Enjoy them!


“Just Jump in and Fly”, a romantic comedy/fantasy  novelette just over 10,000 words by Ava Dunne.
Samantha Wright has a problem. The attractive Kris Teague crash- landed his sleigh and eight not-so-tiny reindeer in her driveway. His uncle Nick happens to be THAT Nick – as in Claus – and they need Samantha Wright’s help to turn back the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse at one of the Universal Gates not only to save Christmas, but keep Earth turning. A fresh, romantic comedy turn on Yuletide myths and traditions!

For an excerpt and Buy Links, visit the Ava Dunne page. Only 99 cents!

Re-released Nov. 30, 2020.





Angus & Robertson



Lockesley Hall Cover

“The Ghost of Lockesley Hall” (as Devon Ellington) is a light holiday romance — with a ghost! It’s a novelette of just under 10,000 words.

When a dark, mysterious stranger arrives on Edwina’s snowy doorstep on Christmas Eve, is he the answer to saving her beloved family home, or another threat?

Edwina Lockesley is desperate to save her family home from a conniving neighbor who claims the house –and her — in payment for a debt. When Theobold Vertingras shows up on the doorstep in a Christmas Eve blizzard, will he help Edwina coax the hall’s ghost to give up her secrets in order to save the manor? Or is Theobold there to complicate matters even more — especially since Edwina finds him so attractive?

Re-releases on multiple digital channels for 99 cents on December 15, 2020.

Universal buy Link






Angus & Robertson



Ransey Chase Cover 2 Small

“The Ramsey Chase” — A Remarkable Adventure of Cornelia True and Roman Gray

by Devon Ellington

Miss Cornelia True lives in Bodwin’s Ferry, a small seacoast town, with her sisters Arabella and Viola. Her life changes forever when Roman Gray, a “fixer” from the future and across the seas from the metropolis of Newest Yorkke, lands, naked, amongst Cornelia’s petunias due to a glitch in his Device. Together, they embark on a series of remarkable adventures. In “The Ramsey Chase”, Roman arrives hunting a time-travelling serial killer who preys on young women for their blood.

Only 99 cents on Smashwords here!


Personal Revolution Cover

“Personal Revolution” (A Cabot’s Crossing Mystery) by Devon Ellington

Two hundred people coming and there’s a body in a redcoat costume hanging from the oak tree.  Glenda’s got problems at her historic site this Independence Day.  Unfortunately, the murderer has a personal interest in her.

99 cents.

Universal Buy Link

Angus & Robertson

Amazon Kindle

Apple Books




Barnes & Noble



Plot Bunnies Revised Cover

“Plot Bunnies” (A Twinkle Tavern Mystery)

by Ava Dunne

Someone killed the Easter Bunny – so who’s dancing around the Village Green in his suit?

Welcome to Twinkle, Vermont.  When her husband is killed in a car crash after a rendezvous with his mistress, Gloria Dunkirk and her teenaged son move in with her mother-in-law. Gloria goes to work at the historical Twinkle Tavern & Green Gate Inn. When her son and his friend discover the body of the man who dresses up for holiday events, they wonder who’s impersonating him at the town’s Easter Egg event at that very moment? The upside is that Gloria gets to spend time with the sexy Dean Eastlake, Twinkle’s favorite detective. The downside is stopping the killer before he strikes again – in minutes.

Available for 99 cents from Smashwords here.

Available for 99 cents from Kobo here.

Available for 99 cents from Nook here.


Severance Cover SMall

When Riker Cain walks into Linn Shek’s bar, he kills the man sent to assassinate Linn by her enemy Tarank. At that moment, Linn knows her past as Eidolinn Sheekagh, the Annym Roosteyr (dispatcher of souls), has come back to haunt her.

99 cents on Smashwords here.

99 cents on Kobo here.

99 cents on Nook here.


Can a witch chaperoning her godson’s camping trip lay to rest the ghosts of murdered women? Or will Lake Justice take its own revenge?

When Bronwyn Rowan, a practicing witch, gets talked into chaperoning her godson’s trip to Lake Justice, she doesn’t expect to find some of his classmates have untapped paranormal talent, or that they’ll need to use it to thwart a serial killer and lay to rest the ghosts of the killer’s previous victims.

This was available from Amber Quill Press until they shut their doors on March 30, 2016. It will be re-released under a new imprint/cover soon, but at a wonderful low price.  Stay tuned!



Nina Bell is back, with a new, improved edition of Too Much Mistletoe.
Nina’s college friend Winter disappears after a bad ending to an affair with her professor. The former college friends join forces to figure out what happened to her, while Nina juggles a new job backstage, and every man she meets seems to want to kiss her under the mistletoe. After awhile, Nina’s not sure which is the bigger mystery — her friend’s disappearance or her complicated love life!

For an excerpt, visit the Nina Bell page on the Devon Ellington website.

To be re-released in the holiday season 2021.

In “Tumble”, Nina Bell discovers the body of her theatre colleague stuffed in a dryer. She realizes is has to be someone who works in the building, someone she knows and maybe even cares about. She tries to navigate the delicate balance of attractive actors and menacing murderers.

For an excerpt, visit the Nina Bell page on the Devon Ellington website.

To be re-released in the holiday season 2021.

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