The Serials

This page gives you information on the serials I write, with links. I love writing and reading serials. I hope you enjoy them, and will return as the page updates!


Welcome to Legerdemain, a city of magic, misfits, and murder.

Welcome to Legerdemain, a serial on Kindle Vella, mixing mystery, fantasy, and humor.

New epsidoes release on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The first three episodes remain free. Use the direct link to the serial.

The central protagonist, Shelley Magnus-Grantone, is a lively, funny, compassionate, talented pansexual witch, allergic to children, who’s also the Sheriff of the Order of Order, the law enforcement entity for the city and the province. She’s earth-aligned, which means her strongest magic is connected to the element of earth. 

Legerdemain is such a rich and interesting world, it also has its own website. Visit the Legerdemain website for extras, insder information, backstories, sidestories, and more.


A witch.

An angel.

An impossible task.

A devil calls in a marker, forcing witch Lianna Maplethorpe to hunt a renegade angel. It gets even more complicated and dangerous when the renegade turns out to be Lianna’s own Guardian Angel, who she believed abandoned her. As magical conflicts escalate in 2004’s New York City between differing factions, deeper and darker magic than Lianna has ever faced force her to grow – or die.

Urban Fantasy for adults set in a slightly alt-New York City. Bite-sized episodes, easy to read on the run.

New episodes go live Wednesdays and Fridays on Kindle Vella, starting January 25, 2023.

This is a finite serial.

Direct Link Here.

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