Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Late getting online today. I went to yoga this morning — it was wonderful. My attitude had already adjusted a little bit on the way there, and it was just the gentle shove I needed in the right direction. Barely any traffic coming back on 6, and then I mowed the side lawn and back terraced area. It’s supposed to get really hot over the next few days. I can let the meadow grow for awhile, but I really needed to get the terraced area done. The front will probably be okay until the weekend. The mower was a pain in the butt the whole time — the spark plug had to be adjusted, then something else had to be adjusted, and something else and so on. Urgh. A new mower shouldn’t be having so many issues.

A huge gray and white tabby streaked across the lawn when I mowed, leapt halfway up a tree, glared at me, then leapt down into a run and took off across the neighbors’ yards. Gorgeous cat. And what an athlete!

Yesterday was a pretty decent writing day. The New Mexico chapters are coming along well on POWER OF WORDS. The Prague chapters still need work, but at least I have their basic structure. I switched into third person omniscient POV in the Prague chapters, and that is jarring — doesn’t fit with the rest of the piece. So, when I revise, I have to go back and figure out from whose point of view I want each section. At least I’m moving the plot forward, growing the characters, and exploring arcs. The rest is all fixable, and the layering will happen.

Got stuff done for the ball, and prepped for tonight’s concert. Watched some TV — EUREKA and WAREHOUSE 13. I really like what they’re doing, character-wise, with WAREHOUSE 13 this season.

Started the “Revise in Company” workshop yesterday, and got them started on their first exercises. Checked in with the “Reviewing for Craft” workshop — we’ve talked and read now, for a couple of weeks; it’s time to start writing reviews.

Going back to the page for as much as I can this afternoon, and tonight is the jazz concert.

I hope it won’t get as hot as they predict — I really don’t want to use the air conditioner this summer!

The garden is growing nicely, although most of my stuff is much later than the neighbors’. That’s okay — as long as I have happy, healthy plants and Bessie the squirrel doesn’t keep snatching all the blossoms from the pumpkins and the zucchini for her little brood.

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