Fri. Jan. 17, 2014: Mead and Muse

Friday, January 17, 2014
Last Day of the Full Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and foggy

According to the book 365 GODDESSES, today is Gunnleod’s day, the day of mead and muse. I kind of like that.

It’s also Ben Franklin’s birthday (I’m reading his biography).

Yesterday’s meeting wound up taking all morning, between meeting and presentations and peeking into the hospital to see how the turtles are doing. It was a good meeting, though. I did a bunch of pacing and muttering pertaining to the new play. The characters are forming, and I have the germ of the situation, but it’s still formulating.

Worked with students in the afternoon, got things set up for the new editing client and started on that project, and landed a try-out gig (paid) with another potential client — if we like each other, it will be a long-standing, regular gig. The negotiation process was a pleasure, so hopefully, that’s a good omen. Heard from another potential client that they can’t use me right now, but want to in the future, insisting they weren’t just blowing me off. So, we’ll see.

To bed early last night, very tired. Violet’s howling in the night and Iris having episodes wears me out.

Working on the novella this morning, before I get going on the book edit, the article, and a few press releases that need drafting. I also have a script synopsis to write, and the third television pilot comes up in the editing queue today.

Never a dull moment!


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