Nano 30 Tips for 30 Days: Day 5: Keep Ahead of the Pace

I got some scribbling done in the notebook, and because I got ahead of myself this week, I could ease up today and not worry about a slower pace due to physical and mental fatigue.

So, whenever you have a chance to do a few pages or even more words than your daily goal, grasp it and build yourself a cushion for the days when life gets in the way.

My personal goal one year was to hit 12,500 words by today, and I passed it. I’m going to push hard again on as many days as possible this week, with a hope to hit 25,000 words by the 10th, the way I did on that particular year. Again, this is more than necessary, but it allows me to bank words. As long as you keep your minimum daily quota, you’re fine. If you’re having a good day, keep going as long as you can; if you’re having a bad day, push yourself to make the minimum.

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