Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury DIRECT this afternoon
Sunny and pleasant

Thank goodness Mercury goes direct this afternoon, because then I’ll know it’s people not paying attention rather than influenced by Mercury! 😉

Hop on over to A Biblio Paradise to learn about the site Writers and Authors, and then give the site a visit! You may find it interesting.

Busy day yesterday, most of it spent on the conference. I’m excited at the quality of the writing by most of the students; however, they aren’t posting material relevant to the exercises, and I had to get all over some of them. I don’t post parameters for my own amusement. Each exercise is created to teach them something specific. And some of them are slapping up scenes from WIPs they’ve written to get critiqued rather than following the instructions in the exercises. So I told them I won’t comment on anything that doesn’t fit the exercises any more. I have a thread where they can post snippets from WIPs for comments, but that’s not the purpose of the exercises.

If I do this again next year, the rule will be all material must be created within the context of the class.

More people are coming in and working on exercises as the week progresses, which is great, and everyone is welcome as long as they do the work. I think some students are frustrated because some of the workshops aren’t particularly interactive and mine is, so they’re winding up with me. Which is fine, but I need to take more breaks during the day as I read the work. My eyes are tired.

I posted to the short story workshop, and realized the short stories I posted don’t have enough conflict and read more like chapters of a novel. Urgh. So I don’t know whether to come up with new short stories or try to fix the chapters and force what should be a novel into short stories.

I posted my hook and a quick character bio (because long character bios cause me to lose the character) in another workshop and then realized I don’t really want to do this piece! Oh well, I’ll learn something by doing the exercises with something where there’s nothing at stake for me, right?

Wandered into a workshop taught by someone who was a great teacher last year – different topic, but still great, so I might stick around.

Frustrated in another workshop because the instructor isn’t there much, hasn’t bothered to read the info on the students’ backgrounds and needs, and proclaims at us instead of working with us. Another student in a similar position to mine emailed me separately because we are in the same boat and not getting what we need from the workshop, so we’re supporting each other! So something good came out of it. My dilemma now is do I quit or see it through? I want to see it through because I want to see if I can get ANYTHING out of it to apply to my work, but I do think it’s geared towards aspirants who aren’t writing and have other sources of income rather than people who write for a living and I, well, WRITE.

I have my 5th Nano mentee, so I’m full up now. And it’s a guy. So there are four women and a man as my N3s this year. This is a case where I wish we were all geographically closer because I think we’d all have a good time together in person.

Got some work done on The Big Project this morning. Now it’s back to the conference, and then I need to get a guest blog out and at least one article.


The Big Project – 15,172 out of est. 75,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15 / 75

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