Fri. March 30, 2012: A busy techie bee

Friday, March 29, 2012
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I was a busy little technical bee yesterday. As you can see from the sidebar, I’ve added pages for the Workshops and the Books — to help keep you up to date! I’ve got some great stuff going on in the coming months, and some of them are one day seminars (such as “Dialogue Dilemmas and Solutions” and “Amazing Antagonists”) or two days (“Scene Meat”), which mix lectures and techniques with the chance to post snippets you’re having trouble with and get guidance. It’s great for those who can’t commit to a full month’s workshop, but still want a fresh approach to creating sparkling dialogue or struggle to create a fully complex antagonist or waste so many words in unneeded transitions that the important aspects of a scene are diluted.

I also rearranged the sidebar here for the books. I think it looks and flows better. I did a bunch of work for the HEX BREAKER launch (more details to follow), tried a smoked salmon deviled egg recipe for the client meeting, and had the client meeting. Bourne Bridge wasn’t bad (since the Sagamore’s under construction. Now that I understand the way to go, it makes sense, and it lets me off right near the facility.

Followed up on some pieces in last year’s submission log, just crossing t’s and dotting i’s. I hadn’t heard back on several pieces, so I want to close them out (sent a polite letter with the dates of submission, stating that, since I never heard back, I assume the piece did not meet their needs and I will, therefore, submit elsewhere). Found a rejection I’d been waiting for (because, after I sent it, I found a market I think is better-suited, and now I can submit it to this other market). Tweaking a short story that has to go out this weekend. It’s still not where I want it.

Caught up on student work. “Sensory Perceptions” winds up this weekend, and then I’m taking a steampunk class starting Monday, but “One Story, Many Voices” doesn’t start until April 9. That means I can really focus on my year-long students next week, since we’re setting up systems that will serve us well in the revisions. The setting-up bit is kind of a pain in the butt, but the results will be worth it, because it will save them huge amounts of time hunting stuff down as they revise.

I’ve got some press releases to get out today, more student work, but most of the day, I spend to put my head down and get to work on a novel I want to finish this weekend.

I hope the weather’s nice enough (even though cold) so I can get some yard work done, too.