Wed. Sept. 25, 2018: Breakfast and Breakfast

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Yesterday went well, and I am happy for my client. I wish she could have been there; she would have loved it. The food was decent (although I prefer to eat after I talk, not before). My client won the very first Age Forward Employer Award (along with two other local businesses), because she employs workers over 55.

Not that she looks at anyone’s age when she hires them; she goes by what they bring to the table, which is why she’s a great choice for the award.

Anyway, the breakfast went well, our table had a lot of laughter and chatter, The EmCee was a local radio reporter, so he kept things on track. No one went on for ever and ever. The woman who introduced me (because I accepted for the client) was lovely. My speech was short, heartfelt, and to the point, and I had the room, so that was good. I wore one of my client’s designs, and got a lot of compliments, so I think I’ll wear it for the Global Human Rights conference in a few weeks.

I work DK tights with the dress, and I forgot that the waist doesn’t grip properly. So even though I had my trusty Spanx underneath, the darned tights slithered down. Thank goodness I didn’t have to walk much, because by the time I was back at the car, well, those hose were much lower than they should have been!

Went home, changed, picked up my work bag, and headed to the client’s office. It was hard to settle, but there were workaday things that needed to get done. Plus, I’m working on OUR press release and an email blast to all the customers.

I started digging into the RELICS & REQUIEM edits yesterday, and will do more later today, after I finish with my client. I was pretty tired, so I may have to go back over that again.

Got my next assignment for the new review gig.

Worked on calendar articles.

Got a little bit of work done on DAVY JONES DHARMA.

Played with some ideas for the Human Rights Conference.

This morning, I’m at a Women’s Association breakfast before heading into the office. Then, I’ll go back to edits. I have to really dig into those edits this weekend, and also finish the calendar articles.

As much as things are accelerating in certain areas for me, it also reinforces some of the decisions I’ve been making, instead of making me re-think them. The next few months will be interesting.

Oh, and hop on over to Ink-Dipped Advice, where you can learn not to over-brainstorm when networking until there’s a contract in place!

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