Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Dark Moon
Cloudy and cool

Yasmine Galenorn has some great advice on getting it all done as a writer, over on the Witchy Chicks Blog. Check it out.

Colin, to answer your question, I don’t use the iPod on the runs. I can’t stand it when runners in this area don’t pay attention to what’s around them and expect everyone else to watch out for them, instead. It’s too busy, there’s too much traffic and other people and dogs and things for one not to pay attention to what’s going on all around. I want and need to be very aware of the surroundings, even if I’m thinking!

Michael, hope the pilot shoot went well, and I bet you someone sold the DAMNATION ALLEY vehicle on eBay, and it’s in someone’s backyard or something. I’ll check out the film you mentioned — I trust your judgement.

Lara, yeah, can you imagine, the machines were floating around in the basement, in all that sewage and muck. Instead of replacing them, they simply hosed them down. Ick.

My taxes are killing me, and today is do or die, since I start work out of town tomorrow. Every time I think I’ve filled out the form, I find another form to fill out. They’re getting, like 50 pages of material from me. And it turns out books are a depreciated expense, if I plan on using them over time. All I can do is the best I can do. If I screw it up, they’ll let me know. Turbo Tax is absolutely useless, by the way. I looked into it. All those little boxes don’t have enough variation for what I do.

I’ve never been a person who could fit into someone else’s box.

Got my column out, worked on the third chapter of the urban fantasy, got out five queries, worked on the taxes, did the business correspondence. Took one batch of stuff to the post office; another trip set for today.

Did a little bit of work on the urban fantasy. I’ve now hit the point where I have to sit down and plot before I can work on it anymore. I also should put it aside for the next few days and work solely on the novella, which must get out the door next week.

Back to taxes.


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