Thurs. Sept. 15, 2022: Organization is Key

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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Waning Moon

Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury Retrograde

Sunny and cooler

It’s finally starting to feel like autumn. Doesn’t quite smell like it, though. There’s a post on Gratitude and Growth about the garden.

We went over early to Stop & Shop for my mother’s bivalent booster. Good thing we did, because they claimed they “only got the first page of the paperwork” and we had to fill it all out again. So sick of filling out forms.

While my mom got her shot, I picked up a few things we needed. She didn’t have to sit and wait for 15 minutes, like we had to for the other shots. It was stab and go.

She had zero side effects yesterday at all, to the point where she worried she’d gotten a placebo. This morning, she has a little soreness n the arm. That’s it.

I finished reading a second book for review. I will write and submit both reviews today, submit my invoice, and ask for my next assignment.

I spent way too much time building my profile on Creative Ground, but it needed to get done, since the launch party is tonight (virtually), and I’m invited.

I set up an appointment at the law library next Tuesday to do the research on banking laws here in MA in 1957, for the retro mystery that will be drafted during Nano this year. The librarian is looking forward to it (and so am I). Since the state banking association and the banks themselves refuse to answer my questions. I’m batting around potential titles with some trusted friends, and realizing just how much I need to get back to the outline, so it’s ready to go before November 1. I have character sketches, locations, situations, but I need to, you know, actually plot the murders and the rest of the book.

Did some research on local radio stations, and on the community television/radio station that’s here in North Adams. I might need to make an appointment to go and check out the facilities.

Got my instructions for next week’s conference sessions down in Lenox. I’m worried that people won’t be responsible about masking; if that is the case, I will get up and leave the session. Not taking the risks.

WAM’s next show is in October, and tickets are available. I’m not going in person, since their audience already proven they won’t keep up their end of the masking bargain (even though a caveat of ticket purchase is to remain masked). I may buy a ticket for the virtual performance. At least they have that option, and I know their work is excellent.

Starting to figure out the autumn into winter schedule, which looks to be intense. I have 4 radio plays to write, for specific producers; I have to write the next 2 arcs of LEGERDEMAIN, polish them, and get them up; I need to revise “The Little Woman” and “Inspired By” so they can go out the door when appropriate calls open up; I have a handful of short stories with which I’m noodling; I need to outline the retro mystery so it’s set to go for Nano; once the first draft of that is finished, I need to draft THE KRINGLE CALAMITY and then the third book of the Hearthstone Mysteries, so that all three of those are ready to go out the door by early summer. And I need to do the first draft of the full-length play FALL FOREVER. I’d like to get ANGEL HUNT finished and broken down into episodes, so that can launch in January.

Which of course means having to keep up the content calendar on LEGERDEMAIN, the Topic Workbooks, and, if ANGEL HUNT goes live, the ANGEL HUNT content calendar, and it’s a lot.

Plus, you know, client work and script coverage, and next year’s contest entries will start arriving before the end of the year.

So I guess it can snow, because there’s plenty to do at home!

But it’s nice to feel creative again. In late winter, early spring, decisions will be made on the current series, as to whether I feel up to starting up again, and if my publisher wants to keep carrying them.

I haven’t spent the time on the Cerridwen’s Cottage website that it needs, so that has to be folded in there somehow, too. Plus organizing the almanac articles whose rights have reverted, so I can turn those into eBooks and sell them.

I might need a larger desk blotter calendar!

Anyway, I have meditation this morning, and then getting the reviews done and out, and invoicing. I have to pay my quarterly taxes today (argh), get everything to the post office, pick up my mom’s prescriptions, take a couple of checks to the bank. This afternoon, I have two more scripts to cover, finishing out the pay period, not terribly, but still below what I’d hoped.

What I do hope is that my bivalent booster tomorrow won’t take me out. I’ve blocked off the weekend to rest. If I feel up to it, I’ll do some work on LEGERDEMAIN, and maybe turn over the closet from summer to winter. Otherwise, I’ll stay in bed, or read on the couch.

Episode 16 of LEGERDEMAIN drops today.

The next two weeks are busy, but filled with good stuff.

Peace my friends, and enjoy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

View of the Cape Cod Canal

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

The weather folk are saying it will be a mild winter, yet the cats are growing in thick coats and the birds started heading south last week. I think I’ll believe the critters!

I got out a lot of submissions yesterday, catching up on most of my backlog. I found a couple of pieces I want to rework, and a few to retire, but, for the most part, everything that can earn its keep is going out the door so to do.

Finished Vaclav Havel’s TO THE CASTLE AND BACK. Havel says something about political parties, with which I agree, and I think this country has forgotten: “They (political parties) should not be superior to them (government, parliament), but, rather, serve them.” (p. 119, material in parenthesis mine) and: “Parties must not be more important that the public interest. They must, on the contrary, serve it.” (p. 120). It would be nice to see that in practice.

You can feel the heaviness descending on the area that always does in the days leading up to 9/11. This will not be an easy week.

I didn’t sleep well. It wasn’t the cats’ fault this time — I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep, I just couldn’t. I finally drifted off as the sky lightened –and a PC Richards truck pulled up BEFORE 7 AM to spit out the new appliances for the two apartments that are being renovated on the first floor. Lovely. Not. There was lots of jabbering into cell phones as they tried to find/wake up the super, who’s far too busy running his own business on the side with the building’s resources to actually do anything for the building. Now I get to listen to them install the appliances all day. Oh joy, oh rapture. I will probably have the iPod in all day — though, suddenly, it’s only giving me sound in mono instead of stereo (headdesk).

I’ve got some business correspondence to take care of today and a few more things to wind up this week. Six days and counting. This time next week, I should be in Prague, and there will be a guest blogger in this space.

I’m getting to a point in AMENDS where I need to stop and make some notes so I can stay consistent. Overall, though, it’s going well.


AMENDS, first draft: 23,000 words out of est. 75,000

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