Fri. April 2, 2021: Die For Your Employer Day 315 — Keep On Keeping On

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Friday, April 2, 2021

Waning Moon

Cloudy and chilly

Yesterday was a busy day, but it was a good busy day. Meditation was good. I got out a bunch of LOIs. I got client work turned around. I need a client to get something back to me today and I GUARANTEE the request will be ignored.

The editor sent me the article revisions – the second version this time, not the one I spent all the time working on yesterday. But it was two minor tweaks (because, in this version, I’d already dealt with some of the issues). So, although we’ve had a lot of back-and-forth, it got done, it got done on time, and no worries.

I worked on updating my brochure. It still needs more work. Sigh. I’m doing it in Canva this time; it was better in Pages. I have to decide on graphics. The new logo is fine, but there need to be some more interesting visuals amongst the text. In the last brochure, I used my own photos, but not sure that’s relevant to this one. I have to think about it.

Worked on contest entries I’m making good progress on the second category.

Looked at real estate listings, which were all over the place. There are some interesting listings, and I’ll contact them for more information. A friend of a friend of a friend has a possibility, so I will contact that person today. I’m completely open to moving out of state – provided I can afford the moving costs. Staying in state would mean keeping my health insurance and a bunch of other paperwork, but I have to see what my options are and weigh out all the costs.

Freelance Chat was good and fun and interesting – about taxes. I realized where I’ve made a big mistake (no wonder I kept getting “adjustment” letters), and, starting with next year’s taxes (this year’s are filed), I can fix it. Also found out that one of the “you should” that kept being touted at local networking events doesn’t work the way the touters claimed it does, so I’m glad I never did it.

Found out a friend’s mother has COVID, and my friend might have it, too. Worried about them.

I got two emails from the County for appointments opening up at noon today for next week, and a message from my health care provider, too. So I have some options for vaccines in the coming weeks, and I’m going to go in and cage fight for an appointment, starting at noon. Wish me luck!

Knowledge Unicorns was fine. We are taking a break next week. For some reason, the Easter breaks are all over the place this year. Some were a couple of weeks back, some are a couple of weeks ahead. So we’re breaking this coming week, and then regrouping. The pressure on these families to go back in-person with rising case numbers is unfair and ridiculous. The families are standing firm in not sending them back this school year. Period.

This morning, I have to make another dump run, then do a quick grocery run, and a library curbside drop-off/pickup. I want to finish a draft of my article, let it sit over the weekend, and send it to my other editor on Monday. I want to pitch a couple of other articles. I also have a book to review – I want to get that done and out, so I can get my next assignments.

This weekend, I also have to make up for the lower amount of packing I’ve done this week. I have to rev back up packing, keep cleaning out the basement, and start on the garage.

I also want to work on a play over the weekend.

As I type this, some wild turkeys are taking a stroll down the middle of the street, looking here and there, taking their breakfast stroll. We’ve lost so much wildlife in the neighborhood the last few years, between people cutting down trees and overbuilding and using lawn chemicals. It’s nice that we haven’t lost it all.

Keep on keeping on, right?

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Fri. Sept. 13, 2013: Characters Who are Sure of Themselves

Friday, September 13, 2013
Waxing Moon
Rainy and warm

I did not have a good writing day yesterday. I was out of words, and having trouble focusing.

The morning meeting went well. Today, I have to do follow-up, work on the play, and on some articles.

I read a terrific book yesterday, GAMEBOARD OF THE GODS by Richelle Mead. I was a little worried, because it touches on some of the same themes I’m exploring in a couple of WIPs, but, fortunately, we take it in different directions. I liked the book a lot.

We were visited by a trio of wild turkeys. They wandered through the yard and into the neighborhood. One of my less-favorite neighbors started chasing them, so they came back to my yard for refuge. I don’t use chemicals, I keep wild areas growing, and I welcome wild life, but not stupid humans. The local wildlife usually comes and hangs out with me. Tessa was fascinated, but also smart enough not to engage.

Watched the series finale of BURN NOTICE last night. I’ve enjoyed the series over the years. It was interesting to see how the creators handled characters in whom the audience invested so much over a long period of time.

Big storm this morning, with downpours. In the time it took to make the coffee, the buckets were full. I’ve refilled the water jugs.

Nearly 2K on Project D today. I thought this would be part of Project B or Project C, but the characters defined themselves and their purpose very strongly. I’m writing the scenes that are most present in my brain and then putting it aside to finish the other projects first.

Have a great weekend!


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