Mon. Nov. 5, 2012: Getting Organized

Monday, November 5, 2012
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Busy weekend. On Friday, Costume Imp made a run for home, and got there. The trip down was smooth, and he “only” had to wait an hour for a bus to get over to Brooklyn. He’s relieved to be home.

We got home in one piece, changed the beds, did loads of laundry, took down the Samhain decorations, and put everything away. For some reason, it always takes longer to put things away than get them out, doesn’t it?

I was glad to hear the NYC Marathon was cancelled this weekend, and even more heartened by the many kindnesses marathoners showed to the city, volunteering in badly-stricken areas. One-to-one humanism always works better than organizations full of red tape.

I did the schoolwork for my Greek & Roman Mythology class, and I started work on the paper for the World History class, but had nothing in the tank for it. Fortunately, the deadline’s been extended until tomorrow at 6 PM — I’ll finish it and submit it today.

I worked with tarot students, I taught the “Dissecting Submission Guidelines” class. It was very quiet. No one said peep all day. Hopefully, they still got something out of it.

Sunday, I got the last of the bulbs into the ground — hyacinth, daffodil, tulip, crocus, glory-of-the-snow. Also got most of the front lawn put to bed. I can’t complete the side yard because the damn “landscaper” who was supposed to move the forsythias (and still hasn’t) and clear away the brush LEFT any brush under 3 feet. That whole side yard is a mess. I stacked as much of the debris he couldn’t be bothered with under the forsythia bushes, so if and when he ever bothers to show up to move them, he’ll have to deal with the brush first. How much you want to bet he just tosses it on the lawn and leaves it?

Also used the stinky fish fertilizer on the front beds — phew! But it’s supposed to be great, and last year’s tulips needed re-fertilizing.

I went to a rally last night to hear Elizabeth Warren speak. She helped me several years ago in a difficult situation, helped me navigate the complexities and fight the dickheads trying to take advantage of my elderly mother (we won). I’d forgotten how funny and witty she is in person, in addition to being incredibly intelligent and committed to justice.
The space the rally was held was too small, in my opinion, and people kept coming and coming and coming — which is great — but I stayed on the fringes, not wanting to get stuck in the middle of a crowd. I got the best of both worlds — good view, could hear everything, and also not get claustrophobic.

I finished the edits on OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK and got them back to my editor. I go back to work on the next book in the series, CRAVE THE HUNT, today. I need to finish a couple of short stories this week, too. Everything I sent one of my other editors last week bounced back (due to the Hurricane), so I’m waiting to hear back from him before I send my next review. However, I have to get interview questions out to someone he assigned me, or that article will be late.

I downloaded the MIT Opencourseware class on Medieval Women Writers I wanted to start today, but it makes no sense. There’s a calendar of assignments and a reading list, but no lectures. Coursera makes much more sense.

I got out a press release for the extended deadline for the application for the Playwriting Intensive. More information here. I got quite a few requests from people who meant to get it in just under the wire on the 1st, but couldn’t because of Sandy.

I had an idea for a book I can put together and pitch to the agent (once I’m sure she’s got her power back). I basically have all the material, it’s just a case of organizing it. I’ll organize it for the proposal, and then, basically, it will be done. I also have another idea that’s been swirling around. I took some notes on it, but it has to wait its turn. There are too many deadlined projects stacked up in front of it.

I need to do some yard work later today — the terraced back area, and part of the meadow. I need to hack back the dead hostas, too. Tomorrow will be busy — I’m out of the house doing research all day, after I vote — so Wednesday morning, I’ll have to finish the yard work, ahead of the expected snow.

Snow! Christmas! Not ready to deal with any of it.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Ghostie Garland

Saturday, October 24, 2009
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
No idea the weather — supposed to rain

This is scheduled to post while I”m on the road, so, hopefully, it does.

Yesterday was, um, interesting.

I got reamed by someone I barely know for “not doing enough charity work.” This was, of course, after I turned down working for her for free on something that not only was I completely wrong for, but not interested in. I let her rant and then said, “Really, that’s not the way to entice people to volunteer or donate to your organization.” And I walked away.

First of all, I get to choose volunteer work — call it charity, pro bono, whatever. I don’t get bullied or guilted into it. Second, I work with some organizations about which I’m passionate — I’m just not running around talking about how much I do. I’m doing the work, and if I get the chance to appropriately mention the organization somewhere, I do. But the work isn’t about me or about promoting myself. It’s about the organization. Third, it’s none of her damned business how I spend my time unless she’s buying some of it! 😉

Second, I had to run out to get some traditional, birch=handled twig brooms (oh gosh, they’re gorgeous). Bought the brooms, they don’t fit in my trunk (hey, I drive a Rabbit), so I wrestled them into the back seat of the car at an angle. I’m driving home, getting ready to make a right turn. There’s a red light, and the guy in the car in front of me is riding both lanes. There’s not enough room for me to squeeze into the right lane and make my right on red. I’m not in a hurry, no problem. But the guy behind me starts honking at me and screaming at me and waving his fist. He can see the car in front of me and he can see that there’s no room. But he’s still honking and screaming and swearing.

He gets out of his car and stomps up to mine, screaming, “You stupid bitch! There’s a right on red. Who do you think you, holding up traffic?”

Of course, he’s ignoring the MAN in the very expensive car ahead of us who’s the one ACTUALLY holding up the traffic And the guy in that front car is trying to edge over without moving into the intersection and getting hit by turning traffic so I can hit the gas and get away from Psycho Bastard. The chivalrous thing to do would have been to get out of his car and take responsibility for a situation he created, but hey . . .

So, Psycho Bastard comes up and starts pounding on my window. And suddenly he seems the back seat full of brooms. He stops, fist in mid-air, and turns absolutely chalk white

I roll down my window and say, “Is there a problem?”

PsychoBastard: “Why do you have a car full of brooms?”

Me; “Why do you think I’d have a car full of brooms on a late October morning?”


PsychoBastard: “I’m in deep s–t, aren’t I?”

Me: (smiling): “You have no idea.”

The light changed, and I drove off, leaving him standing in the middle of the street, because now HE’s the one holding up all the traffic.

It was pretty funny.

It will definitely show up, modified, in a piece of fiction someday.

We definitely have gremlins or something hiding things in the apartment, because stuff is disappearing, and it’s way too heavy for the cats. My Timberland boots are missing, along with four boxes of holiday-themed ribbon. That’s just weird. I can understand maybe misplacing the boots over the summer, when I didn’t need them, but the ribbon has been stored with the rest of the decorations for six years. All the boxes of decorations are there, but no ribbon.

i pretty much gave myself the day off yesterday, since I’m working all weekend. Morons all up and down the street had leaf blowers going all day, from 8 AM to 4:30, so it’s not like I could concentrate.

The next assignment came in for Confidential Job #1, and it looks really cool.

My beloved Strand Books sent me two fabulous-looking books: Margaret Atwood’s NEGOTIATING WITH THE DEAD: A WRITER ON WRITING and AMERICAN AUSTEN: THE FORGOTTEN WRITING OF AGNES REPPLIER, edited by John Lukacs.

I’m not blogging tomorrow, and I’m back on the road for an upstate booking early Monday, but I’ll schedule a post for Monday, so come on back!

Have a great weekend, everyone!