Mon. Nov. 11, 2019: Grateful To and For Our Soldiers #UpbeatAuthors

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Monday, November 11, 2019
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Veterans’ Day

The day devoted to Upbeat Authors falls on a Monday. This Monday is Veterans’ Day.

I am grateful to the men and women in our military.

That does not mean I’m pro-war. Far too often, greedy old men send the young to fight and die for personal gain, not the good of the population of the countries for which they serve.

I am, however, deeply grateful to the men and women who decide that their contribution to the social construct which we inhabit is to train and fight and travel and put their lives on the line for their fellowman.

I am not that unselfish.

The military is not my path.

I am deeply grateful that there are those who choose that path, and today, I honor them.

I work with my elected officials to support and help veterans who have honored the country with their service. When I meet veterans individually, I do what I can to help and support them. Sometimes, that means listening to what they actually need, and taking it back to my advocacy meetings with elected officials. Sometimes, it’s anonymously buying them a meal in a restaurant, or a round of drinks at the bar. They don’t need to know it’s from ME. Just that someone gives a damn. Sometimes it’s listening to their stories, or helping them find a way to communicate their stories and needs.

There’s no one way to help. It’s about taking the time to get to know the individual, and working with that person in the way they need, not the way I want. Because being grateful to them is not about me.

How will you honor veterans today?


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Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011
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Rainy and cool
Veterans’ Day

Already have one load in the dryer and one in the washer of the four loads that need to get done today. I have to vacuum. I have to tidy up the living room and my office. I need to get some housework done today. I’ve been working so hard that it’s fallen by the wayside.

Yoga was great yesterday morning. Big class — nearly double the size as usual, but lots of fun. The teacher helped me with a problem I’ve been having with my left hip — which is usually the good hip. It’s much better and I’m going to keep doing those poses daily to keep it that way!

Pretty much just flat out worked yesterday. Just a couple more days on the Harry Potter workshop, and I’m done with deconstructions. I’m ready. They’re starting to interact on this one, and at least they really KNOW the material, but the ratio of prep time to payment just doesn’t make sense.

Knocked out an article due for Savvy Authors and have to change the date for a live chat, because it conflicts with something I’m doing with Cape Cod Writers’ Association.
I need to do some edits in a book before I send it out — I’ve decided that the prologue isn’t really a prologue, it’s the first chapter, so that means re-jiggling everything. Time-consuming, but necessary for it to go out. I’ve also got to get back to THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY, which is the big plan for next week.

Everything had to stop mid-afternoon, because I did a test run of the lasagna I need to take to Maine in two weeks. There are usually about 60 people for Thanksgiving dinner, and everyone helps out. I always make a desert for the main dinner, but the last few years, it’s become my job to make the dinner for 6-12 people on Wednesday night. They’re the ones most involved in the planning and set-up of the space, and it takes some of the pressure off them. The request, this year, was for lasagna. I’ve only made it once before, about six years ago, and it was a disaster.

I tried it again, this time from a recipe in NEW BASICS. It was awesome! Truly, a wonderful recipe. So, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I’ll cook all day — I’ve got two cakes to make (lemon for the Thanksgiving dinner, a pound cake for the Wednesday night dinner) and the lasagna. The latter is time intensive and labor intensive, but it’s worth it. I’ll prepare the elements for a salad and bring them up with me in separate bags, and mix the salad just before dinner.

This morning, I make an apple spice cake (different from the bread I often make). It turned out really well, but it would be too heavy paired with the lasagna.

If the weather dries up and I can get the lawnmower to cooperate, I need to get started on the back. The front is full of leaves again (they rained down more heavily than yesterday’s rain), but the front has had its last mow of the season, so it’s only raking from here on in.

The book is going well. A sequence I thought might be a tangent is turning out to be essential to the book. However, that means I have to end the first book of the trilogy earlier than I planned, or cut a few subplots that have become very important to the main plot.

I probably need to write the first draft of all three books and then see where it makes sense to end each one. I’m just over 70K, so I’m running out of words for book 1. For once, I’m happy with the job I did in complex plotting, but I still have to keep a reasonable word count.


And don’t forget to take a few moments to give thanks to our Veterans.