Thurs. Dec. 16, 2021: Contemplation Time

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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Waxing Moon

Chiron and Neptune Retrograde

Cloudy and mild

There’s a post over on Gratitude and Growth about the unseasonably mild weather.

Yesterday was mostly about finishimg up a stack of script coverages before the pay period closed at midnight. So I did that, and met my nut.

I made bread, the Portuguese sweet bread I’ve made dozens of times. Only this time, it didn’t work. I have no idea why. I have a doorstop instead of a loaf of bread. I didn’t do anything differently. It didn’t rise properly, so I’m not sure if I killed the yeast with water that’s too hot or if the yeast is too old. Very disappointing.

Did some decorating. There are still a couple of boxes of decorations to go on the tree, and a few more things to spread around the house.

Worked on tracking sheets for the Big Project. Figured out what I want to write for the Marie Corelli play, so I’ll get started on that today, after meditation and errands and working on the Big Project, and, hopefully, on THE KRINGLE CALAMITY.

Have to do some year end admin, too, which I’m not looking forward to, but it needs to get done.

Got a special holiday package from Ipsy, with products from some of my favorite makeup brands (like Maelle and Dew Tube), which was fun. And the bag is really cool, too, great for travel. And it got here before the Venus retrograde.

Venus goes retrograde on the 19th until the 29th of January. So no “new looks” or getting my hair cut or anything else. Or starting a new relationship (which wasn’t on the table anyway, because, you know, pandemic). An astrologer friend advised to just stay quiet and solitary until the next Mercury retrograde is past, too (it’s retrograde from the 14 January to the 3 February). Because Venus and Mercury are so close to each other, and those retrogrades overlap, better to be cautious. I’ve had enough chaos in the past two years.

I’m perfectly happy to remain a hermit for the next few months. It does my introverted heart good.

One foot in front of the other, right? I have some more script coverage to do in the next couple of weeks, and then maybe, maybe I can take some time off for the holidays. I’m definitely taking long weekends off, and I’m taking Yule off next Tuesday. But I’d like at least to ease up a bit between Christmas and New Year’s. I have some serious contemplating to do in that time, so that I can start 2022 with a clear head. Pandemic brain fatigue is making me struggle.

The virus numbers continue to rise, so I’ll just stay home this winter, except for the grocery store and the library. We’d expected to do that anyway, because of the weather. It’ll give us a chance to finish unpacking. That’s on hold, because of all the holiday decorations all over the place. Once those are put away, in January, we’ll look around and see what’s what.

I’m doing a tiny bit of unpacking each day, just a few things, so that I feel like I’m doing something. But I have to make some decisions about setting up the files and the project bins and the rest so that the office is efficient. It’s workable now, but it could be better.

I also have to design my quarterly Fearless Ink postcard, so that can go out in early January, to former and potential clients. Holiday cards are just that – good wishes for the holidays, no pitches or upsells. But January is time for client contact. And to refresh the brochure, so it works for where I am now, on multiple levels.

Today is mostly focused on writing and errands, with a bit of marketing thrown in.

But first, the meditation with the group from the Concord Library via Zoom. Charlotte’s favorite part of the week.

Have a good one, friends!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Cloudy and mild

Yes, folks, Venus goes retrograde today, and I’m not quite sure for how long. What does it mean? It means you better not start a new romantic relationship during this time, because it won’t last. It means the relationships you’re already in might face a rocky time, so cut your partner/family/friends a bunch of slack, and make sure you’re clearly communicating. It means that if you’re in an unhealthy relationship, now is the time to cut those ties.

Can I just say that if I see one more article marketing with a number like “10 Tipss”, “5 Ways”, etc., etc., I am going to vomit? I am so SICK of these articles, most of which have the lamest content on the planet that any two year old with an iota of common sense already knows. Blech! Overkill! We’ve had 10+ years where every publication/website thinks formatting an article as a list is a good way to draw in readers. I want an ARTICLE with actual INFORMATION that I did not previously know. It’s frustrating, because about 90% of the content I come across, be in online or in print, even touted on sites I normally respect, is the same content over and over and over again and written for first graders. Actually, first graders would probably laugh at it, because most of the kids I know who are that age could come up with more creative ways to communicate the same information.

Here’s a tech question for all of you who know more about computers than I do, which is just about everyone on the planet. If I want to copy documents and send them to a folder within another drive, how can I do that without opening and re-saving each file? I’m going to have to move stuff from my 400+ floppies onto flash drives over the next few months, and I want to organize them within the drive.

Do I need to use the “send to” function initially to get it to the drive, but then how do I sort them into folders once they’re there? Or can I set up folders ahead of time and then send them to the folder within the drive? And can I send the contents of an entire floppy to the drive at once, rather than working file by file?

Let’s just say the instructions in my WINDOWS XP FOR DUMMIES on this topic did not work.

Yesterday was pretty much a lost day, almost completely taken up with post-death paperwork. It’s just kind of ridiculous how many people poke into things that are none of their damned business, especially at a time like this. And it’s stressful. By three p.m., I was ready to just call it a night and go back to bed, and I still hadn’t done half of what needed to get done in the day. By 5:30, I’d taken a hot shower and was in my pajamas.

So, today, I’m making up for it. Whether I feel like it or not. Actually, I feel refreshed and focused this morning, so, unless more curve balls come my way, there’s potential for a good, productive day.

I really, really, really hate the fact that my all-in-one isn’t working. I had to go to a copy center and both copy and fax, when, normally, I would have been able to do it all from home. I hadn’t realized how much I relied on the all-in-one until it bit the dust.

Writing first, then errands, then back to client projects for the rest of the day. I’m hoping to focus on fiction for most of the weekend, but we’ll see how that shakes out.

This is Diane’s birthday weekend, so happy birthday to her!


Billy Root Story – 25,662 words out of est. 60,000

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