Fri. March 5, 2021: Die For Your Employer Day 287/MA Vaccine Distribution Fail Day 37 — Work Work Work

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Friday, March 5, 2021

Waning Moon

Cloudy and cold

Not much to say today, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Just working along, steady.

Meditation was great yesterday, although Charlotte was a little pill, climbing all over me and fascinated by the Zoom screen. I don’t use my video, so no one could see her and tell her she was pretty. She was quite disappointed. That’s her favorite part of Zoom calls.

Had to swing by the client’s office and download a file I’d left without the previous day. Was in and out quick (no one there) and back home to upload the file and work on it. Spent a couple of hours getting that done.

Worked on the book review. It’s not quite right yet, so I will tweak it today and then send it (deadline is today).

Worked on the article proposal. Did some research for another article. I have to view a few things as research; I will do that this weekend, and then send out interview requests early next week.

Sent out some LOIs.

Freelance Chat was fun. Charlotte doesn’t quite get the difference between a Zoom call and a live Twitter chat. Again, she was disappointed because no one told her she was pretty. Although I did, but that wasn’t the same as having a bunch of strangers tell her how beautiful she is.

My lower back bothered me, so I spent some extra time on the acupressure mat.

Knowledge Unicorns was good. The kids are doing well. We have a rhythm to our work time, and we get everything done while learning stuff beyond their curriculum and laughing a lot. The families are all holding firm to the kids not going back to in-person learning this year, and making sure everyone gets vaccinated as soon as they can.

Cape Cod Community College’s gym is opening as a mass vaccine site here. It’s getting the one-dose J&J vaccine. All the new appointments that opened in the state were booked within 90 minutes.

At this point, since my mom is booked for her second dose (we hope) and I’m not yet eligible, I’m reading the information sent, but I don’t yet have to get into the cage fight for appointments. I’ll do that in a couple of weeks. I’ll just hope that, as our dose shipments increase, we can get people vaccinated and it won’t be as bad of a fight as it’s been.

We had a scare when we got a “Congratulations! You’ve been vaccinated!” email, and I thought, “oh, no, now they’re acting like she had both doses?” But it was the vaccine confirmation from the first dose. The verification process so I could actually access/download the information was as ridiculous as the rest of the sign-up, but we got it done, and I printed off one copy for our records and one copy for my mom’s doctor.

I just want to sleep, for about a week, but no such luck.

Today, I have to finish/send the book review, and then I’ve done 5 and can invoice. I want to finish the article pitch and send it off. I need to drop off some books due at the library (although I don’t have anything to pick up). I’ll work on contest entries, get out some LOIs, purge some more boxes. I have to break down a bunch of boxes in the garage, because tomorrow morning, I need to do a big dump run.

I also have to do a Trader Joe’s run. We are way down on a bunch of stuff, and I need to restock.

You can tell things are opening up. Dumbasses are driving into buildings again. I’ve never lived in a place where people drive into buildings every damn day, but they do it in MA.

I was in touch with my House Rep a few days ago about voting No on the PRO-ACT, at least until they strip out the ABC test. If that passes, I can’t be a freelancer. It means thousands of small businesses, many owned by women, would be destroyed. A test applied to factory workers in the 1930’s is not appropriate for freelance work today, especially in the creative arenas.

And I’m a union person! So if I think the bill is bad, and I WANT people to be able to unionize, you know it’s really bad.

It would be nice if the policy writers actually talked to people in the field of the policies they write before they write them. Just a thought.

But it’s why I’m on the case of my elected officials on just about every piece of legislation every damn week. They can’t represent me if they don’t know where I stand on various bills. So I make sure that they do.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll catch you on the other side.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Friday, December 12, 2008
Full Moon (but who can see it in this weather?)
Sleeting and cold

There was some flooding in the area, but we seem to have come out of it fairly well – no power outages, minimal flooding on the roads. I got my car to safety just in case yesterday, and hunkered down to weather the storm. Of course, the Scumbags didn’t give us heat until 11 PM last night, but it’s amazing how toasty you can get with hot water bottles, a featherbed, and a bunch of cats.

Eva Gordon is my guest on A BIBLIO PARADISE today. She’s a biologist and zoologist, and it’s fascinating to see how she uses her background in her writing.

Check out what I’m doing in May, for a super duper Promo Day Event:

Leave a comment, so they know you were there!

Yesterday was tough – as you can see, I’m putting the books into the sidebar – that was an adventure. The WordPress people were very helpful teaching me how; but my damned computer wasn’t behaving, and it was a nightmare. And I’m so over McAfee hijacking my computer for two or three hours a day and crashing it that I seriously doubt I’ll renew my subscription with them in spring. It’s not protection; it’s bullying.

I lost at least half my working day yesterday, yet again, due to computer problems.

As of yesterday, these are all the correct Payloadz links – it seems that Payloadz randomly changes my links whenever it feels like, without notifying me, which really pisses me off.

I’m also pissed off that the Senate won’t give bridge loans to the American-based auto manufacturers. They keep handing out money to white collar insurance companies and banks who aren’t putting it back into the economy but continue to fund their resort weekends. Yet people who actually work with their hands for a living are turned away. And I don’t know where they got those hourly figures for union wages – they are not accurate. It’s spin on the part of management, as usual: “Oh, poor me, I can’t afford a private plane and a sixth house because I have to pay the people who actually create the product that gives me my profit.”

It’s like when Broadway goes to the bargaining table and the producers cry poverty and claim it’s our wages that cause the problems and high ticket prices. Excuse me, our wages are 11% of the total cost. They give the press these completely out of whack figures, and we sit around looking at each other going, “Do you know anyone who earns that? I sure don’t. What show are THEY on? I’d love to apply there!” But you can’t, because the shows with those inflated wages don’t exist, and it’s the same with the lies management and these senators (who are probably getting kickbacks from foreign auto makers – it sure wouldn’t surprise me) are spouting.

The fact that workers haven’t marched on Washington with effigies of Paulson, CEOs of various companies that are running away with the money that’s been handed out to them without having to justify any of their expenses, and these senators just shows how over-medicated and apathetic our society has become.

It’s time for the workers to rise up the way they did in the 1920s and 30s and take back their rights. Because the current Senate is bound and determined to bust the unions, instead of simply cleaning out those members who have mismanaged – whether they’re union officials OR corporate bigwigs.

Paulson MUST be removed. Immediately. There won’t be an economy for Obama to save if he stays.

And outsourcing jobs to other countries, the way companies like Dell do, must also be stopped until the unemployment rate in this country is below one half of one percent.

On that happy note (cough, cough) I have to dash into the city for some errands and then come back out. Hopefully, by the time I get back, the computer will have rested up and gotten over itself, and I can get today’s work done.

I had a FABULOUS time with the League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women last night. It was one of the most fun and thought-provoking interviews I’ve done in a long time. I’m now officially a fan of theirs, and I’ll be following their show often – whether or not I’m on it! 😉

Let’s hope the weather sorts itself out and we can settle in to a good weekend.


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