Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The rocking chair belongs to Violet

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Full Moon
Rainy and cold

Most of the snow washed away, which is good, because the next storm is on its way in.

Didn’t do much yesterday. Was distracted from my writing (which wasn’t going well anyway so it wasn’t hard) by having to deal with the abusive, incompetent administrative (extremely offensive reference deleted. Seriously, the word that best expresses what I mean is so vile I had to remove it because even I found it offensive) in New York, who won’t send my mother’s medical records to her new doctor. They want all sorts of hoops jumped through — and then they won’t do it anyway, making excuses or just ignoring the paperwork, as they always do — paperwork which they should have mentioned and included when they sent her the letter last September telling her that her doctor was leaving the practice, then refused to give her a final appointment with said doctor before she moved. These incompetent bitches have been a problem for years. They shouldn’t be allowed to work in the medical field AT ALL, and certainly not put in any position where they have to interact with the public or get any power to control the medical care.

Yes, the appropriate paperwork has been filed with the appropriate boards.

Fortunately, in spite of a bad shoulder and having to rest both shoulder and eyes regularly, the rest of the day was better. Caught up on classes (okay, when I say “no excuses” and you give me a list of excuses – honey, you ain’t that special, and I’m not making an exception). Read two hilarious books by Marcia Monbleau — THE INEVITABLE GUEST and ALL IN THE SAME BOAT. They were so funny, I read sections aloud to the cats. Iris pretended to pay attention; Violet opened one eye, glared at me, and went back to sleep. Sandra Worth’s newest, to release in February, arrived, and I’ll review it on BIBLIO PARADISE in a few weeks. Memberships cards arrived from Mass Audubon; Greenbriar confirmed by presence at the Plant-Identification event next week, an application for Mass Horticulture was dropped off.

Rained and rained and rained. Not looking forward to driving in Friday’s storm, but there’s no getting around it.

Had an additional yoga session in the evening, which was challenging in the right way, and good for the shoulder as well as the core.

Slept well and am getting used to be woken up by the Hounds of the Baskervilles. Hey, at least I don’t need an alarm clock. I think someone leaving for work sets them off, and it’s around the time I want to get up anyway, so . . .

Heard coyotes do a call-and-answer this morning, too. That’s always rather chilling — more because I worry that one of the neighborhood cats I’ve seen or maybe Imp Dog will get caught by them. We were opening the curtains (Iris now comes with me from window to window in the morning) when it started. Both cats absolutely froze — eyes huge, tails fluffing out. They didn’t run — I think they realize that the house is safe, but they acknowledged that whatever was out there was not out there wishing us well.

But the big black cat is nonchalantly lounging on the neighbor’s shed, so he’s not worried.

I have a lot to get done this morning and have to be very organized — writing, checking in on the workshop, getting out a requested query package to one place for one manuscript and a full manuscript out to another.

I have to be out the door at a very specific time because I’m attending a lecture on shipwrecks a couple of towns over, I have to give myself time to get lost (although I get lost much less on the Cape than elsewhere — maybe because if you get lost in any direction, you wind up at water fairly quickly), and get there on time. Some errands on the way back, but I’ve also got to finish up the work for Confidential Job #1 early, in case I have to make a run for it because the next storm moves in faster than expected.

Gee, I just might have to put in a few extra hours today. Imagine that! Well, that’s part of being a freelancer. Your hours aren’t 9-5, and if you’re determined to stick to those hours, you might as well work somewhere that pays benefits.

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