“The Effie Effect” — Great Experience at Tilden Arts Center

Just got home from the reading of my new play, the comic noir mystery, “The Effie Effect.” I was pleased.

I still wish I’d been a part of rehearsal — I could have cleaned up a few things prior to the public performance that would have clarified a few things and made it easier for the actors. But, overall, I was pleased with actors and direction.

I heard a few things I want to change, and the audience feedback supported the gut instincts I had on a few things, so that all worked.

The audience was enthusiastic — and some friends from the National Marine Life Center turned out to support me, which was awesome, thank you sooo much!

I got a chance to have a nice chat with the director and the cast, and chatted with the reporter covering the evening for the campus paper.

I have some ideas on how to make it better, and I think I may expand it by about eight or twelve pages to clean up a few things, change a line that I left in (and the actor played brilliantly) knowing it couldn’t stay in the final version but I wanted to hear it (because it suggests necrophilia, which distracts from the plot), etc.

A good night all the way around. A huge “thank you” to the director, the cast, and the Tilden Arts Center.

The tarot card for the day was correct — the 10 of Cups.

But then, the tarot never lies.

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