Thurs. April 24, 2013: SEAL TIDES runs

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Thursday, April 24, 2014
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

We had one heck of a storm blow through yesterday! All of a sudden, the sky got very dark. Thunder rumbled. Lightening flashed — and hail! Ping-pong ball sized, a couple of inches’ worth. We stood there, staring out at the storm roaring around us — and the power flickered.

Fortunately, I’d saved the large, complex document I was working on!

Anyway, time at the library was great. Lots of fun, got a lot of work done, I’m starting to learn the systems. I’ve joined the Association of Small and Rural Libraries, and I’m about to join both the Massachusetts and the American Library Associations. I’ve got ideas for programming (which I am taking over), and preparing my first book/video orders, some general orders and some to fulfill a grant we got. It’s all very exciting.

Dashed over to the Marine Life Center. They’d turned over the room from the morning programs, so set-up wasn’t too complicated. When the actors arrived, we set them up in the conference room and they ran lines, while I checked lights, sound, props, pre-set the programs, checked with front-of-house, etc.

We had a decent-sized crowd for opening, and they were very receptive. One little girl in the front row got really mad at all of the actor’s interruptions, until she realized it was part of the show! The friend of another actress couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t talk to her, when she entered in character with the audience! It was funny. There were a few line glitches, but everyone recovered, and they got a lot of applause. The programs contain packets with all kind of information that they can take with them and actually use, so it was all good. The audience really enjoys it, plus they’re getting actual information, and that’s the whole point.

Turned the room around for this morning’s programs, packed up, powered down, had the actors start signing programs, headed home. Got some work done, and then, by accident, came across the documentary SIX BY SONDHEIM, which just blew me away. I was lucky enough to meet him during the FOLLIES revival I worked on at the Belasco a few years back. He is truly one of the artistic treasures of our time.

Getting some work done this morning before I head in to the library (have to leave early and get gas on the way), then back over to the show. We have a troop of Girl Scouts booked this afternoon, so that should be enormous fun!


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