Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cold

Costume Imp and I made it — we hit the window between the storms. I was up at 6 on Saturday, my usual routine, then packed the car with what i needed and sorted out the cats. So, when he got up at 7:30, he had clear sailing, and we were on the road just after 8. It was starting to sleet as we left, but once we hit I-195, it was clear. Although there was a lot of snow once we crossed the CT state line, the roads were clear, and I stayed on I-95 the whole way instead of flipping over to the Merritt (upon hearing rumors it had yet to be plowed).

Dropped him at the train in Rye, tried to avert my eyes from how sad and neglected my old building looks, picked up my mom’s medications, headed to her gig in CT. Unloaded everything I’d brought down for her, considered getting right back on the road and heading back, but I was too tired and, according to reports, it was snowing along the way.

I stayed put, used the wireless to keep up with my classes, did some other work, and read the NY TIMES BOOK REVIEW (the one thing I really miss up here, although the GLOBE’S “Ideas & Books” has a lot of great stuff — and I don’t like to read the NYT BOOK REVIEW online. I like to hold it in my hands).

To bed early, up early on Sunday, out the door by 8 AM. Smooth trip up, although my windshield wipers are driving me nuts. They’re smearing not wiping. I just had them replaced in late October. Not happy.

Along the way, I world-built a new piece. I’m not sure of it’s urban fantasy in a created world or speculative fiction. The protag nudged me a few days ago with, “Hey, I got a story here, you better tell it.” On the surface, she’s the type of woman I can’t stand, so it will be interesting to investigate the layers and see what’s there. Anyway, I worked on creating the world and the supporting cast and getting to know her a bit, and the premise. I’ve got the premise and a bunch of scenes, but I have to figure out the WHY of the piece, or I’ve got nowhere to aim.

And, hey, the CD player wasn’t working! 😉

Got home just after noon. Not too much snow, about 2 inches. The car managed to hop over the snow wall left when they plowed the street and get into the garage, fed the cats, then went out and used the regular shovel (rather than the electric one) to clear the driveway and walkway. Took 30 minutes, tops, it was light, fluffy snow, and not that much of it, plus it was sunny out. Sprinkled down some ice melt, and it was time for my hot shower!

Showered, unpacked, had a snack, spent the afternoon reading the Sunday papers in between doing loads of laundry. There was a really interesting article about scientists mapping the geography hell based on the writings of the philosophers. There were lots of interesting articles — the newspapers up here are miles better with actual articles, ideas, opinions, not just recycled celebrity trash, the way most of the NY papers are now.

The seed catalogs arrived. I made my initial list, and now I have to cut it way down. I’m already figuring I have to double my original budget for the yard this year (guess I better land a few more short-turn-around, quick-pay gigs), but still — I can’t blow my entire garden budget just on seeds. So I have to think it through a bit more. Also, there are some plants who will do better if I buy them as Baby Plants instead of starting them as seed, as I learned during the Holly Walk.

I priced patio furniture and am kind of horrified by the cost. $649 is the low end for a metal bistro table and chairs? Really? I can do better than that. And I can do better than the going rate on Adirondack chairs. I just have to pay attention and repaint a lot.

I do have quite a bit to say about the assassination attempt on Gabrielle Giffords, but it’s going into an article. Why is anyone surprised? It was only a matter of time before this happened. Words have power, and we have irresponsible Snake Oil Salesmen (and Women) inciting this violence, then backpedaling and pretending they had nothing to do with it. In reality, they are dancing with glee on the graves of the dead and are such cowards that they incite rather than take any sort of action themselves. Not that I agree with this specific action, I don’t want to come across as though I do, but those who incited it are cowards and hoped someone else was crazy enough to do their dirty work.

Watched THE CAPE pilot last night, (spoiler alert), and I must say, I liked it better than I thought I would. Writing’s better than I expected, premises executed better than I expected, I like David Lyons in the lead — he knows when to be intense, when to pull back, and when to throw away a line to make it work better. I like that he trains and learns to use both his physicality and illusion instead of being zapped with nuclear something and gaining superpowers. He earns his skills, and uses his brain. I like the supporting cast and the whole carny-as-hiding place/training ground — plus it gives the designers a wonderful canvas. I like the design a lot, although I want better lighting. I understand keeping him in shadow sometimes, but please, could we see the action already? I’m a fan of Summer Glau’s work (hey, she’s from the Joss Whedon Repertory, and I’ve got a soft spot for most of his ensemble), but I’m not sold on Orwell as a character yet. I bet she turns out to be Fleming’s daughter or sister or something. My big problem is the villain. Peter Fleming is rich and greedy, but he’s not all that scary, smart, or creative. He must have inherited his wealth, because the character that’s up there isn’t smart enough to have accumulated it himself. Cain showed promise; I’m on the fence about how I feel about the organization of assassins called Tarot — although it makes sense, because they’ve decided to be Karma-For-Hire. I’d have a lot more respect if they went after bad guys in a way Vince couldn’t stomach rather than just being for hire, since they’re co-opted the tarot. If it descends into ignorant Hollywood cliche about my beliefs and practices, I will shut the show off. But I liked a lot of what I saw, I hope the villains man up (probably won’t until they toss some female villains into the mix), and I’m interested enough to watch a few more shows. The teasers NBC ran made me NOT want to watch it, and I only happened to flick onto it and decided WTH. Glad I did.

Up early, yoga, meditation, writing, etc. Will spend a few hours on the page and then run some errands — next snowstorm set to hit tomorrow night, and I want to make sure there’s enough cat food. I can eat my way through leftovers for a good long time, but the cats need provisions. Also, need to get the MA car title into the safety deposit box — it’s so much fancier than NY’s — I feel like i’ve been given an award or something. Need to get more filters for the furnace — it’s nearly 90 days and time to change the first one, and do a few other dribs and drabs. Then, I’ll start taking down the holiday decorations. A little late, but I want to get them boxed up and put away this week. It will seem very bare, but it’s time to let go of the first holiday season in the new house.

I probably won’t make it to the dump until tomorrow, but I want to get the garbage cleared out before the storm.

Got my next assignment from Confidential Job #1, so I can get started on that, too.

The Stephanie Plum workshop wound up yesterday, really fun, great discussions. The One Story, Many Voices stretches for the whole month, and I’ve got a live chat on Wed. January 12 at 8 PM EST about craft — I need to find out some details and do a test hop-on so I’m not locked out during the chat.

We’ve been warned to cancel all plans for Wednesday, expecting 7-12 inches of snow, and then I’ve got a lot to do on Thursday. I wanted to take the car in for its 40,000 mile check-up on Friday — it’s running fine, but needs the equivalent of a spa day — but I might take the cats to the vet on Friday and try to book the car for Tuesday, unless another storm’s coming.

I need to get some pitches out and possibly get a press pass for something early next week.

So much for sleeping for three days! I did four loads of laundry yesterday when I got back, and I’ve got at least one more today. More, once I pull the festive holiday fabric — I like to wash it and iron it before I put it away.

And off we go.