Mon. June 12, 2017: Rev Up for a Creative Week

Monday, June 12, 2017
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and warm

It took me awhile on Friday, to recover from the disappointment of the meeting. I spent the weekend composing my letter withdrawing from consideration. The more I worked on it, the angrier I got. I haven’t worked my way into a strong union, as a labor negotiator, and an advocate for fair pay for work to be told I wouldn’t be paid for hours worked, but only on the whim of the people with whom I dealt. That’s not a job; it’s a scam. I don’t care how they try to wrap it in legitimacy. It was my understanding, as of last December, it was also illegal.

On the upside, the finished, polished article I submitted, was accepted and paid within two hours.

I read a thriller which was, unfortunately, not thrilling. I was 20 chapters ahead of the protagonists by Chapter three.

Saturday was a combination of house-keeping: changing the beds, mowing the meadow, doing laundry, et al — and writing.

I wrote 20 more script pages, and a short story which will go out either today or tomorrow, depending on how much polishing it needs. I also did some outlining on a new script idea — I have a great group of characters, but I haven’t settled on a solid plot/story for them yet.

Tapwrit won the Belmont Stakes, with Irish War Cry second. They were a boxed exacta for me, so good for me. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to bet on the race. I didn’t realize until I moved here how important OTB was to my life — and my income.

Sunday, I gave myself off from writing. I worked on the next book I have to review, and I read some research books that will cover several projects.

I also obtained an exercise bicycle, off of Craigslist. It’s wonderful, and MCA Sport, with a timer and everything. It’s my mom’s favorite form of exercise, but we’re both going to do a session every morning and every night. I’ve lost some weight the last few weeks, but I’m still out of shape, even with a daily yoga practice. I hope adding in the cycling will help.

It was nice enough to eat lunch on the deck all weekend, and also take some of my work out there and work outside, in the nice weather.

Congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins for winning the Stanley Cup! Second year in a row. Good for them!

And the Tony Awards were last night. Always a great night for the theatre. The producers and the network regard is as one big commercial to draw in ticket sales, but to the rest of us in the business, it’s far more than that.

Upped my meditation practice, too, adding in a night meditation session. I can already feel the difference, after just a few days. So, I will continue.

This morning, I’m drafting some pitches to go out later in the day, paying some bills, working on a couple more articles. I already mowed the lawn.

I hope I can get the “have-tos” done in a reasonable amount of time and switch back to the more creative “want-tos.”

Hope your week’s off to a great start!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Planter of petunias in the front yard

Thursday, June 16, 2011
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Boston won the Stanley Cup! I’m both delighted and surprised! It was quite a game yesterday. Winning something this big in someone else’s building is always bizarre.

I have my debut over on The Writers Vineyard talking about introductions, and then I’m also over on The Book Connection with talking about inspiration everywhere. Visit both and say hi!

Yesterday morning, I got a lot of my work done and spent time with students. Had a good session on THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY, did work for the Mermaid Ball, etc.

Costume Imp and I hit the road at 11. We drove out to Tobey Farm in Dennis to look around, stopped at Parnassus Books, and had lunch at The Optimist Cafe in Yarmouth, where both the atmosphere and the food are great. Then, it was back to Hyannis to the farmers’ market, Trader Joe’s, the liquor store, the the other grocery store.

I went back to work, doing some more stuff on Confidential Job #1, and Costume Imp cooked — pizza with pasta salad. He’s a fabulous cook, so it was great.

Watched hockey at night, celebrated the victory. Up early this morning – and Imp was up early, too (not my fault, swear)! I got my daily quota done on SPIRIT REPOSITORY, and then, in a little while, we’re headed east. We’re supposed to have a good day today, weather-wise, and I’m hoping there won’t be too much traffic/too many tourists.

I’ll have a lot to do when I get back (like mow, finish the work for Confidential Job #1, spend time with my students, work on articles). But I’ve also got to take advantage of the weather!


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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday, June 5, 2008
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Rainy and warm

I’ll attempt to make this a short post, so if you haven’t had time to read yesterday’s marathon-length post, you can finish!

I’m putting together my press list for HEX BREAKER, and looking at “stuff” – because, once there’s cover art, there will be “stuff” to give away, and yes, dear hearts, you’ll all get the chance at some. I want to find some fun stuff that’s also relevant to the story. Thanks, Jackie – I’m looking at the company you recommended. And I’m working on permutations of an overall press release that can be sent hither and yon, depending upon the needed angle.

I’m also working on my new Fearless Ink brochure – between the trip to Maine and the trip to the Cape, I have, probably close to 250 new prospects that need a brochure, business cards, and a kick ass letter for a direct mail.

I looked back at the job listings put up while I was gone. 95% are simply insulting. Therefore, it is time for me to do a direct mail piece targeted towards places for whom I really want to work, and convincing them that their business will grow oh-so-much better with me.

This all helps fight the inevitable crash of coming back from an excellent trip. Bad case of the blues. The cats were happy I was home, but I wanted to be back on the Cape. Preferably, moving my belongings into my new home.

One of my editors at Confidential Job #1 was fired – this is the same company that recently cut our rates. If they fire the other editor, I’m giving my notice. It’s unacceptable to start treating people the way they are. I may leave anyway, if it becomes too much work for too little money. You can bet the top-level executives didn’t take a pay cut – why should we? We’re the ones doing the actual work. I’m devastated – these are two of the best editors with whom I’ve ever worked.

Got some work done on the adaptation this morning, and am getting ready to dive into the rest.

Amy, I’ve written for the Llewellyn calendars and almanacs for nearly 13 years now, and I learned most of the retrograde information from the other authors there. The almanacs and the calendars have great information. For general astrology information, I found the best-written book THE ONLY ASTROLOGY BOOK YOU’LL EVER NEED by Joanne Martine Woolfolk. I also have a book called RETROGRADE PLANETS; TRAVERSING THE INNER LANDSCAPE by Erin Sullivan. It’s very good, but my personal experience with tracking how retrogrades manifest in my life is a little more wide-ranging and not as absolute as the book indicates. Sullivan also wrote another interesting book called THE ASTROLOGY OF FAMILY DYNAMICS. Weiser Books published both.

Okay, must dash out and buy cat food, and then get back to work. I got an interesting nibble from a prospective employer in Canada – we need to talk further. It sounds a little too good to be true, but I don’t want to assume anything without a complete picture. I don’t want to get so jaded I never give anyone the benefit of the doubt. I’ll talk further before making any decisions.

Belmont Stakes coming up Saturday. Tomorrow I’ll have the entire race card handicapped. It’s going to be a hot, humid day on Saturday, which means I am going to be CRANKY. 😉 I’m a snow and ice girl, not a heat and humidity girl.

Detroit won the Stanley Cup last night — Yee-hah! Mike Babcock, their coach is both an amazing coach and a terrific human being. I was thrilled when Detroit hired him, and I’m even more thrilled that they won the Cup. It was a great game. The Pittsburgh Penguins have come so far this year — I know they’re hurting today because they lost, but when they look back over the entire season, they should be so proud. The team was in trouble for a long time, and this year was a wonderful comeback.

Oh, and I dreamed the show did a photo call on Martha’s Vineyard and we hit a storm on the ferry over . . .


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