Tues. March 10, 2020: Trying to Stay On Course

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Last Day of Full Moon
Mercury Went Direct Late Last Night

Thank goodness Mercury won’t be in retrograde for my birthday.

At least, in these last few weeks, with surgery and healing and prepping for more surgery, and all that, I’ve gotten a chance to think about a few issues and make some decisions. I will review those decisions now that Mercury is direct, and then, after my next surgery in ten days, start acting on those decisions. I will share those decisions as I’m comfortable so doing.

I worked on one of the books to review, but didn’t finish it. I needed rest, and to do so, I decided to re-read some of Donna Leon’s Brunetti books. That was good.

I did some of my own writing (although not enough). I worked on article pitches. I figured I’d wait until today and tomorrow to send them, when Mercury is direct.

Worked with the cats. With Charlotte, it’s two steps forward, one step back. But at least it’s that ratio, and not more backward movement than forward. I have to accept that it will take several years to undo the damage they have. But at least she loves to sit in her bed next to the window while I work on the computer. When I have to go out, she sits there and waits for me to come home, and then greets me. I just have to figure out a way to broker a deal for peaceful co-existence between her and Tessa.

Willa and Tessa have peaceful co-existence, and they might even work up to being friends one day.

From their behavior, I suspect their original human thought it was “cute” when they competed for attention. Therefore, they believe that only one of them can get attention and affection. When, in reality, there is plenty of attention and affection for all three, and when one gets it, it doesn’t mean less love available for the other two. That’s learned behavior, and only socialized affection over a long period of time will get them to adjust. Working on it every day.

The Goddess Provisions box arrived — all about dreaming. Some good stuff in there.

The Chewy order arrived on Saturday afternoon. Fed Ex dumped it on the side yard, instead of leaving it at the door. We couldn’t see it from the windows; the only reason I knew it arrived was because the tracker said it was delivered.

Then, I had to drag it into the garage and unpack it into the garage, because, after surgery, I still can’t lift much.

But we’ve got food and litter and new toys. The cats were thrilled with their new toys. Tessa got a catnip-filled carrot with feathery bits on top. She drags it around the room upstairs and loves it. Charlotte got a rattly catnip squirrel and Willa a soft, catnip-filled mop ball. Only Charlotte stole Willa’s toy, and Willa was upset. She didn’t want it anymore, with Charlotte’s cooties on it.

There are catnip fish and mice that I hid and will dole out in the coming weeks.

We put the sofabed away, finally, on Friday afternoon, and have some semblance of a normal living room back, at least until the middle of next week, when we set it up again for my next surgery. I got the instructions for the prep and am not happy about it. Everyone’s acting like this is nothing; I think it will be worse than the first surgery.

I’m trying to adjust the iron pills, because I’m in a constant state of nausea from them. That’s the one good thing about the second surgery — no iron pills for the week before.

Four loads of laundry on Saturday. Should have baked bread, but was too tired.

It snowed overnight into Saturday — just a few inches. And was lovely and spring-like Sunday, but I was too tired to do yard work.

Trying to get some tidying done because of those damned Home Energy Assessment people coming on Friday morning (before my follow-up appointment). I resent that I’m the one who has to lose work so the landlord can apply for a loan. This is the fourth time I’ve had to lose work in this whole replace-the-furnace debacle — and we still don’t have a new furnace. Not to mention it’s in the middle of all the health issues. I resent it. The landlord had THREE YEARS to get this done. And we HAD an assessment — SEVEN YEARS ago, and he made zero changes from it.

So I’m grumpy.

I’m also grumpy from the whole “spring forward.” I hate it. It upsets my energy levels and internal clock for weeks. I felt behind all day yesterday, even though I got up almost at my usual time.

I made a vegetable sauce for pasta out of the Brunetti cookbook last night, and it was good: eggplant, zucchini, tomato, three kinds of peppers, olives. Just yummy.

I’m worried about the spread of the Corona virus. My mother is in the top risk category, being in her nineties. Because of my current health issues, I am also high risk. So we’re being cautious. And the people who don’t take it seriously and take glee in putting others at risk make me angry. Interesting how all of them around here who do that are also supporters of the Narcissistic Sociopath.

Up at the normal time yesterday, grumpy as all get out. The first early morning writing helped lift my mood. Had to go onsite with a client for awhile, then pick up some milk and bread on the way home.

Up early today, writing, and then onsite again with a client. Not happy that I can’t do the work from home. Can’t afford not to work for this particular client right now. So I’m being as cautious as I can in the situation.


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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and mild
Spring Forward!
International Women’s Day

Yes, today is International Women’s Day, so celebrate the women in your life!

And I just want to say that I truly resent having to “spring forward” and lose an hour of sleep! I’m cranky for days. At least this year, it happens a few days before my birthday. The year it happened ON my birthday, I took it very personally. 😉

Got some good work done on the Billy Root story yesterday, which I think I will call CRAVE THE HUNT. Double-entendre title, which will make sense once one reads the book!

A not-so-nice neighbor moved yesterday. Glad the person’s gone, but listening to the moans and groans and bumps of moving made me laugh and also distracted me from some of my work. And she couldn’t be bothered to clean up after the movers – partially drained coffee cups and napkins and all kinds of debris were left all up and down the hallway, which is just rude.

I withdrew my name from consideration for a project yesterday. I received a third round of questions – information which was already sent in previous communications, and I was asked for information which I feel is inappropriate to the position for which I applied. I’ve got contracted, paid deadlines coming up – I think this project would interfere. In the week or so of communications, I’ve been asked the same questions over and over again, and it’s obvious that none of the materials I’ve sent were reviewed. It’s hoop jumping, to see who keeps writing back before even looking at the materials, and that’s a waste of my time, which is just as important as the time of the person hiring. We are not a good fit, and if I’m this frustrated in the pre-interview process, we should not work together. I wrote a pleasant withdrawal letter, and I am done. It felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Again, one should always go with one’s gut. I definitely have the skill level for this project, I’ve got a lot of top level credits in that particular area, and I have no doubt that my skills are far beyond those of most who applied – but I can already tell I’d tear out my hair during the course of it. Buh-bye.

Managed to get to the beach and take a long walk through the park beside the beach and the boardwalk. If you’ve ever seen the movie BIG, the parts on the Boardwalk near the water at the beginning and ending of the movie were shot in my town, and that’s where I go to clear my head. The weather was gorgeous, and there were several dozen dogs playing on the grass and down on the beach in the water, having the BEST time after being cooped up for weeks.

I figured out some Billy Root stuff, and worked out some stuff for another project, and enjoy a small taste of spring. So that was good.

I started re-reading POSSESSION, by A.S. Byatt yesterday. Fascinating book, but it helps if you’re well-grounded in English literature. Byatt really pulls something off – dealing with two scholars researching two poets who turn out to have a connection. She writes from several points of view, including letters, journals, and poetry in the styles of several of her characters, in addition to creating a multi-layered plot and complex characters. I never saw the movie, even though I know the person who adapted it into a screenplay (and love his work) because there’s too much going on to trim it back and stuff into a two hour or less movie. I might rent it at some point, because Aaron Eckhert is in it, and I like his work.

I’m also re-reading Madeleine L’Engle’s Crosswick Journals. I have the first and the fourth. I’m re-reading the first, A CIRCLE OF QUIET. Her thoughts on writing and her commitment to a fully-integrated life, rather than boxing off the “writing” part from the rest of her life are fascinating and refreshing. The journal is fascinating not just for the writing aspects, but for the human aspects. What she figures out in her writing process is pretty wonderful, too. I keep my eye out in bookstores and sales for volumes 2 & 3 – I’ll find them someday and enjoy them when I do.

I’m getting better about actually turning off the computer after dinner and having an evening away. It helps with the computer’s problems, and, spending fewer hours on the computer per day means that, when I’m on it, I’m far more focused and productive.

However, before even 10 AM, forces conspired to prevent a productive day. I hope to overcome them.

Back to the page.


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