Tues. March 13, 2012: Spring weather means Yardwork!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

Yesterday was a beautiful Cape Cod day. The weather was gorgeous.

I got a big, elaborate envelope from White Flower Farms — a gift certificate from Lori! Thank you so much — I’ve got my eye on a amethyst wisteria . . .

And I opened the computer to good wishes, some from people from whom I hadn’t heard in ages, and lovely cards in the mail from other friends. It was nice to be remembered and wished well! I’m excited about the possibilities ahead.

I made my mom rest, and she felt much better by the afternoon. I worked on cleaning the house and doing laundry and getting work done. The client is still dragging feet on payment, ignoring my requests, AND, now, not even doing the administrative work that is part of the deal — I’m getting all the questions that they’re supposed to be handling. I’m kind of surprised at how quickly and severely the situation is souring. Part of it could well be growing pains in both directions, and they are different directions.

I’ve got meditation this morning, then more housecleaning, and work with students, then driving to Providence to pick up Costume Imp. I’ve got two proposals to get out, the HEX BREAKER media kit to finish, and I have to figure out how to juggle the bills that have to be paid tomorrow with monies that are owed to me and not here.

I’ve got another project I need to put together and launch this week, and an assignment to finish for Confidential Job #1. It’s intense, a little intense for me right now, but it’s also very interesting, so it’s just a case of buckling down and doing it.

It was so nice yesterday afternoon that I did some work in the yard, and then pulled out a couple of chairs so we could sit outside for a bit and just be. I want to do a little bit of work every nice day, so that I’m not suddenly overwhelmed in early May, the way I was last year. I took Tessa out with me — she loves being outside, and is very good about just sitting in my arms, taking it all in. I think I’ll put her in the puppy training cage this summer, so she can be outside with us, but still safe (and always under supervision).

At one point, I was working (inside) and smelled smoke. I was absolutely convinced the dryer caught fire. It hadn’t — a neighbor was burning something in the yard. But it was a little worrying at the out set!

On the fence about a new short story. It features my horse-playing tarot reader; I’m just worried it’s a bit too much on the sweet side.

I’m excited to go to the Boston Horticulture Show on Thursday. When I think how much I’ve learned in the past year, it’s even more exciting!


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