Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Up early yesterday, loaded the car, on the road a bit after 6:30. Yes, that’s AM! Not a bad drive up at all, unloaded the car. I went to Cooke’s to get take out fish and chips, so we could eat at home. Love Cooke’s, great food, very friendly, and they’re happy I’ve moved to the area. I’ve been a good customer not living there for several years, so now that I’m in the area . . .

Wound up wrapping the pictures and mirrors in sheets and, those that could fit were tucked into pillow cases. Worked very well. I’m not going to put much on the walls until the furniture is all in and we’ve lived in the space for a bit.

Big Drama for the bed delivery. Mattress up to my room just fine, but they couldn’t get the box spring up either set of stairs. Now, I’ve done load-ins and outs all over the world through much smaller spaces, and I could have gotten it up the backstairs. But they swore they couldn’t, insisted on taking off the back doors to take it up the front stairs, which are smaller and with a lower overhang, so of course, that didn’t work. But, hey, I’m a WOMAN, so what the hell do I know? Their delivery supervisor told me I had to “upgrade” to a split box spring for $100 and then pay another delivery charge. Hell, for what they charged for delivery, they should have effing built me a new box spring right there in the bedroom!

Not lovin’ the Sleepy’s experience so far.

This is not a lilliput house, and there were plenty of beds and box springs much bigger than my fullsize that got up there just fine (checked with the owner). These dweebs simply didn’t know what they were doing.

Sent them away with the box spring, tracked down my sales guy, held my temper, and told him we needed to come up with a solution. To make me feel that Sleepy’s was really customer-oriented would have been to make the switch for absolutely nothing — to me, that would be good customer service. I was prepared for them to continue to be asshats and for me to tell them to refund the money for the box spring and I’d get one elsewhere. We negotiated back and forth and I’m getting my split for $50 and change, no delivery charge. Not the perfect solution, but we each get part of what we want, and that’s what a negotiation is about.

We will see what actually happens — it’ll take about a week for the “special order” split box to magically appear.

This is an acceptable solution, but certainly doesn’t make me want to shop there again. Add to that, the delivery guys were supposed to set up the bed and merely left the mattress, in its wrapping, in the middle of the floor. So I had to unwrap the thing AND drag it where I want it to be.

Like I said, not loving my Sleepy’s experience.

I will, however, carve up and flatten the mattress wrapping to use as a painting drop in the garage when I repaint some furniture. I recycle! 😉

Cooked a nice dinner, relaxed in the living room for awhile, but went to bed early. My mom and I switched rooms, and she’s sleeping on my mattress for now, because, hey, she’s 86 and shouldn’t have to sleep on the floor. I’m perfectly content in my LL Bean sleeping bag.

Up early this morning. The heat works really well. As nervous as I am with having an actual flame in my furnace for gas heat, it heats the space much more evenly than I’ve experienced with oil.

Yoga, meditation, breakfast, watered the grass — the grass seed is growing, it’s so exciting! Found out my neighbors across the street have a West Highland Terrier, which I intend to become good buddies with.

Back on the road a little before 8 AM this morning, smooth drive down, got to the apartment around noon, back into the hell and chaos that is this building. The scumbag landlords are just relentless. We are keeping our lawyer here to continue the fight once we’re gone.

Sent off the deposit to the movers, wandered to City Hall to vote. I don’t like the new ballots as much as I loved the lever machines – one really felt like one VOTED — yes, all in capital letters — with those. I haven’t commented much on races, because I think Senate and Congressional candidates need to be chosen by the people they’re supposed to represent. I have an opinion on some of the people running, especially if I’ve had dealings with them, but unless they’re going to represent ME, I need to shut up about them. So I have. I’ve bitched and moaned plenty privately, but that’s what friends and journal entries are for! I voted for the people here, even though I’m leaving, who I’ve worked with, and who I know do a good job for the people in this region. I don’t get to vote for the people who will represent me where I”m going — but by Christmas, they will all know who I am and what I expect from them. As far as I’m concerned, they are MY employees, and when I don’t like that they do, I will do my darndest to fire them in the next go round, when I’m registered to vote there. And, if they DO listen and represent me well (which doesn’t always mean agreeing with me and doing what I say, but does mean listening to me and giving me valid reasons for going in a different direction, not Politician-speak), I’ll give them my utmost support.

After voting, went to Costco. Stocked up on stuff, left most of it in the car, and will drive it up to the house in the morning. I’m packing the liquor bottles tonight and taking them up in crates tomorrow, along with herbs and stuff from the cupboads, and some other annoying and unwieldy objects that the movers shouldn’t have to deal with.

I’m getting better with the garden hose. I only hit myself once in the head with the nozzle this time, and I’m getting good at coiling it.

The Tending the Dead ceremonies are going well. They’re very easy to do at the house — everything flows naturally. I’m keeping odd and long hours, but that’s just the gig for the next few weeks. I’ve always kept odd and long hours. Theatre, film, and television don’t work on 9-5 schedules. It’s all towards a very specific goal that will make life better, so it’s worth a little discomfort now.

I just feel bad for the cats, especially Violet. It’s really hard on them. I try to give them a lot of attention while I’m here.

Packing like a madwoman, trying to prep for tomorrow. We’re at the point where it looks like it will never get done. It will, I’ve done this before, there’s always those few days of being overwhelmed. Somehow, it all comes together.


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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Scheduled to post

How to make me froth at the mouth: When I say I am not phone accessible for X amount of time and I need you to EMAIL me information, do not fucking CALL me!!!!

Okay, now that that’s out of the way!

We were on the road by 6:30, at the house by 10:30 on Thursday. Hit my head badly on the car — have a truly egg-shaped lump that hurts like hell. But I’m not seeing double and no slurred speech, so it’s all — well, not good, but nothing serious. Instead of La Famille Raccoon, we were cheered on by a skunk. By the time I finished packing the car, the skunk was making faces because he was downwind of me and I was that rank! 😉 Thank goodness for the fabulous shower at the house. The owner was there, repainting the cover on the back deck. He and his wife are so great! She’s friends with the local librarian, and will take us over to introduce us, once we’re really moved in — and have a utility bill so we can get a library card. That’s always my favorite part of going to a new place — getting the library card.

Unpacked, started the dishwasher, raced out to do some errands regarding my mom’s birthday, picked up some gifts, etc. Came home, had lunch, and my mom went with me to pick out my new mattress. I haven’t had a comfortable bed since I gave up the Manhattan apartment, so it’s about damned time!

It gets delivered when we’re back up at the house on Monday.

And it will have new sheets on it, because I bought some new sheets and towels. Somehow, no matter how many sheets and towels I have, I always want a new set for a new place.

Put the new sheets and towels in the wash and, in the dryer, wound up with a fluff bomb! The lint trap was cleaned, but it refilled about every five minutes. Finally took the sheets out and hung them up in the storage room over the garage to dry (the storage room that has two walls of bookcases and a wall of closets, and will eventually have two reading chairs, a lamp and a rug in there, too).

Did some more errands, mostly looking for lamp shades. All the shades I liked came with lamps. And, if I bought lamp & shade and then swapped out the shade, I’d have to find a new shade for the now-naked lamp. And I didn’t like the bases that came with the shades.

Yeah, I know, earth-shattering stuff, isn’t it? I am well aware that the Fate of the Universe will not be affected by my choice of lampshade.

Found a great consignment shop in S. Yarmouth. Right near some of the other houses we looked at, and near Seven Beans, the really good coffee place. I like the woman who runs it a lot. I’ll be back when I’m in a headspace for vintage clothes and shoes — they were great, but I’m in “housewares mode” right now, and couldn’t focus.

Cooked a great stir-fry dinner. I love cooking in the new kitchen. And now most of my baking pans are up. Soon, there will be cookies!

Did some more measuring, figured stuff out, hung out in the livingroom with the candles and decorations. Those candelabra I bought look AWESOME on the mantel. I’d actually measured the litter boxes and the small ones will fit where we want them. Don’t yet know where we’ll put the big one.

Meditation before bedtime — so much easier there. Slept well, up early, wonderful yoga and meditation session in the morning. I have my mat and my crate with the weights, jumprope, yoga books, etc. up there now, which is nice.

Good breakfast, packed the car, had to wait what seemed like an eternity for the dishwasher to cycle through — I’m still at the stage where I don’t want to leave the house until everything is OFF. Watered the grass seed — provided entertainment value to the neighborhood as I wrestled with a garden hose for the first time in my life. Pretty funny, and got my shirt dirty, so had to wash it and change before we could head home.

Opened the front door and found my next assignment for Confidential Job #1 was delivered to the house! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Didn’t get out the door until 8:30 this time, but had done a thorough walk-through, check list so I didn’t have to drive back again. I love this house — it feels like it’s alive, and it’s happy when we’re in it. When I’m away from it, I miss it.

Stopped in Old Saybrook. The trunk — something was wrong with it. When I touched it to check it out, it felt really, REALLY wrong. So I didn’t buy it. And the good tile tables were gone. So I bought a copper kettle and a pear-shaped candleholder.

Drive back was fine. Got to the apartment in early afternoon. The landlord crap was awful, as usual. It’s gone beyond ridiculous. So it was a rough afternoon. I got a little packing done, unpacked and repacked the bags I need for the weekend gig, prepared my mom’s birthday dinner.

She had a really good birthday, and thanks you for all your good wishes.

We already have guests booked for December, January, and February at the house! It’s such fun to be able to be hosts again. Haven’t been able to do that in a long time. And here, I’m the one so infamous for my monthly dinner parties for 20+ on the West Coast, and I haven’t been able to do that for the past few years.

Violet is so upset she’s throwing up her food. I spent as much time as I could calming her down. Iris just pretends none of this is happening.

Came home to find the rest of my book order for the classes I taught last month, and also my zafu cushion. Love it. I got 2-for-1, so my mom gets one, too.

Sleepy’s called twice already to push back the delivery time for my new mattress. It HAS to be there on Monday. Period, end of story, because we’re not there Tuesday. And, considering how damn much they charge for delivery — they damn well better be there when they say so, or there will be Better Business Bureau HELL to pay.

Speaking of which, Cablevision is acting like (string of nasty words deleted), and I’m not even talking about losing the Fox channels. Look, let’s face it, Fox does some great fiction, and that includes what they call “news” — (in my opinion, most of their so-called “journalists” wouldn’t recognize a fact if it walked up and hit them over the head with a two-by-four). So I don’t really miss those channels — but if I pay for X channels, I should have X channels. No, they’re being dicks about the previous complaint, and have sabotaged my service since I filed with the BBB. So I keep sending them invoices. I look forward, next week, to cancelling my service with them. Boy, do I have egg on my face after saying how great they were. They actually were good, the first year I had them. And then they grew too fast and reverted back to being, well Cablevision.

Unfortunately, my ONLY option on the Cape is Comcast. Which I already know totally sucks. And I will tell them, when I place my order, than I expect them NOT to suck.

Off to a job in CT this weekend, leaving early this a.m, which is why it’s scheduled to post — looking forward to lots of rest time in there — actually, my boss on the gig planned it so I could basically get paid just for being there. Gotta love it.

Hopefully, I will have packed some more last night, but I’m REALLY tired, so I might give myself the night off to rest, and then attack what needs to be packed Sunday night for Monday’s trip. I have the boxes that are the first layer, so it’s all about packing the mirrors and pictures and the broom and my oak staff and my head-on-a-stick (don’t ask), and my Karma Fairy Wand from the Moontribe Tales Project in 1999, which will live in my office and — you get the idea. My oak staff — bought at the Central NY Scottish Games a few years ago is tall, and my broom is the same height I am. We’re calling the carload “pictures and sticks”. Because if it’s a stick or a stone or a shell, I pick it up on my travels.

Hey, imagine that, it’s going down into the 30s and the scumbags gave us heat. CC’ing the Health Department on my complaints is getting results.

And yes, “resting” this weekend – includes writing.

Heck, this IS a writing blog — I at least have to use the word once a week during the moving process, right? 😉