Fri. Oct. 30, 2020: Die For Your Employer Day 163 — Rain, Snow, Cold

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Friday, October 30, 2020

Day Before Full Moon

Neptune, Uranus, Mars, Mercury Retrograde

Cold rain/end of Hurricane Zeta

It’s actually snowing in Boston and north and west. Not sure if here, it will switch over to an icy mix, or just stay cold rain.

I managed to give my mom a nice 96th birthday celebration, in spite of us being in the middle of a pandemic. Good food, presents she really wanted, quiet companionship. So that was good. And lots of lovely wishes from so many people, which delighted her when I shared them.

I didn’t do much; a little bit of writing, some LOIs, some reading. I just enjoyed the day with her.

It’s also hard to concentrate with all the political frenzy going on. Today, I plan to clear off as many deadlines as possible, so next week can be about riding the crazy and hoping for the best.

Knowledge Unicorns was fine yesterday, although at this point, all of them either have friends who are sick or know someone who died. Fortunately, the parents of these kids remain resolute about not sending their kids back out to die.

I don’t get the parents that are not only sending their kids to school, but some of them are increasing the days their kids are there. They claim the kids need the socialization. Honey, they can’t socialize if they’re dead. For crying out loud, don’t deliberately put your kid in danger. Your kid’s life is far more important than missing a few months of “socialization.”

I do understand the parents who have to go to work and don’t have childcare. That I get. They’re between a rock and a hard place, with everyone in the family in danger all the time. But the parents that have the option and send their kids out into danger? Or allowed their college-aged kids to go in-person to college because “it’s their decision”? Crazy, in my eyes.

We’re hit with the remainder of Hurricane Zeta today. We need the rain, and it should be nice for Halloween/Samhain tomorrow.

Case numbers continue past 1000 new cases each 24 hours in the state. Yesterday’s was part 1200 cases.

Tomorrow, I start the ceremonies for Tending The Dead for the next few days. With so many dead in the past few months, it feels overwhelming, but it’s also necessary.

Next weekend, I hope to get some extra sleep.

Yes, we fall back an hour this weekend, but I’m sure the cats don’t know that, so we’ll be up an hour earlier.

Have a good weekend, friends. See you on the other side.

Next week either breaks this country beyond repair, or starts the possibility to heal.

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