Tues. Sept. 29, 2020: Die For Tourist Dollars Day 132 — Furnace

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Waxing Moon

Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Mars Retrograde

Saturn goes DIRECT

Foggy and humid

I am deeply annoyed that, for the last two weeks, when I schedule posts for Monday, for intent, they don’t publish until Tuesday. I double check them. I’m sick of Word Press making things worse every time they “upgrade.”

Saturn going direct is going to take some pressure off, but Mars still interferes way too much. And, as Saturn is turning direct, it squares the Mars retrograde, which means stress.

One of the fun little things I found cleaning out was a pair of DKNY Absolut Vodka gloves. They’re tiny – just fit the hands, don’t go down over the wrists. Navy blue knit with pink logo. I must have worked some event in NYC during my production days and they were in the swag bag.

I am enraged that Breonna Taylor’s murderers face no consequences. And to all of those saying we shouldn’t protest? We’ll stop protesting when the government stops murdering its citizens – through ignoring the pandemic, through police violence, through refusing to deal with domestic terrorists, through economic, social, and racial inequality.

The first part of the weekend was a lot about socks. I FOUND that big box of socks for which I was looking. And it was even larger than I remembered – a WB Mason box, not a banker’s box.

Washed all those socks and tried to pair. I only got about 30 pairs out of the whole thing – and have about 100 orphan socks. I’m sure more orphan socks will turn up as I keep cleaning out, and those left, the true orphan socks – a Twitter pal said they make good craft projects for puppets, etc., and gave me some ideas. As soon as organizations feel its safe to accept donations, I will do so.

It was hot and humid all weekend, here at the end of September. Almost what used to be called “Indian Summer” but damper.

Sunday is best not talked about. It was a difficult day on the personal front, and not appropriate for me to air publicly. But it will resonate for a long, long time, and certainly didn’t make me feel more optimistic about anything.

The cats know I’m upset, and they worry, especially Charlotte and Willa. I keep trying to reassure them that nothing bad will happen to them, none of this will hurt them, but they remain unconvinced.

Read another of the books on the series I keep waffling about. This one I liked. It feels like it’s moving back into positive territory again.

Also re-read Louise Penny’s A TRICK OF THE LIGHT. That was the first Gamache book I ever read, and is still one of my favorites.

Got a bit of writing done, but not enough.  Having Sunday all day in turmoil set me back even further.

Monday, up early and out to the client’s. I was onsite on my own for most of it, which is as it should be, just overlapping for a bit (as safely as possible) with a colleague to make sure we were both on the same page with a few things, and not doubling the work.

Risked hopping over to Barnes & Noble in person. I got my first three journal books for the year (the private journal) there, matching this year, and need a fourth. They were sold out of what I had, but I found one that’s a close match and also looks a little holiday-ish, so that will work. And bought the first two books for next year – they didn’t have four matching books, so I’ll deal – something more fantastical, because I want next year to be filled with the fantastic, the magical, the wonderful.

Even if the bulk of it is spent at home.

In fact, it will be more magical if I spend the bulk of it at home.

Wherever home may be next year, since everything is being turned into short-term rentals in Barnstable, and those who can’t buy are screwed.

Anyway, the clerk told me that the principal of Barnstable High School was put on leave because he “wouldn’t let students read any books by white people” which sounds like she must have gotten it wrong. Expanding the curriculum to include diverse voices isn’t not letting students read books by white authors. Also, the principal can’t dictate what they read on their own time. So it sounds like she’s being a racist, but who knows? The Cape Cod papers all just said he was “on leave” and the announcement didn’t give a reason. Heaven forbid reporters should actually hunt down information around here. But the clerk told me that supposedly the Cape Cod Times will have a big piece in today’s paper all about the scandal. Of course, if it’s in the Cape Cod Times, which is owned by a “media group” and has gotten more and more right-wing over the years, why would I trust it? An acquaintance complains it’s gotten “too far left” – left of WHAT, exactly? It hasn’t been any more than an overpriced ad sheet with a few bits and pieces about friends of the “reporters” for years.

I’ll look it up and see what they have to say, and then see if there are any other stories on it, by organizations that aren’t controlled by the right. Which, on Cape Cod, is next to impossible to find at this point.

I swung by CVS to pick up my mom’s prescription. Home, decontaminated, and was exhausted.

Then got an email from the landlord. The landlord contacted me on Friday to let me know that the furnace people wanted to come by this afternoon to “take a look” to see what they needed for the new furnace. Which makes no sense, since they spent a couple of hours doing just that back in January, mansplaining and chatting when it could have been done in a half hour or less. Didn’t they take notes? Or were they too busy chatting?

I emailed the company back, cc’ing the landlord, stating Tuesday afternoon was fine, but I needed a time, and anyone entering the house must be masked, or they weren’t coming in.

No response.

Sunday afternoon, I got an email from the landlord, saying he heard from the furnace company that they were coming on Monday. I said they were not; they couldn’t just announce they were showing up. If they wanted to come in the afternoon, they could GET IN TOUCH WITH A TIME.


Yesterday morning, I got an email from the landlord stating that the furnace company had apologized to him for the confusion and the guy would be here today to look around “sometime after 2 PM” – which is just way too fucking vague. I’m supposed to sit around all afternoon and wait?

Talk about the shadow of the upcoming Mercury retrograde already being there.

Yesterday afternoon, I got an email from the landlord saying he heard from the owner of the company, and they have the furnace and want to start the installation today. It’ll take two days, and the heat has to be off, but it’s warm, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

While I don’t like all this last-minute crap and the fact that they refuse to deal WITH ME – and it’s not because I’m the tenant, it’s because I’m a woman, and this is all a club of Old White Men – I’m delighted that it will all get done in these two days, while it is mild, and not prolonged.

They are NOT doing the promised insulation, just switching out the furnace.

I cleaned out the furnace room, to give them space to work. There are still a lot of the empty boxes I’ve been stockpiling in anticipation of moving, but everything else has been cleared out. Swept the floors, gave the laundry table a good scrub. 

I have to clean the bulkhead doors this morning and oil the bulkhead doors. It was pouring down rain yesterday afternoon, and I wasn’t going to let it rain into the basement.

I have a case of water on the laundry table, and I deep cleaned the downstairs bathroom and have rearranged it for their use with liquid soap (lavender, but hey) and paper towels.

The cats will be upstairs in their playpens, and my mom will be up there keeping them company.

Everyone better be masked, because I’m not compromising on that.

Let’s get this done.

I’m not watching tonight’s debate. It will just make me sick to see the Narcissistic Sociopath prancing around up there.

It’s no surprise he’s broke and hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. Anyone who dealt with him in NY knows he never paid for anything, just used other people’s money. The whole thing is revolting.

I’m going to do the homework group with my Knowledge Unicorns, finish reading Rachel Caine’s INK AND BONE, and try to get some rest.

This morning, once I’ve cleaned and oiled the bulkhead, I will try to get in some client work before they arrive.

The chaos of the next two days is worth it. If we have a new, working, efficient furnace.

Peace, friends, and catch up with you tomorrow.

Mon. March 12, 2012: Saturn’s Challenges

Monday, March 12, 2012
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Saturn is definitely challenging me.

Stressful few days. There’s payment drama with one of my biggest clients. Not only has the payment/time ratio stopped working, now the payments themselves are getting erratic. I shouldn’t have to beg for monies for a 10 week project that was successfully completed, and get a payment for a smaller project that was also completed within that time frame instead of being paid for both promptly. Add to that a “mistake” of listing something else I’m doing for them at 1/3 of what I agreed — it’s just gotten out of control. I wasn’t even told the offering was live; if I hadn’t checked it myself, I have no doubt we’d have gotten close to the start date and I would have been told there was nothing to be done about it. I hate suspecting that, but that’s what my gut tells me, based on the way the past few months have gone.

The bottom line is that my work is no longer valued, and therefore, I must wind up the current contracts and replace this client with others. It makes me very sad. Angry, too, but mostly sad. Sad doesn’t pay the bills, though; action does. But that’s the way it goes, and Saturn is kicking my ass, not even giving me the chance to realize and set transitions. Saturn wants me to just do and do other things. Don’t know what they are yet, but that’s the way it is. So I guess the next week or two are about me discovering what they are. There isn’t time for me to sit around and feel bad. It was literally making me sick on Saturday — chest pains, etc. — and it’s just not worth it.

A serious snow storm — it came down so heavily at times I couldn’t even see across the street — was all melted a few hours later on Saturday. It was pretty funny.

I managed to turn 50 without major trauma, which was nice. Too much other stuff going on for the birthday to be a big deal! I had an offline day with friends and family, out to the Beehive, yoga, meditation, tarot, time outside in the fresh air, all that good stuff. The only errand was re-stocking the cabinet with cat food, but that’s not one I begrudge the fur balls! I’m feeling pretty good about the next stage of my life, things opening up for me, even if I don’t know what they are yet!

I have a lot of client work to get through today, along with student work, my own writing, and getting ready for company. Costume Imp arrives tomorrow afternoon. My mom was sick all night, so I told her to stay in bed, and I’m taking care of her, along with the housework.

Now, to get things done and start the shifts that need to happen in the right direction. Mercury is retrograde, so I’d really just like to stay in bed for the next few weeks, but that’s not an option.


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

At least it’s not as hot and humid these days as it was.

I was practically crippled by the migraine yesterday. I even had sensitivity to light, which is unusual — usually it’s just sound. Talk about misery.

I dragged myself to the grocery store, and to a thrift shop looking for props. Didn’t find exactly what I was looking for – well, I found a set of gorgeous dishes that were expensive that would work, but the price and the amount were too much for me to invest in — I don’t need service for 12, I need a pair of matching floral teacups. I thought I had some, but they’re not the right kind for this photo shoot. I may go up to my go-to store in Old Saybrook next week.

Went to my friend’s place, did four loads of laundry, and lay on the couch trying to get over the migraine most of the day.

After awhile, I could read a little bit. I’m reading a book that several of my friends absolutely raved about and I don’t get it. I like the premise, I like the research and the way the author’s imagination morphs it. I like some of the humor. There are too many references to clothes and shoes. I think the heroine is kind of an idiot and her learning curve’s not good enough for me, and the hero is a little too cliche romance hero. At the two thirds point, I said to myself, “five more pages and then I’ll put the book down” and it FINALLY picked up a bit so I could continue. I kept getting ahead of it all the time and waiting for the heroine to catch up, and, honestly, a few times, I wished the bad guys would get her because she was working my last nerve so badly. The opening chapter of the second book in the series seems better, so I may read it, but I’m not sure. It just doesn’t grab me, and I don’t see why it’s so popular. The writing’s workman-like, but not riveting; the ideas are interesting, but not brilliant. But I WANT to get it because I can learn from its popularity. There are plenty of other authors (like Yasmine Galenorn and CE Murphy) who cover similar territory and they do it better. So why is this series so popular? I want to figure it out.

I managed to watch a little TV last night: WAREHOUSE 13, which was fun, and I like better this season, and COVERT AFFAIRS, which just isn’t working for me. I’m going to stop watching it, even though I like Kari Matchett and Christopher Gorham (their work in scenes together is especially strong). It’s just not engaging me enough.

Woke up this morning with just residual from the migraine, but it’s starting up again due to the damn workmen and their power tools. I can’t be around repetitive machine noise, especially when it’s high-pitched.

Fortunately, I was up early enough to get in a good 1200 words on a WIP, finishing up a chapter. That helped my attitude for the day.

It still feels like Saturn is kicking my ass, but, oh well. And it’s not even retrograde, it’s just supposed to have moved out of Pisces. I think mine got stuck somehow.

Had a rather uninspiring conversation with someone who wants script coverage. I answered the ad with rates, resumes, samples. The response was, “Well, we can get someone to do that for $15.” And my response was, “And that’s why you keep having to advertise; those of us who are pros at it don’t work for $15/script, and those who work for that rate can’t give you the quality of coverage you need.” Moron.

A friend sent me a piece to critique — I’ve got to get on the ball with it. I love her writing, and I’m good at catching the (very few) inconsistencies that sometimes creep in, so that will be fun.

Anyway, onward. I’m going to try to get Elsa an acupuncture or Reiki appointment today for either later this week or sometime next week. I should get out some more queries and work on the new brochure, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen.


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