Tues. March 19, 2013: Another Storm

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Snowing and sleeting

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What can I say? I’m in a press release writing mood today! 😉

Yet another storm, on a rehearsal day. I’m really frustrated. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to call off tonight’s rehearsal — there’s no way I can expect people to be on the road in this weather.

Rue Allyn is my guest over on Biblio Paradise, talking about the muse. Stop by and visit! I also updated the “About” page, in case passers-by want to book a slot.

You can still sign up for Saturday’s Query Clinic and get line-by-line support on your query letters. Information here.

I worked with students, got out some pitches,wrote and sent out two articles, but most of yesterday was about finishing up the proposal for my agent. I got it off to her late in the afternoon. I’m still not dancing with joy about the synopsis, but the rest of it, I think, is strong, especially the first three chapters. The name change I was forced to do over the weekend actually opened the way for something better, including a catchier title. I’m happy that I got it done (on time) and excited by the possibilities.

Today, I get back to writing the actual book. It’s such an icky day out, it should be a good day to stay home and write. I also have to set up the tracking sheets for the book, so I can keep the necessary details consistent, and start setting up what will evolve into the Series Bible for this book.

Yes, I use the techniques I teach — otherwise, why bother?

Confidential Job sent me my next assignments. I’m still waiting to hear what the heck is going on with February’s invoice! They’re usually meticulous about paying promptly so I don’t know what’s going on, and I feel like I’m getting the runaround.

Plenty to work on, so I better just put my head down and do it.