Flood Watch (September 30)

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Tropical Storm NIcole

Like I have time for a flood/hurricane right now. Make an appointment, bitch! 😉

Unfortunately, I checked the brook at 7 AM and we are screwed. It’s got 4 feet before it floods, but that means it gained about 4-5 feet already overnight. I moved the car. I have to run an errand at 10 AM, and then I’ll probably move it up to the train station, which is the highest point in town. It’s not like Metro North is running properly anyway. And I’d rather risk a ticket than lose another car in a flood — especially my blue baby.

Busy day yesterday. Didn’t get anywhere near enough admin work done, or transfer crap from the PC the way I should have. Post office, bank, Trader Joe’s, PetSmart, storage, where, to my horror, I discovered I’ve used up the file boxes.

Back over to Staples (in the same complex as Pet Smart — bought 10 boxes. Used them all, just for “the good china”. WTF? I have that much good china? I’ll just have to have a Very Large Housewarming Party. I’m out of bubblewrap and almost out of tape, so I’ll be going back to Staples in a day or two. Thank goodness I stockpiled so much newspaper.

The cats are not amused by this AT ALL, and are making their feelings known.

Effing workmen nearly smashed my livingroom window AGAIN with their ropes. Local cops gave me a desk number to put on speed dial each time it happens, and they’ll just keep sending someone out. I’ve sent the landlords certified complaints about this and the illegal lease charges they’ve put in, and they ignore the documentation and simply keep charging. And send in more people to get physically aggressive. Thank goodness it’s only the City Council on their payroll and not the cops. The cops and the City Council are at odds right now because the City Council wants to union bust. Here, we have great cops and not enough of them, and the new Council treats them like crap AND wants to cut their pay. I’ve lived places with lousy police forces — I’m lucky to live somewhere that the cops are good and dedicated (and I grew up with most of them).

Packed up all the glassware and the cookbooks. You know I’m getting serious about things when I pack the cookbooks. Ran out of boxes, my friend stopped by with another stack, packed almost all of those. She can get the really good kind, that hold reams of paper, at work, so she’s stockpiling for me, and bringing them over whenever she can.

I’m boiling water and doing flood prep. I’ve got it down to a system by now. I’m hoping that, yet again, I’m overly cautious, but I’d rather be too prepared than unprepared.