Fri. Sept. 13, 2013: Characters Who are Sure of Themselves

Friday, September 13, 2013
Waxing Moon
Rainy and warm

I did not have a good writing day yesterday. I was out of words, and having trouble focusing.

The morning meeting went well. Today, I have to do follow-up, work on the play, and on some articles.

I read a terrific book yesterday, GAMEBOARD OF THE GODS by Richelle Mead. I was a little worried, because it touches on some of the same themes I’m exploring in a couple of WIPs, but, fortunately, we take it in different directions. I liked the book a lot.

We were visited by a trio of wild turkeys. They wandered through the yard and into the neighborhood. One of my less-favorite neighbors started chasing them, so they came back to my yard for refuge. I don’t use chemicals, I keep wild areas growing, and I welcome wild life, but not stupid humans. The local wildlife usually comes and hangs out with me. Tessa was fascinated, but also smart enough not to engage.

Watched the series finale of BURN NOTICE last night. I’ve enjoyed the series over the years. It was interesting to see how the creators handled characters in whom the audience invested so much over a long period of time.

Big storm this morning, with downpours. In the time it took to make the coffee, the buckets were full. I’ve refilled the water jugs.

Nearly 2K on Project D today. I thought this would be part of Project B or Project C, but the characters defined themselves and their purpose very strongly. I’m writing the scenes that are most present in my brain and then putting it aside to finish the other projects first.

Have a great weekend!


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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

That puff of heat is just a memory. It’s in the 40s today, and, you guessed it, no heat. Good thing I cooked yesterday and had the oven on. And I’m planning to bake an apple spice cake today.

I pretty much gave myself the day off yesterday. I finished the reading for Confidential Job #1 — now I have to write it up. I treated myself to the rest of Richelle Mead’s THORN QUEEN, which I thought was really well done.

Still having trouble with 1and1. We’re now into Day 5. And they just can’t be bothered to fix it. I can’t just pull everything to another host because first I have to go in and get what I need. So, this will be a process. But, much as I hoped to be able to work things out with them and remain a customer, their only interest it to keep taking my money without providing service. I can’t earn a living if my sites don’t work. It’s ridiculous not to be able to access them between 11 AM and 3 PM almost every day.

With the online conference coming up this week, I need access 24-7.

I decided to rearrange the exercises for the coming week — the one starting the conference is too complicated right now, and we need to build up to it. So I’ll do some tweaking this morning, and then put it up to give people plenty of time to get to work.

I’m also going to attack the essay today with the red machete — I’d like to be able to turn around a revision by Tuesday morning for my editor.

I did just over 1000 words this morning on a new story for an anthology. I have two ideas, one of which is a Merry’s Dalliance story, but I don’t know if I can get both done in time and out.

I’ve also got to get focused on the NYFA grants this week, in and around everything else. I want to get them out before the deadline.

This is also the busy time for me — with Samhain coming up, I get a lot of calls for house blessings, readings, etc., and that’s all got to get sorted. The plans for the DC trip are moving along well, and I’ve got to schedule in another day trip to Lenox and one to Concord, although the latter will probably be in early December, weather-permitting.

I’m not going to the Morgan Horse event in CT today — I just don’t feel up to it. I’d rather just head to the farmer’s market and see how much I can clear off my desk when I get back.