Tues. May 16, 2017: Breakthroughs and Restructuring

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Finally, a sunny day! Now, if I could only get that mower going! Otherwise, I’ll be sitting on the grass with the pruning shears, cutting a few inches at a time.

Yesterday wasn’t as productive in terms of words on paper as I would have liked, but it was good in terms of creativity.

I got out the short story and a re-slanted pitch. I was about to send out a filler; I checked the guidelines one last time, and found the publication is ceasing — something which wasn’t on their website last week! So I have to rethink and re-slant.

Did some research. Was going to give myself the day off from writing completely (except for the work I’d done on the short story in the morning), but didn’t want to lose momentum on WINNER TAKE ALL. So I did the next 20 pages of revisions on that, and it felt good. I should be able to finish this second draft in a day or two, and then put it aside to marinate.

Had a breakthrough on the proposal for the play set in Boston. All of a sudden, it came clear, it started shaping. I can write the synopsis, I’ve written several sample pages, the artistic vision of what I want to explore and why is clear. I even found the right title, at least for while it’s a work-in-progress. I love those kinds of epiphanies!

I wrote a good chunk of the proposal this morning. I have to type up what I scribbled for sample pages and finesse them before I finish the proposal and send it off.

I’m preparing for tomorrow, when there is a big sit-down to figure out how I want to reshape my career. I’m tired of the “everybody does” and “this is THE way it has to be. It’s obviously not working. The big 5 are dumbing down way too many of their releases; independent authors are struggling, and I know several who are ready to give up; the small publishers who do POD are shut out of too many venues that could be profitable; even Harlequin is shutting down five of its lines. Not that I have anything with Harlequin, but for the authors who’ve been paying their bills with those five lines, it’s a shock. There are things that “everybody does” that I don’t agree with, that I don’t like, and that don’t work for me.

So we have to sit down and find other ways. The Topic Workbooks do well, but they can do better. I want PLAYING THE ANGLES to have a good shot at market share when it re-releases, because it’s a good book, and I want the books that are set/planned for that world to build on each other. I want TRACKING MEDUSA to have a good re-release, so I can complete the books I see with those characters. Only then can I decide what I want to do with the Jain Lazarus books, which are in a weird limbo with their current publisher. I want to do more with the delectable digital delights, and I have a batch of short stories whose rights have reverted, and maybe I can do something with them that will serve them well. The Justice by Harpy trilogy is sitting around gathering dust instead of earning its keep, are EARTH BRIDE and ANGEL HUNT. They need to get out the door. I want to take the Sophie Batchelder books in the direction I believe is best for them, not the current constant dumbing-down, and I need to see if there’s also a place in the world for the Gin Adams books. These are stories that interest me, that I wrote because there wasn’t anything else like it on the market.

THE FIX IT GIRL is going to be solid; it’s going to need one more revision after this current draft, I think, but it should be ready for submission sometime in summer. I want to get back to NOT BY THE BOOK and HEART SNATCHER, which are geared to a specific, traditional market, and also get back to SONGBOUND SISTERS and the 1940s aviation mystery, both of which have early chapters which excited people.

At the same time, I have to balance and hustle and juggle the freelance work, which pays for everything else. I have to freshen the scripts in my portfolio, and get those back out in the pipeline. And keep up on the play commissions and the radio scripts.

All the while, I have to plan both long-and-short-term marketing campaigns, both financially and conceptually, and then have impeccable follow-through.

It’s a lot. A lot of juggling, a lot of brain time, a lot of physical time, and needs a very big calendar. I need to market in a way that highlights the best of each separate element/pseudonym, but also tie it all together.

So tomorrow will be a long, difficult day, but important to implementing the vision of the next phase of my creative life.

In the meantime, I have to fix the mower!

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