Mon. March 19, 2018: Renewal #UpbeatAuthors

March 19, 2018
Waxing Moon
Upbeat Authors

Renewal. Great for spring, and great for us in my area right now. We had a heck of a blizzard last week that knocked out power AND cell service. So we were unable to communicate for quite awhile.

You can choose how to renew, start with a fresh slate. Sometimes, it’s as simple as waking up and saying “Today will be a good day” or “Today will be a better day.” There are more ritualistic ways of renewal, such as New Year’s Resolutions and the first day of school.

My yoga and meditation practices provide me with an opportunity to renew myself daily – or, on a bad day, when I add extra practices, whenever I stop and make the choice.

That’s the biggest factor: Make the CHOICE to renew. Make the choice to CHANGE.

Otherwise, you can go through the motions, but they are meaningless.

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