Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and hot

I found out Reading Terminal Market opened earlier than I thought, so I got out the door early yesterday morning. Unfortunately, I hadn’t gotten two blocks (just hit Walnut St.) when my shoe broke and I had to turn back. Better two blocks than twelve, right?

I can fix it when I’m home with my wardrobe kit, but not here. Changed shoes, tried again. Made it this time, although I had to climb over a film crew. Nice to see so much shooting in Philly in the past year or so. Was tempted to swing by the wardrobe truck to borrow some barge to fix the shoe.

Market was fine. Didn’t buy much — herbs, spices, coffees, some pastry. Headed back and hit CVS for a few things missing from the premises, and to get gel insoles for my Timberland sneakers. Bless ‘em, they’re four years old now and I wear them constantly. They’re still great, but the inner supports have worn down.

Back in for the day a little after 10, because, with the heat index, it was around 97 and felt every bit of it!

Worked on the material for Confidential Job #1. The undercurrent of sexism in it is pissing me off, and will go in my write up.

Skimmed through a book on the premises — one of those enlightenment tomes Oprah stumped for a few years back. Of course, it’s easy to talk about enlightenment when you’re a billionaire. Anyway, I thought the book was crap. Very presentational, found a factual error on p. 4, and not a bit of practical application. Glad I didn’t pay for it — I’d have asked for my money back!

Rested quite a bit; trying to get my energy back after months of taking care of Elsa round the clock. She seems to be responding well to the new medicine (it finally arrived on Monday night). I can’t believe how much I miss her, but I’m glad she’s doing well at home.

Little bit of writing done, nothing major. Playing with a few different things. Got out some article pitches, did some negotiations for more workshops. Can’t get into the Savvy Authors site, which is going to be an issue when I’m teaching the deconstruction seminars in fall. Hopefully, we can get it sorted. It’s been re-set twice, now, by the admin, and the site still tells me I don’t exist, whether I use Safari or Firefox.

Of course, since I said I didn’t want to work on POWER OF WORDS all week, the ideas are flowing fast and furiously. Go figure!

I’m out of the house early today. The cleaner is coming this morning, so I’m off to the Clay Center here in Philly, then to the cemetery where Ben Franklin is buried (it’s only open in summer; last time I was here in the summer it was closed for renovation or something weird), and I have to pick up some info at the Visitor Center near the Liberty Bell.

By then, I’ll be ready for a nice cold beer at a pub before heading back. Hopefully, I can finish off Confidential Job #1 this afternoon and get a few exercises done on the booklet.

It’s another hot one today. Now they’re saying 97 tomorrow and over 100 for Saturday. ick. Pray the power grid holds.


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Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Rainy, foggy, cooler

I feel like I’ve done nothing but sleep this weekend. Well, I’ve read and cooked,too,but that’s about it.

Saturday morning, I went to Reading Terminal Market, which far exceeded my expectations. The food stalls are wonderful, fresh, and reasonably priced. I found both Herbiary and Spice Market and stocked up on herbs and spices I used to get at Aphrodesia, but can’t because they went out of business. I think I’ve got enough to get me through until my next trip down in July. I’ll keep a running list and re-stock then. I got a few things I don’t really need, but want to play with in recipes, too. I got some lovely baked goods at one of the organic baking stalls and an iced coffee for the walk home at Old City Coffee — which was really, really good. Philadelphia has lots of small, independent coffee brands, and most of them are very good.

I finished THE QUEEN IN WINTER — Sharon Monette’s novella “A Gift of Wings” was lovely and I definitely want to read more of her work.

I wandered over to Barnes & Noble on Rittenhouse Square in the afternoon, picking up Ann Aguirre’s HELL FIRE and the anthology WINTER MOON, which has novellas by Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee, and CE Murphy. The Ann Aguirre book was supposed to be my treat for finishing the next assignment for Confidential Job #1, but really, who am I kidding? I read most of it on Saturday afternoon and evening, and finished it Sunday morning. It’s the second Corinne Solomon book, and they’re both just fantastic. I’m really looking forward to the third next year.

Pizza for dinner, more reading and some yoga in the evening. To bed fairly early, and slept in on Sunday.

I don’t understand how Comcast can get away with sucking as badly as they do. I couldn’t get online at all on Sunday morning. I finally managed a bit in the afternoon.

Wandered to Borders to use my “bucks” that were only good this weekend — and that I didn’t find out about until AFTER I got back from B&N! Had a hard time finding something I wanted, but finally settled on DANCE OF DEATH by Douglas Preston and Lawrence Child. Started it — instead of the assignment for Confidential Job #1. The multiple (and I mean MULTIPLE) POVs get tiring sometimes, especially when it’s a character in whose POV we only are for a single chapter. There’s a LOT of plot — supposedly, it’s a stand alone, but I get the feeling it would make more sense if I read the earlier books.

It got me thinking, though, that I’ve been submitting/pitching TRACKING MEDUSA in the wrong genre — in spite of the many trappings, ultimately, it’s a mystery, not a weird hybrid I’ve been trying to slot.

Okay, LOST. (SPOILER ALERT). My big response was, “Really?”

The ending was what I expected, although how they got there wasn’t. As usual, I enjoyed individual scenes and the actors, and whole didn’t add up for me. If I’d remained emotionally invested for the whole six years, I would have been angry. Fine, so the whole thing is Jack’s death fantasy/search for redemption in his final moment of life after the crash so he goes “into the light” instead of elsewhere. Okay, fine, it’s not like we hadn’t figured that was the probability years ago. But the way they got there basically negated the season. They spent so much time with Jacob & his brother, going on and on about good and evil butting against each other, and,the whole series, they played with the idea that both are slightly ambiguous, and we need both in order to survive. Too much evil OR too much good and the balance is lost (no pun intended) and it’s all over. And then they just dropped it. Jack anoints Hurley — without the incantation? Really? The whole Dharma Initiative subplot is simply dropped. And, while I’m glad the characters “found” each other and “remembered” in the sideways line, it got a little treacly for me. I spent a lot of time eye-rolling. The whole ending in the church filling with light, frankly, I found offensive. They spent so much time debating the power of Nature and end it in an effing church. They pretended to be philosophical and open-thinking and alternative and then descended back into the same old claptrap. Negated so much of what was unique and wonderful about the show. Looked like the church scene out of HAIR.

Several years ago, the creators promised it wouldn’t be like the really bad season of DALLAS, that turned out to be a dream. This may not have been, technically, a dream, but it was close enough to prove they lied and jerked us around yet again.

I’m glad the dog was there with Jack for the last moment, though. A lot of people have criticized that, but I liked it.

I think, for the actors, it was satisfying, and I’m glad, because they poured a lot into this. And it was the creators’ vision, not mine,so, oh, well. They broke my trust in the 3rd season and never won my trust back. I watched, piecemeal, since, and watched this season, and fine, it’s over, let’s move on, and I hope the actors and creators find many fulfilling projects down the line. This will always be special to all of them, and they’ll be earning residuals for the rest of their lives.

BITCH had an interesting essay on how the writers failed the character of Kate, which I think is very well done. i hadn’t entirely thought of it from that perspective, but it articulates a lot of my frustrations. Of course, now that we know it was all Jack’s perspective on Kate, not Kate herself, it makes more sense. And Gawker has a very funny rant.

Anyway, I’ve got laundry to do, packing to finish, and, hopefully, some writing to work on. I leave in the early afternoon and will be home tonight. I don’t know whether to laugh or sigh at the fact that it takes longer to get from Penn Station to my apartment than from Philadelphia to NY.