Saturday, May 7, 2011

Woods Hole, MA

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Kentucky Derby Day
Scheduled to Post

If you’re looking for Racing Ink, there isn’t one this year. I’m not handicapping the races ahead of time. I’m choosing my horses before each race as they happen. I feel that, the past few years, I over-researched and lost a lot of the sense of fun and excitement I have on the day.

I’m scheduling this to post because I’m on the road Very Early, since I have to arrive at the site before 10 AM. Let’s hope it’s clear driving.

So not looking forward to this month’s gasoline bill.

Hate leaving the garden, even for a few days. But that’s the gig. Gotta earn a living so I can have a garden! 😉

Took garbage and recycling to the dump, picked up some wine for my trip, made sure my mom and the cats have enough food in the cupboards and refrigerator while I’m gone (those cats will be so spoiled). I’m going to have to mow the damn lawn again as soon as I get back! Got my site dates squared away for the rest of the month. To-ing and fro-ing more than I’d like, but it will all be good.

Caught up with the students. They are a committed, enthusiastic group, and a total pleasure. We had a couple of people join late, but they are working their butts off to catch up and keep up, so it’s all good.

Chapter Four of the WIP-I-Shouldn’t-Be-Working-On turned out very intense, and exposed the themes of the book. I usually don’t figure those out until about the third draft, but they’re pretty clear here in the first and will help shape the book. And then I ran out of ink. And then the ball bearings fell out of the desk.

Yeah, time to go! 😉

Will check in Monday.


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Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and rainy

I spent way too much time pretending to be a designer yesterday. I got the Jenny Storm webpage up, and I’m pretty happy with it. I found an original photo I took that doesn’t have rights issues with the location and am using that at the Jenny Storm icon. I managed to reconfigure it to three different sizes. Turns out there’s something that the iPhoto in Mac can’t do — resize. But the very nice Apple tech guy told me about a super site called and it was fabulous.

Got all the front and back matter to my publisher. So, when the final proofs come back, I go through them, send them off and there we are. I have an inkling DIXIE DUST RUMORS will release before OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK does. So I have to get out of paranormal head and into YA head.

Not happy with the MySpace page. I hate that I can’t make it do what I need it to do as far as setting up the page the way I want, etc. I have to figure out where to find a template I like, design the page the way I want and then upload. Any suggestions?

Even though it took a long time to do all that, it was still much easier on the Mac.

Caught up with a lot of email and various sites. I’m still behind, but I’m better.

For dinner, I made ravioli filled with ricotta, spinach, and prosciutto. It’s really good, but filling them is, shall we say, labor-intensive. The wonton skins work well, but I think the next time I make this, I will make ravioli pasta from scratch. I like a thicker texture for ravioli and the wonton skins are too thin, They work, they’re fine, but I want to try something else.

Trying to catch up with a bunch of materials to review, and to get everything sorted for the Promo Day Workshop I’m teaching next week on May 9. It’s about how to use your blog as a marketing tool for your book, while not annoying the crap out of people by making it sound like one big advertisement.

The GDR wrap-up for April is up on the GDR site. I will have RACING INK, the picks for tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby, up in the early afternoon.

Busy, busy, busy. Thank goodness I have a computer that works well. Today is my one week Mac-aversary.

Had a good morning’s writing session on the Matty book. I need to sit down and outline it now. I’m about four chapters in to it, and have a good idea of the themes, characters, storyline, so now I have to sit down and construct the plot. This is more along the lines of literary fiction than the genre work, and it’s got a very different rhythm.

Finished proofreading ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT, and it’s officially on the query-go-round. Let’s hope it finds a home soon.

To answer your question, Brandy, yes, the children’s and YA material will appear under the “Jenny Storm” name.

I have two articles to get done today, and a polish, along with handicapping the race card for tomorrow and getting back to the plays. Busy day.

Have a great weekend, all!


Racing Ink May 16-17,2008

Note: The post on “Writer’s Worth Day” is below this one; scroll down. Regular “Ink in My Coffee” posts resume either Sunday, May 18 or Monday, May 19.

I was surprised by the race card for Preakness Day. Usually, there are many more familiar horses entered.

On Friday’s card, I’m going to bet only in the Black-Eyed Susan. I’m going to bet all four of my choices across the board: Bsharpsonata, Highest Class, Pious Ashley, and Sweet Vendetta.

Saturday’s Card:

Race 1:
I’m sitting this one out and watching to see how the track plays.

Race 2:
I’ve liked Cryptogram before and will look at him here.

Race 3:
Celtic Innis, Suave Jazz, Forest Park (if he runs here).

Race 4:
Alphabet Storm, probably to place.

Race 5: Skipat Skates
I’m going to look at Drama Lady and Ursula’s Passion, but I may sit this one out.

Race 6: Gallorette Handicap:
Valbenny across the board and Saint Pegasus to show.

Race 7: Barbaro Stakes
Roman Emperor and Wesley; not sure how yet, but those are my two top choices.

Race 8: Old Mutual Turf Sprint:

The only horse I know in this race is Forest Park. If he runs here instead of in Race 3, I’ll start with him and build; otherwise, it’s all a paddock decision.

Race 9: Hirsch Jacob Stakes

I’m going to look at Silver Edition, Force Freeze, and Commandeered, but I’m not yet sure how I’ll bet them.

Race 10: Dixie Stakes
Distorted Reality and Shakis

Race 11: Allaire DuPont Distaff:
Peace Flambe across the board with probably Cash’s Girl and Silver Knockers in there somewhere.

Race 12: Preakness
Big Brown, across the board, of course, just in case he is the freak for whom we’ve been waiting.
Another Derby horse, Gayego, was also entered here; jockey Mike Smith knows this track well, the horse is excellent, and I’ll also bet him across the board.
I’ll take Behindatthebar for place and show, and longshot Ichabod Crane to show.
I want to look at Racecar Rhapsody, Giant Moon, and Riley Tucker for possible additional bets, and I might try an exacta or two with Big Brown and . . .somebody, depending upon who looks perky.

Race 13:
Loveme Lovemenot and Diamond Flyer.

The Preakness Wrap-up will be on FemmeFan nextweek, and don’t forget to check out Kay’s comments on Seriocity!

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