Wed. Jan. 11, 2012: Prompt Playground Webinar Tonight!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Waning Moon
Sunny and cold

Tonight is the Prompt Playground Webinar, from 8-10 pm. I hope you’ll join us — we’re going to play, writing 2 and 3 minute exercises, and then seeing where to take them from there. It’ll be fun!

Yesterday was not fun. Comcast screwed me big time, and it took six hours to sort it out. It doesn’t help that they have offshore call centers, and the “representatives” believe since they’re in other countries, they can do whatever they want, and are not answerable to US law. Imagine my surprise (yes, that’s sarcasm), when I checked with the MA Department of Telecommunications and Cable and discovered how many laws Comcast is breaking. It means two weeks’ worth of gathering 14 months’ of documentation, but it’s worth filing with the half dozen agencies that need to know about this crap. Good thing I write everything down. By the time I get all the info sorted, I’ll be sending a binder to each of the agencies with the relevant documentation. Seriously, it’s that bad.

I didn’t think Mitt Romney was all that bad until his “victory speech” last night in New Hampshire, where he promised to protect corporate special interests and turn us into a fascist military dictatorship. I stand corrected — he’s as bad as the rest of that batshit crazy field.

Very excited by the quality of work in the 5 in 10 class. The first pieces are really good. Let’s hope it sets the bar high for the rest of the class, and that they continue to meet the challenges. Got cat food and cat litter in, too, yesterday, and had a decent meeting last night — I want to type up the notes while they’re still fresh and then get going on some stuff I’ve got to get done before next month’s meeting.

This morning, I’m doing post-holiday loads of laundry — holiday fabric, the guest sheets and towels, etc. I finally converted the buffet table back down to the work table and am slowing moving the stuff that had to be stashed in my room to make space for partygoers back to where it needs to be.

I feel better, but my voice is still not where it should be. I’m putting myself on “vocal rest” all day so I’ve got something for the webinar tonight.

Back to the page — in addition to classwork, I’ve got two novels I have to move back and forth between, due to deadlines, and a novella. Plus, I’ve got to prepare some marketing materials to get out next week, and some more packets for reading groups.

The cats are having trouble adjusting to just one human to do their bidding, down from the amount of people in and out during the holidays. Oh, well.

Never a dull moment. And that’s a good thing!

Devon Ellington

Wed. Jan 4: Dashing Through the Cold

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cold

Busy day yesterday. Worked on the book. Worked with my students. It amazes me that the ones who complained the loudest and made the most excuses about not writing their 1K/day because they were “working on the short story” or “working on the exercises” are now bitching and moaning because I stripped the January short story requirement and most of the exercises, so that all they’d have to do is focus on the novel with no distractions — they’re the ones now moaning that there’s no short story requirement and not enough exercises in the month. Just can’t win with some people. I have to remember the ones who are quietly working — who are, actually, the bulk of the class. The ones doing the work need the bulk of the attention, not the squawkers.

In any case, I’m juggling the classes, prepping for the Prompt Playground (which should be a ton of fun – a two-hour webinar, which I hope some of you can attend), etc. I’ve got some work to do for Confidential job #1, I’m still in negotiations for that other job, I’ve got to get OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK out to the publisher today, and I’m in the early stages of negotiation for a one-off editing job. Costume Imp and I also have to go to the grocery store for the Big Party Shop, and I’ve got to tackle my office, which looks like a tornado went through it. I’d love to blame the kitten, but it’s my fault, not the kitten’s.

Took my mom to acupuncture and then for her blood test. Costume Imp and I then went to Lavender Moon and got some great stuff (I bought a new tarot deck, yay). We went to lunch at the Beehive (yummy) and then did some grocery shopping. Imp baked a wonderful raspberry cake, and I made a beef stew for dinner.

All good.

Lots to do, RSVPs coming back in for the party — I think it’ll be fun. Somehow, it all gets done. I just have to tackle each piece and then let it fall into the puzzle, instead of running around thinking, “Oh, there’s so much to do, how will I ever get it done?” You get it all done by not dicking around and DOING it.

I’d love to just sit and read the other two Kevin Hearne books. I’m about half-way through HEXED, and thoroughly enjoying that, too.