Thurs. Jan. 23, 2020: Projects and Exhaustion and Frustration

Thursday, January 23, 2020
Dark Moon
Sunny and cold

Hop on over to Gratitude and Growth, where I talk about my dreams of gardens.

Yesterday was exhausting, partially because the day before the dark moon tends to be my lowest energy day of the month.

I’m working on a big project with a client, so that’s taking a lot of time and attention for the next few weeks.

I started the next Kate Warne play, “The Rare Medium.” I hope I can keep the opening two lines. They are some of my favorites among all my projects. No, I am not posting them. I don’t blow first rights by splattering something in draft on public platforms.

Working on the book for review, and the other book for review finally arrived. Will finish one today and get the review out tomorrow, and read the other one over the weekend.

Have roughed out the short story inspired by the news event in my head, and will start drafting it later today.

Have a meeting with a potential client late morning tomorrow, so tomorrow’s blog will post late. It’s on YET another platform, so I need to download YET another app and I’m sick of it all. I don’t want to run my life on apps.

The rental inspection was this morning. Of course, one of the carbon monoxide detectors decided to start squeaking “end of life” because why wait until an hour later, when the inspection was done? Will contact the landlord to get a new one. He’s really good about stuff like that.

Needed Google Hangouts Meet App for tomorrow’s client conference. What a nightmare getting that to work. I HATE having to use apps for everything. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

Working on the revisions for THE BALTHAZAAR TREASURE, too. I lost a few threads in this draft. Some of them I will remove completely — they’re bogging down the story. Others need to be reworked so they’re stronger.

Of course, scenes for GAMBIT COLONY keep forming in my head, when it’s not a good time to work on it. Because that’s the way it goes. Idea Cookies.

Some work at the library, then work at home, then taking my mother to her doctor’s appointment. Then home for more writing and reading.

Every one of those rude, corrupt GOP Senators walking out of the trial needs to be held in contempt, lose the right to vote, and be removed from the process (and office). No jurors are allowed to behave this way. Chief Justice Roberts’s refusal to actually behave like a judge during trial is equally appalling. The Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court is supposed to be a leader, not a milquetoast.

The whole corrupt sham is disgusting.

In the meantime, I’m going back to the page.


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Wed. Oct. 30, 2013: The Beauty of Project Bins

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Waning Moon
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

We might get snow flurries today. So not ready for that!

My mom had a good birthday yesterday. Low key, but she enjoyed herself, I cooked some of her favorite things, she caught up with old friends, etc.

I worked on the project that’s manifesting. Did quite a bit of work in the project notebook, wrote about 18 pages in longhand, did some research. I’m writing my way in — I have an interesting ensemble of characters, and I have to solidify a plot, but I have to write my way into the set-up so I see which way the plot goes. One of my supporting characters, who is supposed to wait until Book 3 to be central, is pulling more focus than he should right now. He is an awesome character, but he can’t be central to every story — the central protagonists need to shift.

The work in longhand is rough sketching out of scenes, characters, and situations. As I type it up, I want to flesh it out with the historical, architectural, and sensory details that will make the piece stand out — it’s kind of Gilded Age steampunk, but set in New York, not in London.

I pulled books from my research shelves and am setting up my project bin. When I start a new project, especially one that requires research, I do something similar to what Twyla Tharp does — she has a “project box”, which she keeps intact well after the project is over. I have a “project bin”, where I put all the books, charts, maps, photographs, ephemera, and other research materials. When I’m finished, I file the research folders in the general files and put the books back on their shelves.

The advantage to having all my materials in the bin is that I have it where I need it AND if I choose to work other than home — if I have a site gig or go on a trip — I just load the bin into the back of the car and take it with me.

Did some work on the novella, and am trying to sort out scheduling of the various projects I’m juggling. Still waiting for an editing project to come in that is now ten days late, which is beyond disrespectful. I wrote a feature-length screenplay from scratch in five days, and this person can’t turn around a rewrite by the given deadline, and is already double beyond the time it took me to write from scratch? Ridiculous. Worked on some articles, got some quotes to wrap up another article.

Trying to get the rest of this year sorted out, along with early next year.


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