Wed. Sept. 4, 2013: Writing Frenzy and Neuro-Ethics

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Day Before Dark Moon
Sunny and cooler

Flat out yesterday. 4707 words (18 pages) on one of the two priority projects I’m juggling. Just over 1200 words this morning, and nowhere near stopping, although this morning’s work was more of a struggle. I was fighting a scene in a different POV, because I don’t like switching POVS within a chapter. But I didn’t want this whole chapter in this second POV. But I needed the scene. I tried to do without, and it didn’t work. So I went back and added it in, and now the chapter is smoothing out a bit.

Also invoiced some articles, wrote, polished, invoiced, and sent off two reviews. Pitched a couple of jobs. Responded to some emails. Worked on the book proposal, but couldn’t finish it. I’ll have to finish it and get it out today.

I had to stop work for a few hours yesterday because of severe storms, and I didn’t want to blow out the computer. Thunder, lightening, torrential rain. Refilled the jugs with rainwater for the plants, though, but it was still a lot.

Sat down and watched THE BOURNE LEGACY all the way through last night. Hey, I pay for On Demand, I might as well use it. I liked it a lot better than I expected. Structurally, it’s astonishing. I mean, the action sequences are spectacular, too, but the way it’s written and edited, the structure is one of the strongest I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll have to watch it a few more times and break it down, really get inside the structure, live in its skin, and I’ll learn a lot. Renner and Weisz were excellent, and I love how, with Weisz’s character, every time she’s pushed beyond her limits and one thinks she’ll totally lose it, she steps up and comes through. Some of the supporting cast were a bit cardboard, but I figure those character developments were sacrificed for pace. I would have liked the assassin in that final chase to have been a threat from earlier on, but that’s just me wanting more development in antagonists in work — heck, I teach a class on antagonists. There were a couple of places where I wanted just a single beat of stillness — both these actors can use stillness to positive effect, and, especially in a movie where pace is so important, there were two or three scenes where I just wanted ONE more beat of stillness, especially between them. I felt the full connection was cut short in those particular edits.

What I found interesting in the plot was that it reminds me of research I did on various Super Soldier programs a few years ago – I wonder if the screenwriters and I read some of the same source material. Somewhere, still packed, I have the book on the program that I tracked down, after finding it at the library and knowing I had to have it as part of my research materials for a project. I remember working with Vietnam Vets years ago, and they were already talking about that kind of program. So it’s interesting to see how these theories and possibilities are creatively explored. And the question asked over and over again: Can you keep your moral compass, your integrity as a human being, and still participate in war? If you don’t participate in war, is the only choice being conquered? Do some have to hang up their moral/human integrity in the name of keeping the many safe? Where do you draw the line? I don’t think we have easy answers to that. I don’t think there have ever been easy answers to that, no matter what we want to think and believe on an individual basis. Warfare has always been about cruelty and dehumanization, and advances in technology and genome science have created new questions, not solved old ones.

That’s why I signed up for the Neuroethics class that keeps getting postponed. These are some of the questions we explore in regard to programs like developing Super Soldiers. I want to take that class, because I want to dig deeper.

Then watched LUTHER on BBC America, which is just so character-oriented that it’s always a terrific ride. I think it’s running four consecutive nights, so that will be good.

Lots of work today,and a blazing headache, so I better get to it.


Thurs. Dec. 6, 2012: The Roofers are Here

Thursday, December 6, 2012
Waning Moon
Sunny and cold

I slogged through yesterday, but I was basically a waste of food. However, there’s a nice press release out about the shorts, the Delectable Digital Delights. Check it out!

Today is the last day to sign up for Flash 7, where you write, revise, and submit 7 Flash Fiction pieces in 10 Days. Information and registration here — it closes at 5 PM tonight, so the final admin can go out and participants can get their passwords in time to start first thing in the morning.

I updated both the Devon Ellington and Hex Breaker sites yesterday, got the press release out, pitched for a couple of articles, did a library run, and started a letter that has to go out later today. The roofers came by to scope out the place, and they’ve started this morning. When you think how much more intimate the job is here at the house compared to the way things were done back with the Scumbag Landlords in NY, this is a cakewalk. They’re not even making that much noise (so far, anyway). They do have tarps over all the windows and there’s a dumpster in the front yard. Good thing I held off on the outdoor decorations!

Finished Jasper Fforde’s THE WOMAN WHO DIED A LOT, one of his Thursday Next novels. I enjoy them.

Had a good writing session before yoga, and, a few minutes ago, had an aha! moment — this particular book needs to be in first person, not close third. Because it’s one of a series, and I wanted the room to maneuver and tell different stories from different POVs, I thought I had to use close third for all the books, but maybe I don’t. THIS book wants to be in first; we’ll see what the others want. Maybe they will all want to be in first. Cross those POV rapids when they appear — I need to do what’s best for this book, which I think I’m going to call MURDER’S INTOLERANCE. I’ve written three chapters (44 pages) longhand and will shortly type them up and start my tracking sheets for characters, consistency, etc.

Lots to do today, writing-wise, teaching-wise, and business-wise, and it’s already after 11 AM, so I better get going. Also have to get started on my History class work — last week of lectures.

Hop to it, girl!


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