Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and mild

So, yesterday was the celebration of the 200th birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. Both men were typical Aquarians – independent thinkers.

Today is my debut as a contributor on Sole Struck Fashions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t post because of some sort of error, but I sent the post to my editor, so hopefully she can get it up soon. It’s a piece called “Don’t Throw That Out!”

Woke up this morning to the news of that horrible plane crash into a house outside of Buffalo. Everyone on board the plane is reported dead, as well as one person on the ground, in the house into which the plane hit. Those poor people, those poor families, and that neighborhood! What bothers me about the coverage, on every single station around here is they all refer to the “female pilot”. The pilot is the PILOT – stop making an issue of gender. The plane didn’t crash because the pilot was female. We don’t yet know why the plane crashed, but I seriously doubt it had anything to do with the pilot’s gender. We’re supposed to have evolved beyond that kind of casual sexism.

I expect more from people who have the reputation for being journalists with integrity. I guess I shouldn’t.

Brenda, to answer your question, I got my information from The Senator I Trust. New York has two senators, One I Trust and One I Do Not Trust. I had questions for the Senator I Trust and got response. I still want to read the bill in total and make my own decisions and ask more questions. (Gee, you think I’ll have questions or disagreements with pieces of it? ;)) As of last night, when I had to get off line (in the middle of something, no less), it was not yet posted because they’re still working on language. I believe it will be up on the White House Site, but if not, the bills eventually end up on the Government Printing Office site. There are a lot of excerpts that have been circulating and misquoted. When I do have a legitimate link to an unvarnished copy of the legislation, I will post it.

What’s frustrating is that I want to read legislation BEFORE it’s passed, so I can make my opinions known to those I pay to represent me. Sometimes, that means poking around the Congressional Site, especially the pages for my representatives. There must be a site that simply posts bills that are in legislation, before passage, but I’m not sure what it is. YET.

Today, unfortunately, is not the day I have to track it down.

Living in the Land of Just Not Getting It: Someone on one of the boards I frequent mentioned disappointment that her blog wasn’t getting lots of traffic and wanted people to stop by. I clicked over, only to see it posted that this person “doesn’t have time” to blog until April. Um, so why should we come by NOW? And keep coming by if there isn’t any new content until April? Honey, you claim to be a writer who uses your blog as a marketing tool. That means MAKING time to regularly update the blog as part of your JOB if you expect to build and hold an audience.

Work was fine yesterday. Got a lot done on The Lucy Gothic. Had a lot of interruptions all day, as I expected, but it was fine and all worked out.

The wind storms around here were terrible, and resulted in several fatalities. In my location, there was a partially glassed in ceiling, and it was rather frightening to watch the trees bend as far as they did and sway. At one point, I had to drive about fifteen minutes to pick up something and bring it back. The drive took nearly an hour because I had to keep stopping the car to drag tree limbs out of the road. Fortunately, it was all stuff I could move.

For awhile, the sky took on that greenish-gray-yellow tinge that does not bode well, and I wondered if we’d have to scamper into the cellar for awhile. It’s not usually tornado country around here, but the way the air and clouds were moving, it looked like a possibility. Fortunately, it all smoothed out. But it was scary driving home late last night. It also didn’t help that the majority of drivers around here (mostly in SUVs, I might add), in this densely populated area, seem to think it’s fine to use their fog lights in traffic. Uh, no, it’s against the law, and it causes accidents. So that made the drive back even more challenging.

Got home later than I expected, and was too tired to do much except unpack the food that needed to go back into the refrigerator and get to bed.

I have a lot to do today, since it’s my one day at the home computer for the next several days, and, of course, the computer is not cooperating. Typical. The McAfee is the biggest problem – again – hijacking, freezing, and crashing the computer while it “updates” – for about four hours. That’s been the average daily update lately – four hours, with no way to override it. And heaven forbid that McAfee actually provides the customer service to fix it. After all, who am I? Only a customer who PAYS for their service. I’m looking into some of the other virus protectors that readers have suggested – thank you. I’m hoping that, when I get my new computer, it will be close to the end of the McAfee subscription anyway, and I can just dump it. Meanwhile, I’m tracking the time and money they cost me every day.

I’ve got a bunch of correspondence to get out, some pitches to send, and some proposals for workshops to prepare, all of which need to go out today. Then I have to unpack and repack for the weekend. I thought I was leaving at noon tomorrow, but now it looks more like around 10 AM – and no computer/internet access until I get back, so I’ve got to get a lot done.

I hoped to get some work done on the Billy Root story, but didn’t this morning, so I doubt it will happen. I’m having a relationship dilemma about him – he’s supposed to be torn between two women, but I’m not sure how far to take the relationship with each of them – and a completely different woman, who is a fairly important character, seems to emerge as a better choice for him. The only way I’m going to figure this out is to write my way through it and worry about what the editor will think later. The editor’s not every going to see it until a few drafts in, when it will be quite different from anything I’m currently thinking.

I’ve already got the title for the fourth book, and a rough outline. It will focus on Jain and Wyatt, tying up some unfinished business begun in the book about to release and taking their relationship to a whole new level.

With any luck, I can be focused this morning and get some work done on the revisions for ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT this afternoon.

I’m back into the groove with The Lucy Gothic, I think, which is good. I was worried I’d lost the thread, there, for awhile. I’m behind in the typing – I’ve got over 110 pages in longhand, I’m well into Chapter Seven, but only have the first two chapters typed.

And somewhere in all of this, the plays need attention.

I really want a day off, but that’s not going to happen for awhile. This is one of those cases where, in spite of being a freelancer, I don’t get to take a day off because I want to. Things need to get done first and THEN, maybe some time next week, I’ll take a day and just BE. I prefer doing that during the week, because everyone’s trapped in their cubicles, and it’s easier to hang out. Then I can stay in and write while everyone else frantically rushes around all weekend getting caught up on everything they couldn’t do all week.

Today, for your amusement, I do my imitation of a Hamster on a Treadmill. Wish me luck!

Fortunately, I LOVE Friday the 13th, I think it’s a fun, wonderful, positive day, so in spite of all the “have to’s”, I intend to have some fun this evening. And how great is it that there’s a Friday leading into Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, to me, is more than just commercialized push at romance. It’s a chance to say to people that they matter.

So, in case you feel I haven’t appreciated you lately – Hey, You Matter!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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