Tues. Nov. 28, 2017: Getting Back on Track

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde

Quite the busy holiday weekend. And yet, it feels like I got very little done.

We didn’t go to Maine for the holiday, like we usually do. Usually, the first few days of Thanksgiving week, I’m finishing my Nano word count, cooking up a storm of desserts and other things. Then, we usually drive up on Wednesday, making our favorite stops. I bring up the dinner and dessert for twelve I prepared at home, and that’s what I serve those who set up the Hall that’s always rented for Thanksgiving on Wednesday night. Thursday, I can usually get a bit of writing done in the morning, then help with the food prep at the hall (mashing vats of potatoes is my speciality), help with the clean-up, and preparing the snack for Thursday night. Because we have anywhere from 37 to 64 in the hall for the actual meal. And Friday, we head back while everyone else runs around shopping.

Not this year, because there’s too much post-op care after my mom’s surgery, and she still can’t fit into a shoe.

My mom had her doctor’s appointment on Wednesday morning. He’s worried about her accelerated heart rate and is changing her medication. I took her home, got her settled, and spent a few hours on site with a client.

Then, home, and ready to dig in for the weekend.

Thursday morning, I was up early. The turkey was stuffed and in the oven by 7:30 in the morning. I read, and got some reading done, checking on the turkey and preparing the other dishes. We ate around 3. Maple-cranberry glazed turkey, my own stuffing recipe, mashed potatoes, my own carrot-parsnip in mushroom gravy, peas. Apple pie for dessert.

My mother wasn’t feeling well, with bouts of dizziness from her medication. So, all of the cooking, the set-up, and the clean-up was on me. I put away the leftovers, took apart the turkey. I’d gotten a bit overzealous with the turkey — over 22 pounds, and just for the two of us. We’ve got a good bit of leftovers. I then boiled down the bones to make stock. Once the stock was done, I added onion, celery, carrots, herbs, garlic, etc. and some turkey meat and made turkey soup. Once that cooled, I put everything in jars and labelled it.

Basically, I was in the kitchen for about 13 hours.

But it was an outstanding meal.

Friday, I was up early. I got a few things done around the house, and I emptied the Christmas closet and stacked the boxes by category in the back room.

I had to take my mom to get her blood pressure checked at the firehouse, and then we dumped a stack of books in the book drop at the library, and picked up her new medication. Then, we headed to Country Gardens, where I got the wreath I’ll decorate for the door, a small tree for the barrel in the front yard, and a cyclamen.

Home, and got the laundry going. Then, I ironed all the holiday fabric, took off the Thanksgiving fabric from all the surfaces that were covered, and replaced them with the Christmas/Yule fabric. Stripped the mantel and the hearth, wrapped the iron candle stands in gold ribbon, set up the Advent Table. Put up the musical fabric over the fireplace, set up the garland, the gold bells, and the caroler collection on the top, and the herd of deer on the bottom. Got some of the Advent table done.

That took all damn day.

Watched a rather pointless documentary on Stonehenge and did some reading.

Saturday morning, up early, outlined the next section of the Lavinia Fontana play. Changed the beds, vaccuumed, moved things. Hauled the big tree down. Got it into the stand (worst stand ever). Put the tree together. Got the lights on. Even though I tested them before I put them on, once they were on, half the strand at the top didn’t work. Took them off. Tested them again. They worked. Put them on. Now they didn’t. Went to the store to get a replacement strand. Got them home. Tested them. Three quarters of the strand worked; one quarter didn’t. Went back to the store. Swapped them out. This strand worked. Got them on the tree, and it all worked.

Lost two hours on the damn lights.

Unpacked a lot of the ornaments. Got some of the windows decorated. Finished the Advent Table (since Sunday was the First of Advent). But didn’t get the tree done. Didn’t even get the ornaments on it.

We’re rearranging things this year, and a lot of it is trying something, deciding that’s not what we want and changing it.

Honestly, it was easier in the small apartment where everything only fit one way!

But I do enjoy the decorating process.

I was tired that night, though. Too tired to do much. I did get the Norfolk pine planted in the barrel. But the neighbors are doing yard work and I am not. I am doing the inside first.

I couldn’t find the recipe I wanted, so I invented on. Hello, chocolate espresso spice cake. It turned out well, but I think I want to tweak some of the proportions and make it better.

We had power fluctuations on Saturday. Power kept going on and off in the evening and all night. Good thing it happened AFTER the cake was done!

Sunday, I gave myself the morning off to read and play with the cats.

Then, I had to do some work for one of my clients. I was behind, and we were meeting yesterday to finalize some photos for the rough of the media kit and the brochure.

We also did a photo shoot in the cemetery for the cover of “Miss Winston Apologizes”, since everything we’ve come up with so far isn’t quite right. Hopefully, what we came up with will now work.

Didn’t sleep well Sunday night into Monday. I’m dreading when Mercury goes retrograde next week.

Managed to get some good work done yesterday morning on SERENE AND DETERMINED.

Had to help my client untangle computer issues most of the day yesterday. How much do you want to bet there will be more today? Scary when I’m the most IT-savvy person in any room! 😉

Busy week – I feel like I’m falling behind, so I’ll have to add in extra writing sessions, probably late at night.

And so it goes . . .

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Tues. Nov. 27, 2012: Two Nina Bell stories out: “Too Much Mistletoe” and “Tumble”!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

We’re going to get snow today!

Okay, there are TWO Nina Bell short pieces available now! The holiday-themed novella Too Much Mistletoe, where Nina’s complicated love life both helps and hinders her search for a missing college friend. Excerpt and buy link here.


there’s the shorter piece, “Tumble”, taking place around New Year’s, when Nina discovers the body of a co-worker in the theatre’s dryer and realizes the murderer has to be someone in their theatre. As usual, she gets herself into all kinds of trouble and has a complicated love life. Excerpt and buy links here, below the excerpt for Too Much Mistletoe.

If you like Stephanie Plum, you’ll love Nina Bell! A little humor, a little mystery, a little romance. These two pieces are a lot of fun. I love Nina, and people keep asking when she’s coming back. So, she’ll be around a lot more! I never thought I’d be old enough to write a “period piece”.

I’ve added a page to the blog with blurbs and information on the stories, too.

For the most part, I’m happy with the covers, although when I uploaded them into the Payloadz site, they got warped on the store page. It was a lot of fun to set up the shoot for “Tumble” and stage the bloody hand print on the dryer. Fortunately, my basement looks an awful lot like the theatre basement in the story. 😉 I wish I could have filled the background with a color, but I love the font. I would have liked to do a photo shoot for Mistletoe, staging a spring of mistletoe into the Scotch, but I wasn’t able to get my hands on a reasonable piece of mistletoe. If I can, I’ll redo the cover. I really need to get a good cover design program. The lack of manipulation my programs give me with images is appalling. What is so fucking hard about just letting me re-size? I downloaded the Gimp software, that’s supposed to allow image manipulation and layering, but haven’t figured it out yet. In iWeb, I could fill background — why can’t I do that on a regular page? Very frustrating. And none of the Canon programs that are supposed to let me do whatever I want with a JPG actually DO anything worthwhile.

What was even worse was that 1and1.com’s servers were down, and I couldn’t access my email most of the day, nor could I update the websites. Cyber Monday, busiest online shopping day of the year, and they couldn’t be bothered. Unacceptable. And when I complain, they do the usual — shrug and say THEY have no problem.

So, cover kerflamma took longer than it should have. I’m almost done editing “Just Jump in and Fly”, a re-working of a lot of familiar holiday myths, and I hope to have that ready later today.

Worked in the garden — got the terraced border raked out and cut back, and got a section of the meadow raked. I’m going out to do some more in a few minutes — trying to get as much done as possible before the snow starts later. And I’ve GOT to get cat food in. It won’t be a bad snow, just . . . snow, which means the leaves left will be wet and icky, but there’s no way I can get the whole meadow done today, not with everything else going on.

Meeting tonight, and have to do the minutes for it. The Astronomy class starts today — looking forward to that. Greek & Roman Mythology wraps up this week, and World History next week. Then, I’ll have about two or three weeks where I’m only taking ONE class! 😉

Managed to get a few more decorations up yesterday, and found the lights. The lights have to go on the tree before we can go any further.



Don’t forget the Flash 7 Workshop from Dec. 7-16. Write, revise, and submit 7 flash fiction pieces in 10 Days. Information and registration here.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Some of the tea cups we used in the photo shoot

Monday, August 2, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and humid

Busy weekend. Hit the ground running Saturday morning with errands — storage, Target, bookstore, Home Goods, Trader Joe’s, etc. Found the props I needed in storage and a whole lot more, thank goodness.

One of the things I bought was a PUR water filter. They say you just “snap it on” — lying like rugs! You have to “prepare the faucet” — which means you have to take it apart. To me, “preparing the faucet” means wiping it down, not having to attack it with a wrench and pliers and take it apart. But that’s what was necessary. I was so grossed out when I took off the faucet and found slime and GRAVEL pouring out. And I wonder why the plants are dying and we’re all in “gastric distress”?

Anyway, I figured out how to put on the adapter — which isn’t at all the way the directions say to do it — and got the PUR on. What a difference. You can see it in the plants after 24 hours, and we’re all better, too.

Read my friend’s piece — it was great, but I thought it was a short story — and it was a novel! So it took longer than I expected, but was worth it.

The scumbag landlords hit us with more crap — really, the only solution is to cut off their heads and stake ‘em at this point, because I’m convinced they’re not human. Keep those positive moving vibes coming so we can blow this pop stand!

Had some preparations to do for Sunday, because August 1 is always a huge day on my personal calendar.

Getting into Sunday was tough. I was shocked out of rather unpleasant dreams at 2 AM because some numbnut set off firecrackers near the trash piled at the curb, practically under my window. The whole thing could have gone up, which was probably the point. I couldn’t see anyone — I don’t know if someone drove by and tossed them out of the window, or what, so I couldn’t even call the police. The cats were very upset.

Then, I didn’t get back to sleep until about 5, and when I dozed off, I had weird theatre anxiety dreams. Not the best way to start the day.

Celebrated on Sunday, and also spent five hours on a photo shoot for the icon for the new pseudonym. The publisher’s also assigned a “mentor” to me, which is cool, and I’m working on the marketing pieces. But, since the contract’s not signed yet, I’m not making a formal announcement, nor am I putting up the web page. Nothing’s real until the contract is done, as far as I’m concerned.

The shots using the gun prop looked awful; the dagger shots are much better, and draping pearls over the dagger seems to work as well. I’ve got to make a final decision on the photo in the next day or two. I like my top three choices a lot — now I have to stop waffling and make a decision already!

It’s interesting — as I honed the bio for the name, it’s definitely affecting my decision on the photo that will be the icon associated with it. Since the bio has a bit of a harder edge than I originally envisioned, a little more flippant, I’m leaning away from the softer first choice of photo.

Today I’ve got yet more errands (do they ever stop?), re-reading my manuscript to pull out marketing excerpts, come up with the tag line, etc. (yeah, I know, I broke my own rules and didn’t do all of that at the start of the submission process — fifty lashes with a wet noodle for me, I had my reasons, and it wasn’t just laziness). I’ve also got to do some work on the lectures and get some other writing done. I let some uncontracted deadlines go because, well, they were uncontracted, and therefore I wasn’t bound to them.

I’ve also got to clean out four cupboards in the kitchen — decide what to toss, what goes into storage, and re-organize what’s there. AND I have to go through a box of other stuff I brought back from storage, because it was too complicated to try to sort through it there. Violet started to sort it, but decided it didn’t meet her job description of “cat”. So it’s all in a muddle.

Good first morning’s writing session.

Elsa’s hanging in there. She’s definitely more comfortable, but I don’t know if she’s actually getting better. I need to let go of my rage at the vet and move on. We’re now entering our third week on the new medication, and there’s been zero follow-up. I realize vets have many patients, but wouldn’t you think, when one is critically ill and you’re trying a controversial new medication, there’d be follow-up? Not that I think the medication’s doing much good.

Diane, I can’t get a “job” as you put it, that would pay me enough and be stable enough in the area I want to live in until I actually live there — and there’s nothing around this area that would pay me enough except Broadway, and I’m not going back to Broadway, because then I’m caught back in the same cycle I was in before. Saturn’s kicked my ass enough for taking as long as I did to learn that lesson. Getting a job at McDonald’s isn’t going to pay the rent or the mortgage or the cost of the move, and, because I’m unmarried, even a job at McDonald’s isn’t going to make landlords approve the rental application. A “job” here isn’t going to put me in a position to to live somewhere else. Out in the ‘burbs, there aren’t the kind of jobs for which I’m qualified and could earn a decent amount of money. If I start commuting into Manhattan again, I’ll lose 30-50% of my earnings in train fare again, after taxes, which will put me in a worse position than I am now, not to mention a three hour commute time every day, round trip. Taxes in this area of the country run close to 30%, so I’d be losing between 60-80% of my income. Plus, I’d have to get daily care for Elsa, which isn’t cheap, since she can’t be left alone for more than a few hours at a time. If I went back to a traditional job in the city or back to Broadway, I’d wind up bringing home 10% or less of what I earned. I couldn’t pay rent or bills, and I still wouldn’t have heathcare. And the “jobs” for which I’m qualified in the areas I want to live, won’t hire me unless I already live there. I earn better money freelancing, even though it doesn’t give me the “job” on paper that the landlords want to see. You need the job to get the apartment, but you can’t get the apartment without the job. Do you really think I’m so stupid I haven’t sat down and crunched the numbers on all this? Unemployment in this area is close to 10%, and if you count the people who fell off the rolls, it’s closer to 17%. I can — and do — earn more as a freelancer than I can in a day job.


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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

I took Elsa to the holistic practitioner yesterday, and we had a good session. Elsa was friendly and cooperative, as usual, and seemed to like the treatments — so much so that she didn’t want to leave! She’s moving better, and she seems more alert and more comfortable. Her nose stopped running. But she’s still not eating enogh. I realize I need to give the treatment a few days to take hold (plus, we have our daily “homework” to do), but I’m still worried. But at least she’s more comfortable, and that’s the most important thing. I really liked the woman doing the work, and we will do another session next week.

She confirmed my original instincts, and arrived at her conclusion without prompting from me — there’s severe chemical stress and environmental toxins. I’m showing exceptionally high levels of the same toxins Elsa shows. In other words, our scumbag landlords are, literally, killing us by using toxic materials. Can we prove it in a court of law? Doubtful. But, with the elderly and pet deaths we’ve had on the rise since they took over the building, it all fits. Not to mention that their intent is to get all the long-term residents out, and they’ve made it clear they don’t care if we’re carried out in pine boxes.

Yet another incentive to leave.

We spent a quiet afternoon in the air conditioning, letting Elsa’s treatment settle. She slept peacefully, with the other two curled up around her, which hasn’t happened in a very long time. Violet, in particular, is delighted. She missed her best friend. Her sister usually works her last nerve (as sisters sometimes do).

I’m off prop and herb shopping today, up in CT. I have to get everything together and do the photo shoot for the new book this weekend, along with re-reading the manuscript to write pithy blurb copy, putting up the web page, filing out the rest of the required PR and cover art paperwork, outlining the next book for them (it’s not a series, but a set of characters we met in this book going off to have their own adventure), and reading my friend’s manuscript. So, it will be an intense weekend.

I had an excellent writing session this morning on the other WIP, the first book in the Willowspring Grove series. About 1700 words, not too shabby. I could have done more, but I ran out of time. I have to get on the road — many miles and things to do today, in order to get everything done on time. Tomorrow, I’ll have to dig some stuff out of storage, out of my prop boxes, and maybe hit Target. I’d like to do the photo shoot tomorrow, but it may wind up being on Sunday. If I do it tomorrow, and things don’t look good enough, I can reshoot on Sunday. Boy, do I wish I had my lighting equipment still! I gave it all up when I moved out of the city, thinking I wouldn’t need it again.

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Not a great writing day yesterday. I had a bad headache, and I was trying to hustle work to make up for the lost gigs. Never fun, especially when you’re not in the mood for it.

Thanks, Avid Writer, for your kind words of encouragement. Sometimes people who don’t do what we do and don’t get it just work my last nerve.

PJ, you can prep as much for Nano as you want, as long as you don’t start writing the actual book until November 1. Outlines, character studies, scene work, snippets of dialogue, whatever you want. I usually have a pretty good idea of my characters and then do a scene-by-scene outline before I start. Last year, during the Muse Online Conference, I developed two novels in two different world-building workshops, and one pulled more strongly than the other, so that’s the one I went with for Nano, and boy, it just flew. I had to stop myself from writing every day because I could have easily spent 12-14 hours just on the book. It was a great feeling, but there were other things that had to be dealt with throughout the month, so I had to make myself stop at specific points each day, and sometimes it was from sheer physical exhaustion.

I enjoyed the photo shoot. I took one set of pictures at the local nature center and some additional photos at the beach and town park. Of course, the photo I took on the spur of the moment will most likely be the cover for “The Possession of Nattie Filmore” – provided I can figure out how to layer text over the photo, since I don’t have Photoshop. Does anyone know if I can make the photo the “background” of the page and then add the text over it? Techno-phobes like me want to know!

I worked on the ebook, which I really need to finish and get up this weekend, before the conference starts.

I pitched for a job, but they went with someone else. At least they had the courtesy to let me know!

I put together the email for my N3s, which goes out as soon as I post this.

I’m getting together with Costume Imp this afternoon, for a quick few hours of fun before he heads back out on tour. That will be fun. Always good to scatter in some playtime with the serious worktime.

I had a good morning’s session on The Big Project. I was afraid I’d lose my rhythm with it, but I haven’t.

Thought a lot about ANGEL HUNT, and am doing my research for the western.

You won’t believe this: Elsa figured out how to work the pedal trashcan. I got one with a foot pedal because she likes to hunt through the garbage for things like pork bones and bring them into the bed. So, for the past few years, she’s been stymied. Last night, I heard rummaging in the kitchen. She had both of her back feet on the pedal, the top was up, and she leaned over the can . . .rummaging for pork bones, since we had pork chops last night. I had to weigh down the lid with a heavy cooking pot!

Back to the page for a couple more hours before I leave for the city.


The Big Project – 12,880 words out of est. 75,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12 / 75
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Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and warm

It’s official: I signed a contract with Firedrakes Weyr Publishing this morning for HEX BREAKER. Stay tuned for release dates, cover art, and more.

I heard back from the producer who was interested in THE MATILDA MURDERS. She likes it a lot, but asked for some revisions, mostly due to the site requirements. Not a problem – I’ll get on it. And now I can dive into FEMME FATALE and SIDEKICK, knowing those site requirements.

Whew! Happy!

I received an interesting question the other day that I’m answering on the blog. The questioner asked if I do a lot of paid blogging jobs, and, if not, didn’t I think it would be a great fit?

This blog is MINE, not owned by some corporation. I consider it part of my business in writing, but also as a way to keep in contact with people all over the world, and shed a bit of light on one writer’s creative process and how I try to make that balance and fit in to the business of writing. While I’m not getting a salary for INK, I’ve landed some really cool gigs from people who found me through the blog, and, when you break down that money, it comes out to a decent amount connected to the blog. I also don’t want to put advertising on this blog (other than talking about other people’s stuff I like or having Devon’s Bookstore below) because I want this to be a restful place, not a place blaring with ads. In fact, I’ve dropped several blogs recently because I feel like all they want is my money, not mutual interaction. I know some people who have advertising on their personal blogs, but, honestly, for a buck twenty-five a month, I don’t think it’s worth it.

Most of the paid blogging jobs I’ve come across thus far have had three drawbacks, which make them poor fits for me:

–Low pay. I’m sorry, $5/post is insulting, even if it’s only about 200 words. Especially if I have to do research. It simply is not a wise use of my time. Even $10-$15/post is pretty slim. Some blog sites pay by the month with the chance of revenue share as well. However, if I toss out the revenue carrot and divide the number of posts by the fee, it often still works out to $5 or $10/post. Again, not worth the time and effort.

–Too many posts expected. A lot of sites want 1-2 posts per day. That’s reasonable for some topics, a little too much for others. Not every topic can sustain 30 posts per month. Some sites want even more. As a writer, I think it’s too much content expected, again, for often low pay. As a reader, if a blog has too many posts per day, I drop it because I don’t have that kind of time to spend on it, again, especially if it’s just trying to sell me something. It gives me a headache.

–I don’t want to be that tied down. Some blogs let you write ahead and schedule posting. Others don’t. I travel a lot, both for writing and pleasure. Although I’ll have a laptop soon, I don’t have one now, and, frankly, when I’m on the road immersed in a project, I’m not going to split my focus with something else. So that means I’m not as good a fit for a daily blogging gig as someone who works from home all the time without a lot of traveling.

I admire people who can sustain daily paid blog gigs well. I simply haven’t yet found the right gig for me, nor am I convinced it’s out there. Since the heritage recipe blog gig fell through, a couple of years ago, I’ve looked at several other blog gigs, but applied for very few. 1-2 posts a week I think is sane. 1-2 posts a day simply does not work in the way my life is currently set up, or in the overall vision for my writing career. I’d rather spend that time writing fiction. Blogging is not “easy money”. It takes dedication and skill. And when a company is paying you to present a product or a point of view, it’s different than when you’re speaking from the heart. So there are all sorts of aspects to factor in when considering a blogging job.

So, the photo call yesterday was . . .an adventure. Tuesday I stood on the curb in Chelsea with costumes and ironing board; yesterday, I did the same thing in front of the New York Stock Exchange. My life’s so glamorous. Yeah.

We had a good car to get up there – Ford Esplanade, which meant the ironing board fit in the back. But we were in one of the most security-conscious buildings downtown, full of government offices and no arrangements had been made for us – I just took my garment bags and plowed on through – the guard told me to open my bags and I said, “You open them. My hands are full.” It was that kind of day. We’re in a space under construction, with so much dust I was a Banshee With a Lint Brush all afternoon – and they tell us we can’t plug in. Now, we had a steamer, an iron, and hair and make-up had all their stuff that needed electricity. So they hand us a box of extension cords and we figure out how to run power out of sockets in the ceililng.

I’m telling ya, the glamour of Broadway.

The people for whom we were doing the shoot were very nice, and it’s for a good cause; it’s simply that there was a breakdown in communication as to what both sides needed, the time frame, etc. We got through it, we laughed a lot, and the photos are going to look good. I’m glad we had the actors and crew we had on it – I can think of both actors and crew from other shows on which I’ve worked that would have made it a nightmare. But we all had a sense of humor about it.

Hey, Jackie Kessler – the only mirror we had for the entire, six-person, in-costume photo shoot was the “Love Your Inner Demon” mirror you sent me when your last book came out. The purse-sized one. Thank goodness I always carry it with me!

Two Photo Shoots from Hell in one week. That’s a record for me.

We went to dinner at an excellent new Thai place on W. 49th St. The owner and chef hangs out in the front, you place your order, and she goes back inside and cooks it up. Everything’s fresh and delicious, and it’s very reasonably priced.

I agreed to work a show Saturday night, right before I leave for the Cape. Am I crazy? Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

Got home at midnight, checked the email and got my good news on the novella and the play. Now I’m going to have to come up with promotional “stuff” once we get a release date set. You guys will all have to help me with the marketing campaign!

Errands to run this morning, putting together the birthday present for one of my actors, then I have to finish the pre-Belmont article and work on the anthology story. Bet you dollars to doughnuts I’ll hit the “send” button tomorrow moments before I leave for the show.


I’m also meeting with a journalist – I’m the one being interviewed this time – and the Cable Guy is supposed to turn up to install everything so I get my channels back. I mean, please, they took away Sci-Fi and A&E – how’s a girl supposed to get by?


Devon’s Bookstore:

5 in 10: Create 5 Short Stories in Ten Weeks
by Devon Ellington. This ebooklet takes you from inspiration to writing to revision to marketing. By the end of ten weeks, you will have either 5 short stories or a good chunk of a novella complete. And it’s only 50 cents, USD. Here.

Writing Rituals: Ideas to Support Creativity by Cerridwen Iris Shea. This ebooklet contains several rituals to help you start writing, get you through writer’s block, and help send your work on its way. It’s only 39 cents USD. (Note: Cerridwen Iris Shea is one of the six names under which I publish). Here.

Full Circle: An Ars Concordia Anthology
. Edited by Colin Galbraith. This is a collection of short stories, poems, and other pieces by a writers’ group of which I am a member. My story is “Pauvre Bob”, set at Arlington Race Track in Illinois. You can download it free here:

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