Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Autumn Equinox/Mabon
Rainy and warm

Busy day yesterday. Spent a lot of time with my students. One of the students had to drop out of the year-long, which is a shame, since she was talented and contributed a lot to the group. But it happens. And her slot was immediately filled by someone on the waiting list. Everyone gave her a warm welcome and is helping her catch up. So it’s all good. And I purposely started the year with a bigger group, because I knew some would have to leave.

Worked on THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY. Worked on the Harpy book. Did the next section of the Big Fall Clean — the area around the sink, over it, and under it. The cabinets look beautiful and my sink is so shiny you could successfully do your make-up in it. I mean, I always clean up after myself, but it’s nice to do the Big Clean twice a year.

Since I don’t chemically treat my lawn, I’ve become The Bird Migration Rest Area. Seriously, it was like something out of a Hitchcock Movie yesterday. A flock of birds would land on the lawn. They’d eat, walk around, socialize, rest up, then all lift off together and continue. An hour or so later, the next flock landed. Hey, they want to clear the lawn of bugs, I’m all for it! And they’re not leaving a great big mess, either, if you get my drift.

The cats are going nuts, though! All in the window, doing that little chattering thing with their jaws, kind of like those Halloween skulls with chattering teeth.

This morning, the people across the street are getting their septic tank pumped, so there’s more feline entertainment to be had from the windows!

I had another slow start this morning — Miss Thing Violet woke me at three because she wanted breakfast, and I said, “No way!” and went back to sleep, which meant I overslept. I sat on the deck with a cup of coffee, even though it’s kind of drizzly because the deck is covered, it’s still warm enough to sit out there, and it won’t be for long! I’ve got the first of three loads of laundry going, will do another section of the kitchen later, and have a few errands to run.

Watched some TV last night. CHARLIE’S ANGELS — don’t even get me started. The 80’s show was guilty-pleasure bad for the time. The movies threw logic out the window, but the actresses let the audience in on it and they were fun. This — I don’t know if they got too many stupid notes from the network or what. It could have been whackadoodle fun, and it’s just plain bad. PERSON OF INTEREST was intriguing enough to watch again. They make some good points about people wanting to be protected,but not necessarily wanting to know the details. I’m assuming Emerson’s character will be related to the person Caviezel’s character lost in the opening. I’m not completely sold on it, yet. It could still devolve into procedure. PRIME SUSPECT — I like Maria Bello’s work, which is why I’m watching it; am not entirely sold on the show yet. I’m also trying not to compare it to the Helen Mirren version, which is difficult.

I haven’t been particularly impressed by the season premieres of the shows I usually watch, either. But that’s okay; I don’t need to watch a lot of TV. I can use that time for other things. And I don’t DVR because I simply don’t get around to watching. Besides, that’s part of “watching TV” — making it special. Special night, special time. Not watching it whenever.

Gotta get the first load of laundry into the dryer, get the second one rolling, and get going with everything else that needs to get done. There’s a lot involved to keep a house running, but it’s also very satisfying.