Tues. Nov. 27, 2012: Two Nina Bell stories out: “Too Much Mistletoe” and “Tumble”!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

We’re going to get snow today!

Okay, there are TWO Nina Bell short pieces available now! The holiday-themed novella Too Much Mistletoe, where Nina’s complicated love life both helps and hinders her search for a missing college friend. Excerpt and buy link here.


there’s the shorter piece, “Tumble”, taking place around New Year’s, when Nina discovers the body of a co-worker in the theatre’s dryer and realizes the murderer has to be someone in their theatre. As usual, she gets herself into all kinds of trouble and has a complicated love life. Excerpt and buy links here, below the excerpt for Too Much Mistletoe.

If you like Stephanie Plum, you’ll love Nina Bell! A little humor, a little mystery, a little romance. These two pieces are a lot of fun. I love Nina, and people keep asking when she’s coming back. So, she’ll be around a lot more! I never thought I’d be old enough to write a “period piece”.

I’ve added a page to the blog with blurbs and information on the stories, too.

For the most part, I’m happy with the covers, although when I uploaded them into the Payloadz site, they got warped on the store page. It was a lot of fun to set up the shoot for “Tumble” and stage the bloody hand print on the dryer. Fortunately, my basement looks an awful lot like the theatre basement in the story. 😉 I wish I could have filled the background with a color, but I love the font. I would have liked to do a photo shoot for Mistletoe, staging a spring of mistletoe into the Scotch, but I wasn’t able to get my hands on a reasonable piece of mistletoe. If I can, I’ll redo the cover. I really need to get a good cover design program. The lack of manipulation my programs give me with images is appalling. What is so fucking hard about just letting me re-size? I downloaded the Gimp software, that’s supposed to allow image manipulation and layering, but haven’t figured it out yet. In iWeb, I could fill background — why can’t I do that on a regular page? Very frustrating. And none of the Canon programs that are supposed to let me do whatever I want with a JPG actually DO anything worthwhile.

What was even worse was that 1and1.com’s servers were down, and I couldn’t access my email most of the day, nor could I update the websites. Cyber Monday, busiest online shopping day of the year, and they couldn’t be bothered. Unacceptable. And when I complain, they do the usual — shrug and say THEY have no problem.

So, cover kerflamma took longer than it should have. I’m almost done editing “Just Jump in and Fly”, a re-working of a lot of familiar holiday myths, and I hope to have that ready later today.

Worked in the garden — got the terraced border raked out and cut back, and got a section of the meadow raked. I’m going out to do some more in a few minutes — trying to get as much done as possible before the snow starts later. And I’ve GOT to get cat food in. It won’t be a bad snow, just . . . snow, which means the leaves left will be wet and icky, but there’s no way I can get the whole meadow done today, not with everything else going on.

Meeting tonight, and have to do the minutes for it. The Astronomy class starts today — looking forward to that. Greek & Roman Mythology wraps up this week, and World History next week. Then, I’ll have about two or three weeks where I’m only taking ONE class! 😉

Managed to get a few more decorations up yesterday, and found the lights. The lights have to go on the tree before we can go any further.



Don’t forget the Flash 7 Workshop from Dec. 7-16. Write, revise, and submit 7 flash fiction pieces in 10 Days. Information and registration here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

View from Martha’s Vineyard

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Rainy and damp

I started feeling very New-York-style stressed out yesterday, which is not a good thing.

A lot of it has to do with 1and1, the incompetent webhost. They “upgraded” the mail system — I still can’t download my mail to my hard drive, and now I can’t be on it to sort/purge/file the mail for more than 3.5 minutes at a time before my “session” expires. Which means, unless I’m writing very short emails, I can’t respond to emails in real time, either. They are such a fraudulent organization. I have GOT to get to Cape Mac and have them pull everything, so that I can move web hosts. I can’t lose tens of thousands of emails, and I can’t print them all out. I HAVE to be able to download them and store them. Right now, 1and1 holds them hostage, telling me there’s an ‘ftp error” and I can only use Outlook, which I can’t use on this computer.

I want to get safely moved off their site. And then, I will continue to press fraud charges against them with the appropriate authorities.

I’m really over Payloadz, too, as far as the ebooklets go. They change the links without telling me, and then people follow the only link I know about and can’t get the booklets. So I’m pulling all of them off Payloadz in the next few days, reconfiguring the writing booklets, and will re-release them in a few months through another venue. I’m going to put them into one package, and add tip sheets and other information into it. It will be a combo pack, but also have additional information. I’m also working on another book, but I think THE WRITER is already using the title I wanted! 😉

Class started. It always takes a few days to get people settled in, but people seem excited by the concept of having to write 1K/day and that they’re not in it alone.

Worked on some articles. Didn’t finish enough. Did laundry. Went to the dump. My back is going out again, which is disturbing. Stretched out the back. The neighbor mowed more in the rain, and edged — but not on my side this time. Sorted through stuff that accumulated by the big chair in the living room, so it’s cleaned up for company. Worked on stuff for the Mermaid Ball. Still didn’t hear a word about the baking, so baked two batches of traditional toll house cookies and two batches of lemon bars. I will plate them and wrap them to drop them off later this morning. Made up the downstairs bed, where I’ll sleep for the next ten days, giving Costume Imp my room. Finished most of the material for Confidential Job #1.

This morning, I’ve got more laundry going. Stripped my bed and put on the linens for Costume Imp. Dealt with the garden. Switching stuff around in different rooms that I need for the upcoming visit.

Wrote 2195 words on SPIRIT REPOSITORY, which I’m using for the class — I’m writing along with the class. Did all of chapter 7, which was a big break-through, although I thought the first 400 words were going to kill me. I was just choking. And then it clicked into place and was fine.

I have a LOT to do today, including finishing my first post for Writers Vineyard and scheduling it, dropping off the cookies, getting in some food, and clearing off some writing deadlines before I go pick up Imp at the drop off point.

So I better get going!


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