Friday, August 27, 2010

Small coil candleholder made in July pottery workshop. Actually, I’m using it for crystals right now instead of candles.

Friday, August 27, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
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Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Not a particularly productive day yesterday, most of it filled with anti-landlord paperwork, since they’ve launched their next attack.

Elsa’s treatment went very well. The Reiki practitioner thinks that, in spite of ups and downs, she’s responding more quickly to the treatments, which means her body’s natural healing is improving. However, she feels the environmental factors and chemical stresses caused by the landlord are compromising all of our healths. She thinks It would be a good idea for me to put Elsa in a harness and take her to a park on any nice day that it isn’t too hot or too cold so that Elsa can get about 20-30 minutes of sunshine and fresh air. That will help boost the treatments and encourage the healing to not only happen more quickly, but take hold more deeply. so that when the environmental and chemical stresses of the landlord’s attacks resume, she’s already built up a reserve, and they won’t take such a toll.

So now, here we are in the suburbs, and I’m having a problem finding a place to take Elsa. The Town Park and Beach still charge residents to use them — up until Labor Day, and then on weekends well past. Since I couldn’t afford the pass for the summer, I certainly can’t afford the daily rates, which work out higher. I have to park in that lot if I wanted to take her to the Bird Sanctuary — and let’s face it, taking a cat to a bird sanctuary isn’t a serene choice! I can’ t take her to the Nature Center, because there are deer and coyotes there.

The parks in Greenwich are for residents of that town only. As are most of the surrounding parks in the area. Imagine, you live in the suburbs to get some green and trees, and you still have to pay extra to enjoy it. I was better off living just off Times Square and going up to Central Park.

Labor Day is only a couple of weeks away, so maybe then I can start.

Worked on more paperwork to file against the landlords. Tried to figure out how to put together enough cash very quickly to get out. That means they win, but if I stay here, I just use up all my cash reserves to fight them, and then I’m in worse shape, so why not take everything and go? But that means I have NOTHING to fall back on — if I get sick or the car breaks down or Elsa gets worse — it means there is NOTHING. And that scares me.

The best possible scenario would be if someone knew someone in the area in which I want to relocate, and was willing to give me a reasonably priced, pet-friendly, two year lease so I could get the heck out of here and regroup. I put it out on Twitter — let’s see if I get any bites. Most of the listings on Craigslist sound very shady. And real estate places handle mostly vacation rentals, not year rounds.

I also found, through an organization to which I belong, some legitimate, high-paid, good jobs in the Boston area. I’m going to apply, even though I don’t live there yet, saying I’m in the process of relocating, and see if that will help land the job, and then the job can help land the apartment. It’s actually stuff I like doing, so why not throw my hat in the ring?

Also pitched for a script writing job that I can do anywhere. Short scripts, decent pay, checked out the company, they seem legit. Fingers crossed.

Anyone who has contacts in New England, especially in the South of Boston area, please put out the word that you know someone who’s looking for a place.

I’ve got to run errands today and maybe finally hit that museum exhibit I want to see over at the Bruce, since it closes next week.

I had a decent writing session this morning, but I’m nowhere near as productive as I need to be, because I’m so up in knots about the home situation.