Wednesday, September 22, 2010

totem pole outside of the Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and mild
Autumn Equinox

Yesterday’s jaunt to the city actually went well. Train was sorta on time, I got a seat, I wandered over to my first meeting, everything went better than expected, I wandered over to my second meeting further on the West Side, that went better than expected, and I got to hang out with a friend and colleague for awhile, catching up. He was my business rep on Broadway, and now he’s shifted over to handle the film and TV contracts, and just one of my favorite people, so it was nice to sit down for an hour or so and catch up.

It was a lovely, sunny fall day and I wandered back to Grand Central. The fall B’way shows are loading in, so I got to stop and say hi to about 110 of the crew guys I’ve worked with over the years on this show and that show, and catch up. Much as I adore them all, it made me realize even more that my life is no longer here. I’ve got years of wonderful memories, I hope B’way continues to thrive, and I need to be doing other things. May we all be happy and successful!

Got on the train at Grand Central, after climbing over a film crew. I’m surprised NYPD let anything film on the East side with all the stuff going on at the UN. Of course, the train didn’t work — two working trains in one day is more than Metro North can handle — so we all had to move to another train. But at least it was before we left the station.

I got home early in the afternoon, took care of some other business. I was worried that I wasn’t as sharp as I needed because of the migraine, but I seem to have held my own pretty well. And I was actually dealing with people and organizations who work WITH me rather than against me, which is a nice change.

The ducks are lining up nicely, and pretty soon, I’ll get them to quack in formation! 😉

I got about 30 floppies transferred to flash drives. It’s slow going, because I’m at the boxes of old material that has to be converted to RTF before I can transfer it, or I can’t open it on the Mac. Just keep going, a little bit every day, because a little bit still gets us further than doing nothing.

I want to repack a little bit for the Philly trip. I’m off to acupuncture today and then dinner with a friend.

The landlords sent me a threat via email right before the close of the business day yesterday. They always do that, so one can’t contact the appropriate agencies, hoping it will ruin one’s day. Um, no. All it did was piss me off. I responded with a very pointed letter cc’d to the appropriate agency individuals that will go out via certified mail. They don’t get to ignore the parts of the law they don’t like and make stuff up when they misinterpret what they do.

Watched some TV last night, hoping my migraine would go away. Excedrin Migraine no longer works, and none of the prescription stuff does, either. Interested to see where WAREHOUSE 13 goes next season. They set up some interesting possibilities. Glad to see that Eric Christian Olsen is now a regular on NCIS:LOS ANGELES. I like his work, and think he adds an interesting dynamic to the group. He makes some interesting, detailed choices in scenes that are so different from the other actors in the show, and they work so beautifully, both as an individual performance and in the larger, ensemble context. It’s sometimes tough to put that kind of detail in a procedural show and have it work.

Decent morning’s writing. Not brilliant, but decent. The piece is taking an interesting turn. It will be hell to revise due to the twists and turns it’s taking, and it will be an interesting challenge to make it all logical within the context of the fictional world, which is modern contemporary, a fictional town stuffed into a real region (me stretching geography again), but with its own odd personality.

Didn’t sleep well last night — odd dreams that might turn into a new script, and also the migraine pain. Thank goodness I’m going for acupuncture today.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009
Dark Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Either I’m allergic to Manhattan or I’m coming down with a cold. I think it’s closer to the former — I’m not used to the lack of air quality.

Yesterday was fine. Busy site day, but hey, that’s why I’m paid, right? It was fun, so that’s all good. I managed to get out and walk around a bit — went down to Vosges for my drinking chocolate — Chocolat Parisienne, dark drinking chocolate with steamed milk served in a flute. They use a machine very similar to an espresso machine to prepare it. And it’s delicious.

Encountered more spoiled upper east side brats who did nothing to lessen my contempt for them. I stopped in at one boutique because a garment caught my attention and (wardrobe person I am) I wanted to see how it was put together. They had a statue inside and people left coins for good luck. A woman was talking to a clerk, trying to decide between two multi-garment pieces, each costing several thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the expensively dressed little girl (who resembled her, so I assume it’s her daughter), swept all the coins around the statue into her coat pocket. Her mother looked at her and said, “Oh, don’t do that; people will think we’re POOR.” Yet, she did not make the kid return the coins, which I thought was telling. There was also the girl who threw a tantrum in the middle of Lexington Avenue because she wanted candy NOW, not when she got to the party and various other children crying and whining at their parents around the 92nd St. Y.

I did encounter one kid, probably about 12, walking the family’s cocker spaniel, who seemed to have a brain, a heart — and a sense of humor. At the corner, both disgusted by the displays around us, we exchanged one of those looks you sometimes share with a stranger, where you know you’re both thinking the exact same thing.

It’s interesting how differently — in general — kids behave in the different neighborhoods. You’ve got these Upper East Side examples from the past few days. A lot of the kids I’ve come across on the Uppper West Side may be bratty and entitled in their own ways, but they tend to me more indepedent. It’s more “I do” than “Do for me.” And in Greenwich Village, even with rising prices and neighborhood changes, they tend to be the children of artists and writers and actors and teachers, people who encourage reading and education (actual education, not just the name of a school) and social activisim. So they tend to be sophisticated for their age, well-read, and interested in what’s around them than just themselves. These are, of course, generalizations based on my experiences. There must be intelligent, compassionate kids on the Upper East Side and narcissitic brats in the Village — I’m speaking in overall terms, on the law of averages I’ve personally experienced.

Did a little bit of work on The Lucy Gothic and hope to get more done on it today. I leave tonight to head back home to the cats. This job has been fine, and I’ve certainly collected plenty of material for future writing, but I’m looking forward to being home for a week before the craziness of February begins.

I’ve actually almost plotted out the whole fourth Jain Lazarus Adventure — which focuses on Jain and Wyatt and ties up some loose ends from Book 2, set to release in spring. Now, maybe, I can go back and finish plotting Book 3.


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