Wed. Aug. 12, 2020: Die For Tourist Dollars Day 84 — Recruiter Fail, Writing Process, A Whisper of Hope

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Cloudy, hot, humid

I’m still working on the piece for Ink-Dipped advice, about how companies drive away skilled workers, while whining they can’t find enough skilled workers.

Yesterday was hot and humid. I watered the yard in the morning, and the back both morning and evening. Watered this morning. The mosquitoes are relentless, and completely ignore the bug spray. It has no effect.

I tried to get as much done in the morning as possible, before it got too hot and my computer got too hot. I forgot how much PCs suck. This laptop is barely three months old and it makes changes in Word documents – jumping around in the document and adding or deleting. It takes 13 minutes to boot up. I’m grateful I have it, but I definitely want to go back to MAC as soon as I can afford it.

Got some LOIs out, got out a pitch to an editor for a site I’d really like to work on. A client to whom I’d pitched several months ago is interested in having me come on for a smaller job – I’m sending her some information this morning, and we’ll see if we can go from there.

Got a rejection from a company that puzzled me. I’d never applied to them for anything. First of all, the job from which I was rejected wasn’t something I’d try for anyway. Second, it was a company I knew wasn’t a good match. So how could they reject me from something I’d never wanted?

I contacted the HR person and explained my bafflement. Turns out a recruiter I’d talked to months ago – and decided NOT to work with – pitched me for the job. Without telling me.

No. Just no.

I contacted the recruiter and expressed my displeasure. In cordial terms, but this is not okay. The response? I should be “glad” this individual submitted me for anything, and I should take whatever I could get.

Again, No.

These people.

Got some reading done in the afternoon. Read another book by the person whose work I was on the fence about. Liked this one. Started a third book that will be the deciding vote! Anyway, glad I gave this author another chance, even if I disagree with some of her choices.

Made up an Asian-inspired chicken, vegetables, and noodle dish that was quite tasty.

Actually could sit outside and enjoy a breeze in the evening. First time it’s been quiet around here in MONTHS.

Noodling around on this new idea. Totally different development process for me, developing far more early on before I write any of it. I often outline, then write. Or I get an idea, think about it, jot some notes, then write my way in for about four chapters. If those four chapters work, I’ll sit down and outline the whole book, figure out where to put it in the queue, and work from there.

But this, I’m working on theme first, and then I’ve found my protagonist. Now I’m building around that, and from there, I will find my plot.

I’m keeping a diary specific to this novel, separate from everything else.

It’s helping to loosen the stuck creative bolts, and I’m hoping that will transfer to other projects that need attention.

Absolutely delighted that Kamala Harris is the VP choice. I feel more hopeful than I have in weeks.

Blocked a bunch of morons after the announcement. I’m sure I will have to call out racists fuckwits locally, because we have a lot of racist fuckwits locally.

I have to go into the office for a client today, along with other people. Not looking forward to it. But it’s only for a few hours, and I will be masked, so here’s hoping. They tend to be Sliding Mask Skanks after about 10 minutes. Which means I will probably leave shortly after they turn up.

At least I have Remote Chat to look forward to later.

Have a great midweek.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Still dark – don’t know the weather, only that it’s below zero

I had a lot of paperwork to get out yesterday, which took a good chunk of the day, in and around computer crashes. I also pitched for four wildly disparate jobs. For one, in particular, I am so far out of the background of those who will apply – and, in my letter, I told them why that’s a strength. It’s also in the area where I plan to relocate.

Creatively, the day was somewhat of a bust. Most of it was focused on the workshop I’m teaching, which is how it should be. Because it’s a smaller group than some of my others, I can really give them a lot of attention. I’m pushing them hard.

I’m also having a blast developing a piece in Karina Fabian’s World Building workshop. I took it two years ago and developed a book I plan to write later this year. For me, it doesn’t work to just slap something up I’ve already done in a workshop, unless it’s a workshop on editing or revision. The point of a workshop, in my opinion, is to have a safe haven, a “shop”, in which to play with new work. The piece I’m developing there fascinates me. I’m working from setting instead of from character. Until I started on today’s exercise, I had no idea about the characters.

Usually, I have a character show up and start telling me his or her story, and then I figure out the setting, or it naturally evolves. Even the last time I took Karina’s workshop, I had an idea of my main characters before I built the setting. Not this time. It’s fun. And the setting and culture is unlike anything I’ve ever read before – but it’s the kind of thing I’d love to read. And, Costume Imp, it’s right up YOUR alley!

I’m also having fun in the two other workshops I’m taking.

I had a scene appear, fully formed, in my head last night, and I quickly typed it out before I could lose it. I don’t know what it’s for, although I know it’s pretty far into whatever story it’s meant to anchor. At least I’ve got it, so when more of it reveals itself, I’ve got a place to put it. This is a contemporary piece.

Hey, Ryan, thanks for your comments the past few days. You’ve made me feel a lot better! And I know what you mean about trying to get in everything – I’m trying not to jump at every anthology about which I hear. I love reading anthologies and I love appearing in them – but sometimes I go overboard and I’m juggling so many anthology pieces on spec that it gets in the way of my scheduled, contracted writing. And that has to come first!

I gave a reality check to someone on a forum yesterday who posted a question about a writing venture this person wants to join. I pointed out that first, the person needed to learn the craft, such as spelling and grammar. I’m sure the person will be mad, but that’s the reality. You want to be paid by a legitimate employer, not some scam mill – sit down with the style manuals and some grammar books and learn the basics. I’m so sick of people thinking this is quick and easy money – and that “pay per click” making $25 over six months is a good income. It hurts ALL of us who bust our butts every day to do good work and earn a real living.

Tried a new yoga sequence last night, and I really like it. It’s hard, it pushes me, but it’s worth it. I realized last night that my evening practice has grown to about an hour long now most nights. Wow. I need to tweak the morning practice, because mornings, when I really need it to set the focus for my day, I’m so eager to get to the page that I’m rushing through.

I’ve also got some health issues raising their ugliness, and that will have to be dealt with in the coming weeks. Not fun when you have no insurance.

Back to the page. I’m determined to make this a more overall creative day.


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