Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury DIRECT (as of the 19th – Huzzah!)
Hot, humid, sticky

My goodness, there’s a lot to catch up!

Spent far too much time on Thursday rearranging my storage unit up here in preparation for this weekend’s consolidation.

Worked on the revision of THE MATILDA MURDERS. I needed to do a lot of restructuring, and I was having trouble adding comedy. This is a more thoughtful piece than The Play Formerly Known as Sidekick. I want to give the producer the humor she wants while still staying true to the concept of the show. I’m really struggling with it, and I have to figure out how to unlock it. I know there’s a way; I just haven’t found it yet. Actually, the new name for The Play Formerly Known as Sidekick is Behind the Man. Thank you, Danny! That title captures the era and the themes very well.

Worked on the next adventure for the crew of the Merry – thanks to my actor friend who unlocked the idea with a single comment! The Merry is sailing again, and her crew is getting into some interesting stuff!

I’m letting the monologue sit for a few days before I go back to it.

Got a check from Confidential Job #1 – my last one before the rate cut goes into effect.

Decided on the “stuff” for the HEX BREAKER promo – once I get the cover art, I can see what can use the cover art, and what just needs something simpler with the URL on it. Some of it should be pretty funny. Worked on the webpage for the series, where I can put up excerpts, etc, for the piece.

I had meeting with various “people” about various projects. I was polite, I listened, I had a few things to say, but I truly can’t see anything tangible coming out of it, at least not right now. Which is fine. But none of them were people I’m wild to work with. It was all very “I’m listening, but you’re really not impressing me and I don’t need to do this, so I’m not taking it seriously until there’s money on the table” for me. Sometimes you meet people and there’s instant connection; you know that even if this project doesn’t work out, something down the line will. I didn’t get that feeling here. Still, it never hurts to listen politely.

Was horrified by a TV show that pretends to be about something I know a lot about, but is, in reality, the worst piece of crap in every aspect of the show, that I have ever seen in my life. I won’t even name it, because I don’t want to draw attention to it. Watching the pilot made me ill. I had to leave the room 4 times in the first 20 minutes. And it just kept getting worse. It’s an insult to the world it purports to be about; it is an insult to the actors working on the show. I can honestly say I’ve never watched anything that bad in my entire life, and I hope it vanishes quickly.

Did interviews, was interviewed, ended up being a designated driver for a minivan full of under-aged, over-excited teenaged boys when the (adult) driver got too drunk to drive(swear to God, it was like dealing with bear cubs on sugar), did a reading of an unpublished piece by special request, ate steak for about the first time in a year, did preliminary negotiations for several possible working trips in the course of the upcoming season, caught up with a bunch of people I know, met a whole bunch of new ones, sat up and laughed far into the night about a horrible show we all watched together, and pretty much tried to pack three months’ worth of stuff into 27 hours.

I have a lot of information on the NHL draft, and now it’s about getting into an article or articles, and setting up interviews for training camp time later in the summer. I also have to do articles, over the next few months, on some of my picks from the past years, kind of a look-at-what-they’ve-done thing.

Was tracked down by a friend I haven’t seen in 12-15 years who is now living in Boston, which is really cool, because it means we can hang out occasionally (I hope) after I move.

Tracked down an old friend I haven’t seen since Miss Saigon closed, and am hoping we can get together soon.

Nearly killed myself consolidating storage units and I’m nowhere near done. Four round trips to and from the storage unit in the city to the storage unit up here, in a minivan rented for the occasion. And there is no way in hell what’s left in the one unit will fit into this unit AND the unit I’m keeping in the city. I don’t have time to go through boxes and throw stuff out – it all has to be solved before July 10 and I go back to full-time on The Big Broadway on July 7. I’m going to have to go back in to the city this week and try to repack at least part of the remaining unit, see how many boxes I can fit, and then maybe rent a smaller, auxiliary unit out here, then rent a cargo van and get it out here in a single trip. Also, this week, I’m going to spend an hour a day in the early part of the week going through some of the boxes I moved out here and repacking them and (hopefully) tossing stuff, which means I can fit more boxes in the one out here. I just can’t afford to maintain two units in the city anymore and I can’t afford to hire movers to get everything out here, so I’m Pre-Pitching what I can before the move. The timing sucks, but doesn’t it always?

So I’m unloading the minivan, piling boxes onto the dolly at my storage unit out here. This guy’s pacing in the parking lot, talking too loudly into his cell phone – total cliché, too many gold chains, “F-this and F-that” every other word, tank top with the chest hair fighting its way out (guess I notice now because of the cover art question), real New Yawk accent, it wouldn’t hurt him to hit the gym occasionally. I’ve got the last box on the trolley and I’m locking the van when he says, “You need a hand?”

Typical. Wait until the heavy lifting’s over. “No, I’m fine, thank you.”

“You really oughtta have a guy helping you.”

Not that it’s any of his business and not that one of my guys wasn’t a huge help up until this last load. “I’m fine.”

“You need someone ta take cara you. I’m open for the job.”

“Yeah, like I’ve been so impressed with your behaviour thus far.” And I pushed the trolley into the building.


At least I learned I can drive a passenger van AND a minivan, if necessary. Actually, towards the end of the weekend, I was getting pretty used to the Nissan Quest. And I like the way people get the hell out of the way when you come roaring down the highway in a big car.

Of course, when I’m in a little car, I just give them the finger, but hey, that’s me . . .

Got a check for an article I wrote over a year ago – about time they published it and paid up! At least they weren’t being deadbeat – and they are the reason I have an extra clause in pay-on-publication contracts limiting how long they can hold the article before publishing, or rights revert back to me. In other words, no more holding it for a year. If I write it within the two assigned weeks, you can damn well publish it earlier than a year down the road AND PAY ME, or momma doesn’t write for your publication any more. Live and learn.

Going through stuff from the storage unit is disconcerting. Some of it – well, it’s like Christmas. There are items with deep meaning, history, and specific stories attached, and it’s delightful to reconnect, even if I have to repack. Some of it – I look at it and wonder who was the woman who packed these things seven years ago? Of course, at the time, I expected to have things in storage for three months, but life took some unexpected turns. But it’s a strange sensation. .

And, scrubbing down in the shower after everything, I felt like I was never going to get the dirt, dust, and grit off. Ick.

I have a kazillion errands to do this morning before I can get back to writing, and a truncated writing day, because the show schedule’s switched, and we now play on Mondays.

I will go up to Maine towards the latter part of the week to see my grandmother. She’s holding on, but that’s about it. I want to make sure I see her.


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