Fri. Oct. 2, 2020: Die For Tourist Dollars Day 135 — Skeptical

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Last Day of Full Moon

Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Mars Retrograde

Sunny and cooler

Yesterday was busy.

Morning meditation with Concord Library was terrific. I hope I can keep participating as long as they do it on Zoom.

After, dashed out to Trader Joe’s for a quick shop (not the Big Shop, which is next week), and then next door to Christmas Tree Shops where I picked up a few things I can’t find anywhere else.

Decontamination process, then switched out the white lace curtains to the spiderweb curtains. Put up most of the indoor decorations, although I have a feeling I might do some rearranging over the weeks.

Will start the outdoor decorations this week.

Knowledge Unicorns a little early today. I’m not sure if the kids on the West coast really had a half day of Zoom, or if they just skipped out of lessons or what.

We brainstormed a paper on Emily Dickinson for one student, and I sent him to two unusual resources – a book on Emily Dickinson and her garden, and Susan Glaspell’s Pulitzer-Prize winning play about her.

Worked on other assignments with the others in the group.

We are studying the bat this month as our project. Needless to say, there are all kinds of resources out there about bats! Including the North American Society for Bat Research.

From the homework session, I clicked a new Zoom link to the NYU session with Marion Nestle. It was about food, activism, safety, and justice. Absolutely fascinating, and well-run. Charlotte was disappointed that it wasn’t two-way video, and no one told her she was pretty. Charlotte LOVES Zoom, because when our side is on video, she can pop into frame and everyone loves fussing over her.

One would think Willa would want this, since she is the most extroverted, but she doesn’t. And Tessa finds Zoom an intrusion.

But Charlotte loves Zoom.

Anyway, I learned a lot, it was great to be part of an intelligent conversation, and I ordered Marion’s books from the library, because I want to delve more into her research.

I had an hour to put a pizza in the oven and make chocolate mousse. Somehow, I managed that, before clicking onto the link for the NEW YORK TIMES OFFSTAGE program with Michael Pollan. For the first part of it, there was a pre-recorded conversation with Hillary Clinton on her love of theatre and the importance of theatre. Then, there was a live Zoom conversation with Audra McDonald, Jessie Mueller, Danielle Brooks, and Neil Patrick Harris, which was terrific. They all had great things to say, especially about the passion for and of theatre, how it connects in a way nothing else does, how it’s been around for centuries and will find a way back.

I agree with that, because it’s a deep human need.

In spite of all the ass wipes who go around saying it’s “not a real job.”

It was time well spent.

Puttered around a bit and then went to bed.

Woke up around 2 this morning, after a series of really weird dreams. Some of them were set in the same geographical location that several of this week’s dreams have been set – I know where I am within the dream, but I don’t actually know where that place is. Tonight’s dreams were a little stranger and more unsettling than the ones earlier in the week. Then, there were other dreams about the cats catching mice. Willa, in particular, is a good mouser, so that’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Broke my own rule and checked Twitter (and found that Treat Williams, with whom I worked on a FOLLILES revival years back on Broadway was also up and doing the same thing).

Hmm. Interesting news.

The Narcissistic Sociopath and The Wife Creature supposedly tested positive for COVID-19. There’s that flash of what did they THINK would happen with their constant reckless and irresponsible behavior?

That was quickly overtaken by doubt that it’s true.

I don’t believe Brad Pascale’s meltdown earlier this week was real, either. I think he’s trying to get a way out of prison. I also believe (and this has been pointed out by others on social media) that if he pulled that stunt as a black man, he would be dead. But I do believe it’s a stunt. That’s all he’s done his entire career—create chaotic theatre. Of course he’ll do the same for himself.

I’m also suspicious that this is a stunt on the Sociopath’s part. With the pattern of daily lying and creating stories with himself as the center, I think it’s a political stunt to get attention. He will “quarantine” for two weeks, claim he was asymptomatic, and use it as proof that the virus “isn’t that bad” and insult further the 200,000+ he’s already murdered.

Given the pattern of daily lies, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

The other possibility is that he really is positive for the virus. If that is the case, I believe he knew before the debate and intentionally went through with the debate to expose as many as possible in the Biden camp. It’s exactly the kind of vile behaviour that’s on brand for him. It would also explain the way he yanked on Wife Creature’s hand post-debate.

I don’t want Biden to get sick – or anybody on his team to get sick.

On a basic human level, I don’t want anyone to suffer and die from the virus; however, in this particular case, I am less empathetic than I would be for a random human, even a MAGAt.

Again, I’m skeptical that it’s real. I think it’s political theatre. The Sociopath wants to claim he sailed through the virus with few or no ill effects to prove he’s “strong.”

Proof of strength would have been to prevent over 200,000 deaths of the people he is sworn to protect.

But he couldn’t be bothered.

Here in MA, our numbers are going up. We hit the highest numbers since May 30 yesterday. So much for that idiot woman last week who claimed she worked at the hospital and they hadn’t seen any cases in a long time. It simply isn’t true.

Boston’s back in the red zone. Gee, what a surprise. What did they think would happen, having college kids come back onsite?  They’ve paused the phased re-opening.

They’re not pausing on Cape, because tourist season lasts through Columbus Day, and they are bound and determined to wring every penny they can out of tourists, no matter how many residents get sick and die. The greed is revolting.

I was going to voice some opinions against the airlines, but that can wait for another day!

What’s on today’s agenda?

Client work, writing work, maybe start putting up some of the outdoor decorations, putting the basement back to rights, and maybe clearing out a bit more.

I’m back to work on a piece that’s on deadlined, and keep getting ideas for another piece with which I’m noodling, so we’ll see what happens where with what. I also need to get some edits done on SERENE AND DETERMINED, if that is actually going to be submitted next week. I’m starting to have my doubts that I can get it done in time.

I hope to have a productive, but quiet weekend.

Peace, friends. See you on the other side.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

I finally saw it: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Joss Whedon’s internet extravaganza. I liked it a lot – I’m not as fanatically head-over-heels about it as some people, but I thought the writing, production values, acting, etc., were all top notch, and, of course, I’d expect nothing less from Whedon. I liked most of the music, although I thought some of the songs where they wrote it atonally might have worked a bit better with either more harmony or even a further atonal choice. And Neil Patrick Harris – talk about an actor who’s fucking brilliant. He’s one of those rare actors who can take material and go from broad comedy to snarky to simple and direct to sarcastic to vulnerable to sweet, turning on a dime and completely taking the audience on the journey. Every time I see him do something, I appreciate him more – one of those actors who’s both thoughtful and instinctive in his work, has layers of craft along with talent, and knows how to pull it all together.

I also have to admit that I’m not watching the Olympics much this time around. I’m more of a Winter Olympics fan than a summer one anyway. I’m keeping tabs on Michael Phelps – good for him, that talent and work ethic are paying off – but that’s about it. And kudos to Phelps for giving the credit for his eighth gold medal of the games to his teammates in the relay, acknowledging that not everything revolves around him. He’s got his head screwed on straight, and I hope that, once the games are over, some of the media frenzy around him calms down and he can just go and play without people judging him. No one can be a perfect role model all the time, and he deserves to be able to blow off some steam.

Every time I turn on the television, they have volleyball on, and that is a sport I absolutely LOATHE. Anything I have to say about it is mean and out of line, so I’ll keep it to the fact that I loathe it. I wanted to see more of the archery, and haven’t (although those Ukranian archers are HOT), and the fencing, sailing, and equestrien events. So far, not much luck – the hours I can watch don’t seem to be the hours those events are broadcast, if they’re even being broadcast at all. I have to say I’m kind of glad I’m not over there, trying to cover it, as fascinating as it would be to travel to China.

I’m already prepping to cover the Vancouver 2010 games, believe it or not.

A friend called and invited me over for the afternoon, so I packed a writing bag and headed over to sit by the pool. Worked on OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK. Didn’t get as much done as I wanted, but got something done, and got some work done on the article.

I cooked dinner over there, then came back home to pack for Philly. As soon as I pulled out the suitcase, all three cats threw up. So we know how they feel about it. I’m still trying to figure out what to pack in the writing bag – I don’t want to take too many projects. If I limit which projects I take, I’ll have to actually focus on them.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this working trip. I’ve hit a point where I work much more efficiently when I’m away from New York.

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