Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and cool; rain off and on

The publisher is excited about ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT, and will release it in June, rather than July. Which means I’ve got to ramp up the PR — I have a month less for the initial push than I thought. But I’m glad they’re excited. I’m excited, too!

Yesterday was about grocery shopping and catching up with exercises (students had a deadline). The individual pieces are quite interesting, which makes it fun to read and to help them figure out how to make it even stronger. Time-consuming, but fun.

Some great pots were on sale, so I grabbed them. Still don’t have “the” pot for the lilac and the huckleberry bushes, but I’m looking.

Didn’t get out in the yard, unfortunately.

Had a meeting at night with a new local group I’ve joined, and I’ll help them out on a few events this summer. Got to ask some questions about the garden.

Came home in time to watch NCIS:LA. I wanted to make sure I saw last night’s episode, because it was centered on the character played by Eric Christian Olsen, who’s my favorite actor on the show. He’s always good in it, but last night, his work was outstanding. He got to put a lot of light and shade in his character details. I noticed a couple of logistical lapses/unexplained details (probably necessary cuts for time constraints), but none of them were enough to throw me off the course of the episode. There were a few episodes earlier this season that I felt cheated his character, tried to dilute what he and the show’s creators set up for the character, but this episode (called “Plan B”) and an episode a few weeks back called “Personal” more than made up for it. It will be interesting to see how the creative team builds on it.

Playing with some ideas for a piece. One of the characters has been haunting me for a year or so now, and I’ve been trying to find a good context for her. I think I’m finding it. I don’t want to get too far off-course — I’ve got THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY to worry about — but I’ll make some notes, do a rough outline, and maybe a few pages to see if this is where it needs to go.

The big thing on today’s agenda is getting my hair cut, and then, I’ve got to get the changes into the media kit for ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT, do a press release, and start getting the kit out.

The changeable weather makes me sleepy, but I need to stay awake and get things done!

On a more serious note, I do not want to see a death photo of Bin Laden. It’s macabre in the wrong way. I think it will cause more problems than it solves. The disbelievers are not going to be mollified — they’re the birthers and the religious extremists who are determined to martyr the terrorist — both of whom fall into the same ignorant, anti-American category, no matter what their citizenship papers claim. They’ve made up their minds, and their minds are too small to change.


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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

The water company is coming today to put in a new meter. Supposedly, it will take only 45 minutes. Supposedly.

They are taking down the old water tower down the street. I managed to snap some photos of it yesterday, before they took its little hat off. It’s one of those graceful old designs, with a top that looks like the Tin Man’s hat. The new water tower is as ugly as can be, looking like an oversized golf tee, probably designed by a golf aficionado.

Ran errands, returned books to the library, found some on local history, and a book on Louisa May Alcott and her father that’s new to me, called EDEN’S OUTCASTS. Looking forward to it.

HISTORICAL INFLUENCES is flowing along well. I’m re-writing the chapters I’ve got into the new vision, and it all works much better, thank goodness. The characters are finally free to deal with the situations true to their characters, without having to worry about age-appropriate references, or a lack thereof. I also took some notes for POWER OF WORDS. Another character who will turn out to be a major obstacle for my main ensemble has been poking at me, wanting to join the fray and play. And I’m percolating the play, so that next week, I can sit down and start it.

I’ve decided which book I want to write as part of the year long intensive and pulled those notes out and put them aside.

I’m reading the applications for the intensive. In addition to writing ability and a sense of whether or not they can commit to something as intense as this course, I also have to pick people who I think will meld well together. We’re going to be in close emotional and electronic proximity for 365 days. While I’m responsible for setting the tone, it’s also important to get a mix of people who will both work and play well together. The dynamics are important.

I worked on workshop lectures and the material for Confidential Job #1. The stuff for Job #1 is well-done, but I’m not enjoying the content, so it’s a bit of a slog. But I have to get it finished and out the door tonight.

My back was bothering me badly, but only two more days until my appointment, so I’m just gritting my teeth and hanging in there. Can’t tell you how bored with it all I am. I am looking forward to being in less pain and having my range of motion back.

I’ve got a post up on Gratitude and Growth answering Lori’s question about garden design and my irritation with the lack of envelope information from two of the seed companies.

Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s episode of NCIS:LA. I watch it because I like the character of Deeks, played by Eric Christian Olsen, although I’ve had issues in some episodes with the material he’s been given. But last night, it was a great character development arc for him, showing the character’s humor, intelligence (Olsen is often cast to play dumb, so when he plays smart, he knocks it out of the park), and courage. The balance between the whole ensemble was good, and it was directed by Kate Woods, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors. Whenever there’s an episode of something I particularly like (and not just this show) and I look up the director, it tends to be Kate Woods.

I’m going to try to get some writing in before the water company shoots the day’s schedule all to hell.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Cloudy and warm

Just a quick check-in. We are at the apartment to pack some more, finish packing up storage, and do last-minute stuff.

Packing the car yesterday morning was a challenge, but we got a lot in and had a smooth ride up to the house. Unloaded, ran some errands, which included getting a new safety deposit box. The bank down the street doesn’t have a vault, so we had to go one town over, but they are very nice, we got a bigger box, and we’ll share it. It’s in TD Bank, my mom’s bank — I’m starting to think I made a mistake going to Citizen’s Bank — so far, I’m not happy with their service and hoop jumping. Well, if I hate them in a few months, I’ll switch banks. In MA, you can actually do without signing away your first born and making a deal with the Devil, like you have to in order to get an account in NY.

Stopped at the 1875 (76?) Country Store on the way back to town, on Lori’s recommendation. Lori, it’s still cute as a button with some amazing stuff in it. I’m definitely going back to do some of my holiday shopping there. As it was, I bought a stone bracelet designed by a local artist. No, I didn’t need it; but it was lovely and one-of-a-kind, so I bought it! Turns out the woman behind the counter used to create haute couture for rock star girlfriends in NY, and we shopped at all the same fabric places in the garment district — most of which are gone now. She’s getting the backstage bug, so I said she should try hiring in as a stitcher at a theatre she likes — they always need stitchers on staff. If she hates it, she never has to do it again; if she likes it, she can take it from there. Anyway, another NY theatre person to hang out with — I can’t believe how many I’ve found. Seeds of my own company (obliterate that thought). But it’s interesting how we’re all finding each other.

Drove to Hyannis to do some errands (including stocking up on cat food in the house), then stopped at Cooke’s for lunch — buttered scrod, very good. There are fish often-used on the Cape that I need to learn how to cook. It’s not like scrod is all that exotic — I simply don’t use it much here.

Back to the house — raked for a couple of hours. Got most of the front done. Met the neighbors on both sides — very nice, very helpful, said if we ever needed anything, to let them know. The dogs across the street watched and barked. There was some sort of Major Yard Work going on at the green house on the corner with the amazing yard — it better not be empty, because I wanted to be friends with them! Waved at another neighbor and big dog who drove by. Saw one of the Hounds of the Baskervilles — I think he’s a mastiff. Elsa would have been delighted. He was very confused and stopped in mid-bark when I told him what a handsome boy he was!

The yard turns out to be about double the size I thought it was — makes the raking and fall prep work a bit more of a challenge. By the time I’m done, I figure 60-70 of those 30-gallon leaf bags. I’m up for it — I just have to do it in increments, and get a smaller tool to get in around the bushes. Turns out there’s a wagon wheel at the side of the house, so that’s where I’ll grow morning glories and moonflowers in the spring, let them vine right up it. And the vegetable bed is on my property, so I’ll have to decide what to plant there. The tomato/basil containers will be on the deck, as will the rosemary and most herbs, so I think I’ll grow lettuce, beans, cucumbers, pumpkins, and maybe eggplants and peppers. I’ll do flowers in containers.

I don’t have quite the feel of the yard yet, but I’m sure as I work in it the coming weeks, I will. 10 bags of leaves just for the front of the house!

Chatted with the mailman, too. Such fun to get mail in a mail slot in the front door!

Read the papers, put up signs to tell the movers where to put stuff, just sort of hung out. To bed early again.

Up later than usual — it was nearly 6 AM, imagine that! I’ve been waking up at 4 the past month. Yoga, meditation, putting the last few things together to bring back to NY and making sure the house is prepped.

Drive up wasn’t much fun — too much traffic, especially around Providence. Cats were happy to see us, landlords are being asshats (and this is new and different/). Only one neighbor has responded to my leaving announcement, my next-door neighbor, who was very supportive and gracious.

Headed to storage to pack up the last few stray items there, then I will stay up tonight packing as long as I can stand upright. Lara, thanks for the Aleve tip — I forgot I had it. Found four capsules — I’ll take two Thursday and save two for Friday. Advil and Excedrin Extra Strength aren’t cutting it any more, and I can’t function (much less drive) if I take the Canadian pain pills, so I haven’t. Reconfirmed with the movers.

Still have heard NOTHING from Sleepy’s. So — I’ll have a frame and a mattress on Friday, but no boxspring. I’m tempted to cancel the order, but I bet you they wouldn’t give me my money back. Definitely not doing business with them again, and will write to their CEO to let them know exactly why. I’ve bought plenty of beds in my time, and I have NEVER had this much unnecessary hassle. “Mattress professionals”? I think not!

I get to watch my guilty pleasure NCIS LA and get my Eric Christian Olsen fix tonight, but miss the premiere of the new HUMAN TARGET season tomorrow, so no Jackie Earle Haley fix until after I move. Somehow, I think I’ll survive. Honestly, I haven’t missed being without television most of the time. HUMAN TARGET has a new showrunner and has been extensively re-tooled. From the promos, I’m really on the fence about it, but I’ll give it a chance.

I can’t wait to get back into a regular writing routine. The stories and characters are getting impatient and want attention. I’m sure part of it is that the Nano energy is so strong, with so many people writing, but also — I need the daily writing sessions in order to successfully function.

And soon I’ll have them — in my very own brightly lit, comfortable writing room.

Two days until the big move.



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and humid

Well, those were a bunch of zany days!

Monday, I was basically a waste of food. I dreaded coming back to NY, I couldn’t concentrate, Trying to get appointments sorted for next week, and everyone’s got an excuse for not following through with what they initially promised. Typical realtors. Pond scum.

And Comcast, which hadn’t been too bad all week, went back to major suckage.

So, Monday was a lost day, creatively, and I’m moping around Monday night when I get a phone call that the people I covered for had landed at the Philly airport. A day early. Huh?

It’s amazing what a whirlwhind one can turn into under pressure. In the 20 minutes it took them to take a cab from the airport, I had stripped the beds and started the laundry, taken the clean dishes out of the dishwasher (thank goodness I ran it right after dinner), put them away, packed my crap that was scattered all over the place, cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom, and was ready to go.

Only I couldn’t GO back to NY that night, because the transportation schedule didn’t work in my favor. So I was stashed in their studio a few blocks away. Since they’re having trouble with their landlords (familiar refrain), once I was in for the night, I couldn’t leave. And, for some reason, the ethernet cable in the place won’t talk to my computer, so I was offline.

Which was fine, only I was unfocused and couldn’t concentrate. I had the TV on, but I couldn’t tell you what was on. I didn’t sleep well, because the thermostat runs automatically, and it was as cold as a meat locker. And I couldn’t find any extra blankets. So I put on socks and a sweatshirt and all the rest. I swear, I am never travelling without my hot water bottle again, no matter what the time of year! 😉

Had to order in breakfast the next morning, repacked the suitcase, and kind of puttered around. I was looking forward to a good diner breakfast of poached eggs, corned beef hash, hash brown potatoes, and toast. Well, first, it arrived cold. The eggs were hardboiled, not poached. And they ddidn’t have corned beef hash. Sigh. Certainly not enough to alter the course of the universe, but a disappointment.

Much quicker trip back to 30th St. Station — when I got out of the apartment, I could see it, and it was a straight shot. It started sprinkling as I reached the station — the whole area was under tornado watch. Walked through the station and out the other side to the bus stop. As I walked out of the station, a group of workmen stood to the side smoking joints. Glad I wasn’t going to be around the heavy machinery they were operating for the rest of the day. So, by the time I got to the bus, the smoke was in my hair and my clothes. I got strange looks the whole trip.

Megabus let us stand in the rain, as usual, while they had their little coffee klatch inside the bus. I think I’ll try one of the other carriers for the next trip. They finally loaded us up and off we went. Not too many people, smooth ride until we got stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel for awhile, due to traffic, which is so not my idea of a good time.

Rolled the suitcase a couple of blocks to where I get a cab. There was a guy who obviously was having trouble getting a cab. I didn’t even stick my arm out until he was safely settled in one, and then got one immediately. Thank you, Karma Dogs!

Managed to catch a train immediately upon hitting Grand Central, smooth trip back, picked up at the station, got a bottle of wine and a chocolate cake on the way home. Unpacked, relaxed, never even went online last night.

Watched some TV. Disappointed with the script for the NCIS-LA episode. I thought they were inconsistent with Deeks’s character, and, at times, made him goofy and suffering from foot-in-mouth disease the wrong way (the first scene with Sam, expecting Kensi to come up with a way to get them out–he’s proven he’s a good enough cop to have had ideas of his own on that). Eric Christian Olsen’s good enough and inventive enough to pull it off (I can think of at least a dozen other actors who’d have turned it into whiny self-pity and I would have had to change the channel). The snake story and some of the other stuff is in keeping with the humor they’ve established for the character, but those two scenes were very discordant. If the scenes had been written better, it would have added a wonderful dynamic to the overall episode.

As a writer, though, it’s a good lesson in character development (or, in this case, mis-delvelopment).

Overslept this morning. I have a lot to do early today, so skipped yoga and my first 1K of the day, which will come back and bite me in the butt later.

The only food in the house is cat food, so I’m off to the bank and the grocery store, then have to file more paperwork against the landlords. They’ve upped the threats and the harassment, and I may have to bring in the cops.


I know, I just have to hang in there. But I need a really, really stable home base to get anything done, and I haven’t had that for nearly four years. It’s been a disgusting downward spiral.


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