Thurs. June 18, 2015: Inspiration from Archer Mayor

Thursday, June 18, 2015
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Busy day yesterday, and quite stressful. In addition to the summer busy-ness, there are also situations going on in another group with whom I’m involved. I won’t be involved with that group much longer, but if I can help come up with some solutions in the interim, I will.

Archer Mayor presented at the library. He was wonderful. So articulate, so intelligent, so engaging. I’ve been a fan of the Joe Gunther series since Book 3 (SCENT OF EVIL), and then went back through books 1 & 2. SCENT OF EVIL came out in 1992, so I’ve been reading the books for a long time!

So much of what he said resonated, and I’ll be thinking about it for a long time, and, hopefully, applying it!

Home, exhausted. To bed early – couldn’t face any more cooking when I got home.

Up at 5:30 this morning to make the lemon pudding for milonga night. It will set while I’m at work.

Managed to get some work done on BALTHAZAAR this morning, too, before work. It’s not going as quickly as I’d like, and I have to fact check some things, but it’s going. The tensions are building, in ways that I think will surprise the reader (hopefully, in a good way).

Long day at work today, and then home for a quick bite, and milonga. Don’t know how long I’ll last – I’m exhausted.


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Friday, March 20, 2015: Spring? Not Really!

Friday, March 20, 2015
New Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold
Spring Equinox

Yesterday was flat out busy. I got some work done at home in the early, early morning. Then, a colleague picked me up and we went to the training session on the new Commonwealth Catalog. By the time we got back to the library, a colleague was sick and needed to go home, a volunteer wasn’t coming in, and a third wasn’t coming in because she was sick. Fortunately, the person covering for me in the morning could stay with me through the afternoon.

Afternoon was busy, although I managed to get some serials checked in and some other work done.

Tango was tons of fun last night. We had a milonga, and I wound up dancing for most of the two hours. Came home and soaked my feet! But it was fun, and I learned a lot. The experienced dancers are very kind and gracious with those of us just learning, and make sure that we feel included! I learned tango waltz steps and the quicker milonga steps, too. It was fun, but I was sore by the end!

I HAVE to get press done today. I’m so backed up from everything that went awry this week, if it doesn’t get done and out, we’re screwed.

We worked on Comcat practice most of the morning, and now I have to get everything else done, because I’m not back in the office until Wednesday.

This weekend and into early next week, I have to finish a student manuscript, work in the microfilm research, do another pass on the radio play (so I can register it and send it off soon), work on some other writing, and start my taxes. And work on the books I’m judging in the contest.

Busy much? Grateful to have such a full life, but this week has been a bit much. Also, because another storm is coming in, I have a mother of a headache.

Stay well and safe in the storm. Yeah, right, it’s spring. Not.


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Thurs. March 19, 2015: Getting on the Busy . . .

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Dark Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Yesterday was busier than planned. Morning was caught up with Reference Committee meeting for the library (libraries send representatives). We were trained on Novelist, and discussed some other issues, including what does and doesn’t work with the Commonwealth ebook Catalog (heavy emphasis on what’s not working).

After the meeting, I got back to the library to find out that my boss and colleague had a medical emergency and wasn’t in that day. I ran out to the store to get the food for upcoming programs, and then stepped in to run the Masterpiece Book and Film Group that met, which was fun (I participate in it anyway, so it was just leading the discussion, rather than simply talking).

By the time that was done, it was time to set up for the evening program. One of the other staff members, who works mornings, came back to help with that program. We got all set up, and the program was terrific. Dr. Jack Creilson, of the American Meteorological Society, was our speaker. He talked about weather patterns on Cape Cod, the winter we had, historic winters, and the effects of climate change. It was a GREAT program. I’m so grateful he was able to come and talk to us. Originally, the program was scheduled for the day after the blizzard.

I checked email on a couple of work-related things, and answered some questions for the Writers Center and landed some stuff for the swag bags for the conference, and answered some stuff for NMLC. But that was pretty much it.

Came home, exhausted, around 7:30. Ate, got a little bit of work done at home, fell into bed early. After baking cupcakes for the milonga tonight.

Woke up this morning when a neighbor put his dog out in the cold and the poor thing howled. Not sure which neighbor, or I would say something.

Iris threw up her breakfast in the bed, so I had laundry in before 7 AM.

Doing some work on a student manuscript early this morning, before a work colleague picks me up for a training session on the new Commonwealth Catalog that goes live this week. We’re short staffed at the office this afternoon, and I have to set up the milonga, then run home, bolt some food, change, pick up the cupcakes, and go back to the milonga.

Tomorrow, I hope I can catch up on stuff in the actual office. We’re supposed to get another snow storm tomorrow night. At first, they were saying, “not much”. This morning, they’re saying 3-5 inches, but it could be double. Nooooooo! Enough already.

Hope you’re having a great week.

Can I just say that Saturn Retrograde sucks?


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