Tues. May 14, 2013: Revisions Progress . . .Slowly

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Melinda Pierce is my guest, over on A Biblio Paradise, talking about “Both Sides of the Fence” in writing — it’s a great piece!

Yesterday, I got out a requested set of article pitches based on an editorial calendar to a former editor who expressed interest in working with me again. It’s six months’ worth of article ideas, so we’ll see which (if any) she’s interested in. Also got guidelines from a new-to-me publication and have to put together a pitch for that. Followed up on some previous pitches. Sent in samples to a book packager (I’ve always wanted to work for one). Started setting up some more appointments for my business trip.

Then, finally, I got back to the revisions on the book. I prepped the next five chapters, but only got a little over a chapter completed. These are the most complex chapters in the rewrite, because this is where everything has to weave together (including red herrings) to make sense. It’s hard, and it needs energy and complete concentration.

I should have been out mowing, but, other than running a few quick errands, I focused on the revisions.

It was too cold to put the plants back out; in fact, we had to take in more last night. Hopefully, by Thursday morning, we can put everything back out.

The cats were antsy yesterday — combination of spring fever and I’m not playing enough with them.

I have a meeting this afternoon (that’s been booked for awhile), but, other than that, everything is about the revisions.

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