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Tuesday, February 07, 2017
Waxing Moon
Rainy and cold

I got some decent writing done yesterday morning, and some very interesting Renaissance art books arrived for background research on the play.

I then got sidetracked looking up something in a manuscript I’d put aside, and then got all caught up in it again. So much so, that I spent the rest of the day in revisions for it and worked forward on it this morning. I love the piece – it’s about backstage on a television shoot – but it would have to be very carefully placed and marketed to both attract its audience and sustain it, because, like a series, it keeps going. It’s broken down into manageable books, but the first three (or maybe four) in the series are of a piece. So that kind of placement in the marketplace, to make sure no one feels cheated if they only pick up one, is important.

It’s also something to deal with once the books are written.

I rented office space today, so I could have an interview without interruption (still power fluctuations and who-knows-what at home) and also do some Constitutional Law interactive work.

The meeting was interesting, and I want to dig deeper. The job itself is interesting – the pace would be quick, the topics are those that interest me, and it would be a challenge in the right way to generate exciting content. We’re both going to do more research on each other, I’m going to send more in-depth samples, and we’ll go from there. I could contribute a lot to the organization, I believe, and I’d also learn a lot, which is always key to me in a job. It’s not a place where one can grow stale, which is one of the reasons it intrigues me.

Yesterday afternoon, I got word that a short-term gig wasn’t going to happen. That organization is going with someone with less experience, and therefore cheaper. So it goes, sometimes. There was the “hope we can work together in the future”, but I’ll believe that when I see a contract! 😉

Worked with my elected officials yesterday on several issues. The deeper I get into the Constitutional Law class, the more alarmed I am about what’s going on. But what I can do is to do what I can to contribute, in the most positive way I can. I’m not going to shut up and roll over. Nor do I have much respect for people who think if they can just ignore it, it will all go away. Yes, we have to live our lives, but we have to balance it with the responsibilities that go along with it. That’s why I get so irritated at people who refuse to serve jury duty. That’s an integral part of our responsibility.

But that’s a whole other debate.

Back to the page, and to the Constitutional Law books. The weather’s supposed to be awful the rest of the week, but I’m hoping to get to the law library and spend some quality time with Constitutional crafters.


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Mon. Jan. 30, 2017: Political and Personal and Art

Monday, January 30, 2017
Waxing Moon
Cloudy and cold

Busy weekend, a lot of it political. Although, within it all, I got some writing done.

The Unconstitutional, poorly thought out “travel ban” that went into effect late on Friday was the primary cause of it, along with removing legitimate security officials from the National Security Council to install an unqualified, unvetted white supremacist. Lots of activism, and thank you to the Federal judges who actually understand and uphold the law.

Every Senator and Representative who remained silent needs to be removed from office next year. The ACLU got five to six times more in donations this weekend than they typically get in a year. Better them than the DNC, in my opinion. The candidates need to start earning their keep before I give any money to them. Hopefully, we will see some contentious primaries and get some of these cowards out.

Ironically enough, I was re-reading the Constitution in preparation for today’s start of the Constitutional Law class. The Executive and Legislative Branches are not only ignoring it, they are using it as toilet paper.

I’ve also taken note of those, who, right after the election, kept insisting that even though they voted for the Sociopath, they were “good” people and would be the “first” to stand up if he violated the Constitution, yet remained silent this weekend. Duly noted. You didn’t stand and you won’t stand. Because you agree. Also duly noted.

I got nearly thirty pages written on one project. Too bad it wasn’t one of the ones I was supposed to be working on! But it felt good, to get back into the groove. Got some work on the short story due on Wednesday, although I didn’t finish it, and will have to so do today.

Worked on contest entries, finished re-reading POSSESSION, which remains one of my favorite books.

Waiting to hear back on two contract negotiations. Got a request for a meeting on another project that I’m hoping to set up later this week. Got an email from someone with whose company I parted on less-than-stellar terms who wants to know if I want to come back for the summer. Wondering what the ulterior motive is — we were relieved to be parted.

SAG Awards last night, and it was a lively night. I’m getting sick of those who try to demean or diminish artists for speaking out. Having spent most of my professional life working in the arts, most artists are intelligent, thoughtful, have a strong sense of justice, curious, and, in the course of researching their work — informed. The artists I’ve worked with, on the whole, have been much smarter than the non-artists I’ve worked with. Yet non-artists are quick to try to bully, condemn, and censor artists. All that does is show the lesser character of those non-artists.

Because genuine artists are the ones who change the world. And theatre, in particular, started out in Greece as a form of politics.

Speaking of artists making a difference, I’m re-reading Vaclav Havel’s THE ART OF THE IMPOSSIBLE: Politics and Morality in Practice.

One of my neighbors built a section of fence to block off his patio area from the street. Good for him, I have no problem with that. Privacy is important. Unfortunately, it’s one of the ugliest structures I’ve seen in a long time. It’s especially noticeable to me right now because, this weekend, I was researching different types of walls, fences, and gates for one of my novels, and designing something beautiful. Synchronicity!

The Constitutional Law class begins today. I’m excited and a bit apprehensive. I hope I can do the work. I really like my professor, who’s both soft-spoken and passionate about his topic.

I have to set up some appointments, and some places for appointments, so I’ll have some running around to do.

Another week, and Imbolic is only a few days away! First planting!


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Thurs. Oct. 6, 2016: Creativity Flow & Opportunity

Thursday, October 6, 2016
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cool

Busy day yesterday. Lots of research, some admin work.

Had an interesting meeting in the early afternoon that could open some new doors for me, which needs some thought. Is that the direction in which I want to go? Will it build skills that will serve me beyond the projects themselves?

Also had to deal with some frustrating stuff, some obstacles that were created by someone either because that individual is incompetent or that individual is being nasty. The reason could be either of those two, or a combination.

After my meeting, headed up to Sturgis Library. I’d been trying to find particular research books, and I was pretty sure they were in the library system, but they weren’t coming up in the search engine. So I went into the building itself, and there they were. Got the stack out and got a good section of research done in the afternoon and evening, too.

Several characters came to me with demands to tell their stories. I took some notes.

I’m developing a couple of projects that could be good for me. They’re in that delicate stage where if I talk about them too much, they won’t get done. But I got 1798 words done on one this morning, and the energy’s good and lively there, and 1207 words done on another, and that’s got a great vibe, too. So we’ll see. I don’t know how much I can juggle, but I will do my best.

I didn’t get any yard work done yesterday, which wound up being okay, because it rained in the afternoon anyway. But, in spite of a late start today, I hope to make up for it.

Finished a manuscript evaluation for a contest yesterday. Another disappointing one. So far, nothing I’ve evaluated for this contest has been publication ready. And yet, they’re published. The problems have been all the same — supposed to be suspense, but there’s no tension, unresearched situations and locations, pages and pages of info dump narration, undeveloped characters.

Creatively, I’m happy right now, but I need to get a few other things aligned before I can feel secure.


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Wed. Oct. 9, 2013: Instincts Don’t Let Me Down

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Waxing Moon
Cloudy and cold

Yes, it’s fall and the weather’s getting colder.

NMLC did not win the van in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good on Monday, although the vote was very close. Thanks to everyone for voting.

Yesterday, I got some writing done on the novella, then had to handle an important meeting. The details are confidential, but the other party told me the meeting was cancelled; since I hadn’t heard from the main party, I didn’t believe it, showed up — and avoided a big mess. Of course, the other party lied to me in order to look good and eliminate the competition. I knew in my gut I was being set up, and I fought back.

The person who scheduled the meeting was NOT amused, especially when I showed the letter telling me the meeting was cancelled.

Chalk one up for my side.

Got things sorted out, accepted a script coverage client, and worked on the script. I forgot how much I love the work, especially when the script is good, as it was in this case.

Sent out some pitches. Worked with students. Got a little over 3K total done on the novella. In the ideal world, I could get it done this weekend, polished, and out. Doesn’t give me the rest I want before editing, but this is something that sort of popped up unexpectedly, and I’d like to see it through and get it out the door.

Saw the pilot for THE WITCHES OF EAST END last night. Hated it. Thought it was awful. I don’t like the way it’s written, cast, developed, and really? Using the house from CHARMED? Or one that looks almost identical? I found the whole thing offensive.



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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

There are two Annabel Aidan reviews up — one on Coffee Time Romance and one on Colin Galbraith’s blog. Hope you’ll check both of them out.

Tuesday morning’s yoga class was HUGE. Among the participants were three sisters who’d always come to the Cape every summer. They’d rented houses again this year, with their families, and brought all their teenagers to yoga! So it was a group of about twelve from the same family. Lots of fun.

Brandy, our teacher lets people choose corpse or seated meditation, whichever is comfortable. Some people just aren’t comfortable in corpse. I have problems keeping palms up in it (receptive). Because of all the chaos leading up to the move, I have trouble with any heart-opening poses. So that’s what I have to work on the hardest. Even when I’m psychically uncomfortable, my teacher has won my trust enough so I’ll keep working. And she’s a nurse, so she’s also teaching correct physical alignments, which helps a lot, and teaches me the difference between making progress and challenging myself physically and doing something that could injure me. I also love the poses where we have the earth/sand “massage” our backs — huge difference in helping heal the back problems I had earlier this year.

I worked hard on various projects on Tuesday, and then had to go to a site job overnight. I survived it, and, as much as I’d love to vent, there’s no way I can do so and stay professional. Short version — the job the client wants me to do is an entirely different profession than mine, and not anything I ever remotely agreed to do or that was in our initial discussions. I don’t do that job. I don’t have either the interest or the skills, and that’s not how I’ve ever presented myself. So don’t bring me in under false pretenses and then order me to do something that’s not within my profession, and, when it came up last week, I told you flat out I would not do. Repeated demands do not wear me down — they piss me off.

Fortunately, my yoga teacher’s lessons embedded firmly enough so I was able to keep my cool, be cordial (a sure sign I am FURIOUS –when I hit “cordial”, everyone needs to take cover), and get through it as a professional.

Did some grocery shopping early Wednesday. Stopped at the bookstore to pick up a couple of things (stress relief) and get coffee. Did more grocery shopping and came home to recover. The cats were waiting for me in the kitchen, not at all amused that they didn’t have snacks the night before or wet food. So we took care of that! Instead of running when they hear the garage door open, they now line up at their bowls, facing the door from the garage into the kitchen.

Got some good work done, but was pretty wiped out. Prepared the smoked trout mousse and the black bean hummus for my meeting. Did a bit of reading.

Traffic wasn’t bad to Buzzards Bay, and the meeting went well. Came home, relaxed, played with the cats, went to bed early. Woke up at 2 AM and had trouble getting to sleep again.

Off to yoga now, and then a full day at the desk. It’s cool this morning, and smells like fall.


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

I looked at the calendar, realized that Mercury goes retrograde on the 2nd and said a bad word! 😉 No wonder I chose August as the month off — I wanted to stay home and lay low. No chance of that now. It’s retrograde from the 2nd to the 26. I will have to keep my mouth shut and smile a lot. And hopefully get some great deals on yoga clothes and garden statuary! 😉

Yoga on the beach was wonderful yesterday. A cloudy, cool day (wore my sweat jacket all class) with seals playing just off shore. They paused and watched us from a safe distance for awhile — too funny!

Didn’t have time to get online when I got home. Had to take care of a few things in the garden, including a patch on the side I hoped would be a wildflower paradise, but, instead, started looking like a vacant lot! Took care of that, pulled some of the coleus out of the urn because it crowded everything else, deadheaded, and took care of a few things. The mower was a pain in the you-know-what. It hums along for a few minutes, then sputters and dies and won’t restart. Not the way a mower in its first season of usage should behave.

Our retired gardening neighbor came bearing more gifts of beans and cucumbers and complimented me on how nice everything looks! Praise from the master! I nearly fainted.

Headed out in the afternoon for a site job. This client basically wants full-time staff and I’m not it. Nor do I do domestic or personal assistant work. So more discussion has to happen here.

Got a little bit of writing done, but not happy with it, and got some revisions done.

Came home, barely had time to scarf down some dinner, and headed back out again for a committee meeting. The woman who was so awful to me at the concert didn’t show up, so it was a lively and fun meeting. I think the event will turn out well.

Back home, a few hours spent with students, fell into bed exhausted and overslept this morning.

Got to rush out and go grocery shopping, with an eye towards the next couple of weeks. My mom will be away, and I’ve got to pack up the food for her, so all she has to do is pop her meal packets in the microwave. And I have to have some food in for myself, too. Then, I have lunch at a great place on the beach with a friend, and back to work with my students this afternoon and evening. I’d wanted to attend a lecture on turtles, but I think I need to focus on my students first. They’re keeping up with their work, and I need to keep up with the responses.

I also want to get some writing in there, and some work for the Mermaid Ball.


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Rainy and warm

Got some good writing done yesterday, and caught up with my students, too. Booked a spot at Friday’s writers’ breakfast — I get to support Carol McCleary, who I met a few months ago and who writes the mysteries featuring Nelly Bly. The organizer congratulated me on my new book, and wondered if I’d step into a slot on the radio show taping Friday afternoon, since someone cancelled? I jumped at the chance. So I’ll be headed from the breakfast to the studio!

The owner came home and fixed the toilet, so we’re back to having two working toilets in the house, which is great. Costume Imp did some stuff in the yard.

Imp and I drove over to Falmouth, to the new farmers’ market over on the Barnstable Fairgrounds. It’s in early stages, so not much was there yet, but I bought some fabulous soap! I know, me and my soap, every time I see handmade soap, I’ve got to buy some.

I showed him Ashumet Holly Sanctuary, which is right beside the Fairgrounds. Last time I was there, the fields were completely flat, and the hollies were prominent because the other trees were bare. Now, the fields are waist high in clover and daisies and other plants, and all the trees are leafy, so the hollies are tucked in among them.

We were hungry, and decided to head over to Dennis to the new Summer Stock restaurant. It’s on the grounds that house the Cape Playhouse, the cinema, and the art museum. The Cape Playhouse has been running since 1927 — a place based on such a compound would be a great setting for a comic mystery.

The restaurant is wonderful. The design’s good, the presentation’s good, and the food is outstanding. Prices are reasonable — not cheap, but fair for the area and what you get is well worth it. The staff is really friendly. Definitely a place to which I want to return often.

We wandered back to the Playhouse’s gift shop and found a poster featuring one of the actresses we’ve both worked with, along with one of my favorite actors. They appeared in a show here together — from the photo, it looks like sometime in the 70s or early 80s. I had to get it! Can’t wait to tell her what I found!

Took a peek at the Art Museum. They have some interesting opportunities there, not your run-of-the-mill stuff. I’ll have to look into it further.

Came home, hung out on the deck for a bit, and Imp cooked dinner. I scarfed it down, and then dashed down the road to the Beautification Committee meeting. We had a good meeting, we each have a list of things we need to get done, and solid dates.

Came home, and Imp and I had our Summer Solstice out on the deck. It was lovely. Nice way to turn the wheel!

To bed late, up early. It wasn’t supposed to rain, so I did my morning watering, but now it looks like there will be a cloudburst any minute! I have a LOT to get done today, wrapping up a few things for the Mermaid Ball meeting tomorrow, getting postcards printed to take to the breakfast, preparing myself for the radio interview, and preparing for the trip to Newport this weekend. Imp and I have to deal with my costume for the Ball today, too, and he has to get ready, because he heads back to “the concrete jungle” tomorrow. I’ve got some environmental science books I have to finish reading/taking notes on, and a press list to cross check. And my daily writing quota, and my students.

Off I go!


ASSUMPTION OF RIGHTavailable from Champagne Books.
Annabel Aidan webpage here.

Tuesday Update

Well, i managed not to toss my cookies at the meeting (there were a few scary moments and I truly WAS the same shade of green as my coat). The meeting went much better than expected, we have a compromise sorted while I fill out a mountain of paperwork over the next few months, and the people who gave me misinformation/threatened me/ignored the paperwork I filed are getting official reprimands (and yes, I requested copies). So that’s sorted, at least for the moment.

Hauled a carload of stuff to storage and brought the rest of the decorations back. The weather’s supposed to be dreadful for the next few days and, if I have everything here, I can work at whatever speed (or lack thereof) I can.

The plays are creating such a cacophony in my head I had to tell the little character darlings to shut up for the moment, because if I lose my mind, how the heck can I write the stories, and THEN where will they all be? Quiet down, dearies, and take a number in the queue. I’ll get to you, I promise. It’s just that I’ve got a story about the Apocalypse due at the end of the month . . .

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