Wed. April 24, 2013: Storms and Episodes


Wednesday, April 25, 2013
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Rainy and cold

It was a raw, rainy day, but I fought and struggled and finally got Chapter 12 done in the book. I was too tired to move on to Chapter 13, but I got Chapter 12 in decent enough shape where I can now move on.

I also set up a blog for one of the organizations with which I work, and our first post is about our Arbor Day event, here. I did not design the flyer — that was done by a professional designer! But that’s the event.

Meeting went well, came home, did some other work. Worked with students. Talked to some new editing clients to book slots.

I’m delighted by how many people are excited by the May Manuscript Preparation Tips. Keep signing up! Information below.

On the way to the meeting, I saw an ad for free ladder back chairs on Craigslist. I assumed they would be in poor shape, but figured that I could fasten a board over the seat, paint them bright colors, and use them as plant stands on the deck this summer. However, the wood on the chairs is nice and in good shape. The seats — which the ad said needed to be “re-caned” are actually ropes, not cane. While some of them are in bad shape, I may be able to learn how to do it so I can fix the seats myself, and maybe they can be used for seating. If I chose to use them for plants (replacing the seat area with boards rather than re-roping), I’d probably paint and stencil the boards, but keep the wood in its color, just using a weather sealant over it.

Dreamed the book again last night (I’m at THAT stage of the process), so I feel like I haven’t gotten any rest.

I have to bake for tonight’s event, write the next chapter of the book, work on some pitches, work with students, sort out what I need to bring back to the NMLC, etc.

Iris had another “episode” this morning, and is very disoriented. It’s not as severe as previous ones, and she’s resting comfortably; she’s just confused. Poor little thing.

I’ve got a post up on Gratitude and Growth about the tulips with some pictures of the yard. Stop by and leave a comment!


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